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Secession petitions gather support in NC, across country


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The United States are not so united tonight as rumors that history may repeat itself circulate. Petitions on the White House's website suggest that citizens across the country are not happy with the way things in washington are going and want a major change.

Petitions to secede from the United States started popping up shortly after the election last week. Citizens from more than 20 states, including North Carolina, have filed petitions to secede from the union.

With more than 20,000 signatures in less than a week, the Tar Heel State's petition is quickly approaching the 25,000 signatures required to get a response from the Obama Administration.

UNCW sociology professor Dr. Mike Adams says the movement may be a glimpse of what is to come.

"I don't think that this particular petition drive is going to result in anything," Adams said. "When people ask if I take this petition seriously, no I don't. It's a foretelling, though, of things that might be taking place later on."

Adams says when the south seceded from the union more than 150 years ago, it took a while for traction to build.

Other people say the petitions are a joke and merely the response of sore losers.

"It's funny because of the current situation and states wanting to secede from the union? Really? Why? Nobody has a good enough reason why," Nicholas Oates of Wilmington said.

Others say the requests signify a larger problem in Washington.

"I think really the only thing that needs to be taken seriously is just the fact that there is some disenchantment with the process, and that everyone in Washington needs to learn how to work together," Mark Kennedy of Wilmington said.

The Texas secession petition has nearly 80,000 signatures. The White House has not yet responded to the petition.

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Yea right

I would think voter fraud would be more like it.

bye whiners!

Please pack your guns and leave ! Good luck with that you right wing nut jobs. Pouting because of an election outcome again?

Admit it.....You all are scared of a little black man. Absolutely hysterical !

The President hasn't divided anyone, YOU personally are responsible.

Notice when we have a "Repuke" president you don't see "Liberals" trying to secede?

GROW UP and deal with it. Bunch of dang babies.

What you fail to realize is

What you fail to realize is that there are a lot of people out here who have wanted to secede for a long time. The problem has been that there haven't been enough of the others who are fed up with the way things are. The further along we go on the path the federal government is taking us, the more support we find for secession.

You may not have had any liberal states wanting to secede when Bush was president, I don't know. But there are blue states who have had secession movements in place during Obama's administration. One is New Hampshire. There has been secession talk in that state a lot over the years and they are talking about it again. California was talking secession in 2010.

There are also ongoing secessionist movements in Vermont and Hawaii and they haven't changed their purpose with the changes in administration.

Thomas Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence that when a government becomes tyrannical then it is the natural right of the people to dissolve the union with that government.

And just remember, if not for secession, we would probably be speaking the Queen's English.

Your an Idiot

Go back to your crime infested public housing, urine lined streets in New York or wherever you came from.
You have nothing to offer here.
If I want to know what u think, I'll ask a doorknob.
Godless, left-wing, socialist fear monger. Go back to how you did it up north.


You are a total twit if you think all Obama voters are welfare sucking northerners. All the southern white people I know that voted for him are educated and middle or upper middle class. I am godless, proud to say but YOU and your repuke- -tea party nut jobs are the super paranoid fear mongers.

4 more years ! DEAL.

Little Black man?

Wow...I know you can't be referring to Obama, because he certainly is NOT black...nor can he even understand the plight of anyone who wasn't raised as a privledged person.


No, you had liberals saying they would leave the United States if Bush was re-elected. He was and they didn't.

Highly Doubtful

I think I'll stay right here with my guns. Why don't you move to a city where citizens aren't allowed to have guns? I'm sure you'd feel more secure. That's probably why you voted for Obama, right? A little security from the government? Also you called him black, I call him socialist. The libs are the ones that make it a race issue. I also like to way you call a republican a "Repuke" and then have the nerve to call someone else a baby. Status quo. Enjoy your day

"Also you called him black,

"Also you called him black, I call him socialist. The libs are the ones that make it a race issue."

Yep. Same here. Interesting isn't it, who has the real race issue.

They can't do that

They can't do that they would have to stand in line for the free stuff longer.

Cry Babies

The Rightwing likes to call themselves patriots but as soon an election doesn't go their way they act like kindergartners.

America, love it or leave it!




