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Report: Hoggard teacher arrested for allegedly kissing student


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Hoggard High School teacher and coach is out of jail after being arrested overnight on a charge of indecent liberties with a student, which is a felony.

New Hanover County Sheriff's detectives arrested Michael Dale Supak, 37, around 2 a.m. Investigators say the charge stems from an incident that took place last month on campus.

According to an incident report, Supak is accused of "Sex Acts/Kissed Victim" and that the attack was forcible. The report says the incident happened at Hoggard on Sunday, October 14. An assistant principal reported the incident to law enforcement yesterday.

Click here to view the Incident/Investigation Report

A school district spokeswoman would not comment on the allegations, but she said Supak is suspended with pay until an investigation is done.

According to Hoggard's website, Supak teaches Honors world history, sports history and psychology.

His biography on the school's athletics site says Supak, who serves as the football team's running backs coach and as the head JV football coach, joined the Hoggard staff in 2006. He is also the girls track coach. The biography also says he was an assistant coach at New Hanover High School from 1999 to 2001 and Western Harnett High School from 2002 to 2005. The biography says he is married with three children, including one who attends Hoggard.

We went by his house to get his side of the story. There were cars in the driveway, but nobody came to the door.
Outside, we spoke with a neighbor, who did not want to give his name or show his face. He says he questions the allegations.

"I have never