REPASS THE STILL-DUE 1776 DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: IT'S STILL THE ONLY LEGAL-SECESSION {} AND A CRIME TO FAIL TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND!!! (In Fact, Opposition To This 1st Consitution's The Reason For The Bogus-Elections and the Deficit)..BE SURE and Tell All Your Friends To Sign The Only Legal Secession Petition, Today!!! at ADD YOUR NAME TO THE "FOUNDING FATHERS LIST", NOW (Repass the STILL-DUE 1776 Declaration of Independence Campaign)!!!

Wasted Effort

Its a shame, but the most this will do is add your name to some government watch list. Good luck with that one.

For a state to secede, it would have to sue the United States for the right to do so, and you have to ask permission from the U.S. to sue it. Not likely to ever happen.

secession petition

Just been looking for a way to get on the "No Fly" list, have all my emails monitored along with regular mail, credit cards, etc. The South Carolina boys tried this back in 1860. Didn't work then, won't work now.

petition to succeed

Can you tell us how we can sign this petition? who do we contact?

Success comes to those who

Success comes to those who really want it...not sure where the petition to secede is....

If you can't figure that out yourself, you're too dumb to sign

In order to be that stupid, you really have to work at it.

Petition can be found...

I understand that both Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy carry copies. There have also been unsubstantiated reports that the Easter Bunny and several Leprechauns are in possession of copies as well.

"The Texas secession

"The Texas secession petition has nearly 80,000 signatures. The White House has not yet responded to the petition."

That's because they know THEY DON'T HAVE TO!! Our Government has grown FAR to big! You want a reason??? THERE'S your reason. We're tired of too much government! Period!

Now where do I sign?

If any person that have

If any person that have signed this petition and still call themselves a Christian, I doubt if they ever knew the Lord!..........God shall do the separating......We are called to do everything we can to save those who do not know the Lord!...Judgment will not start with the homosexual community, but will start with the Christians who refuse to share the gospel and separate themselves like spoiled children!

God shall do the separating ......

...... not you!

Can't seem to recall anything in the Bible about you personally being called upon by God to judge anyone else.



The new nation will need a

The new nation will need a military - there will still be jobs.

True Dat

True, but I think everyone is taking this to seriously. No one is going anywhere. This is more of an issue of civil liberties or should I say the erosion of. I don’t think you will find anyone who signed it that thinks that this will really happen. Nor is this all about Obama either. Over the past 10 years OR more, there has been an all out assault on the constitution and civil liberties by the federal government. This started with Bush and that is why people voted for change but that is not what we got. What we got was the hole sail slaughter of our civil
liberties. This is about the FED, all of them and how out of control they have become. For God sake, we have our own boys and girls out there dyeing and for what I ask you? This is war, call it what you wish and I ask you where did this authority come from? The people? Congress? Have we not lost enough? Can we afford to be imposing our will? Should we? Take this petition for what it is, A no confidence vote on the FED by the people and feel free to sine if you agree.


It's kinda funny that all the pro-democracy people that chide Obama asg a Socialist, can't stand a little democracy.


That is the best description of what's going on that I've read so far!


Secession is not a joke. Ask Dr. Mike Adams how many times this subject been broached since the Civil War. I would guess very few until recently. I like many Americans resent the government taking my money to give to lazy bums who don't get off their butts. Don't call me fortunate. I broke my back and worked long hours to achieve what I have.

Thank you. My thoughts

Thank you. My thoughts exactly. We have only seen this now due to the dictatorial nature of this president, too much government, and too many people wanting entitlements instead of work. Some of us want to take back the country we used to be.


Please take a moment to consider just how narrow minded the idea of secession is for any state. Unless you have your money buried in the back yard, you might need that federal insurance that protects your savings and investments? You might need to put gas in your car or food on your table.It,s nice when the lights come on and the heat works. Oh by the way how about that Medicare that pays your doctor bill? Lets see Social Security wouldn't have any importance to you, would it? John just walk over to the mirror and look at a real Right Wing Nut Bag. America spoke last Tuesday, you guys lost and lost big,big,and bigger. North Carolina voted about 50/50, not exactly a mandate. Maybe it would be fair for you to give some consideration for all and get off the renegade train. A little time in bible might not hurt.

Hey Mr. T

How;s that gubmint sponsored stadium working out for you?
Way to go Captain Predicto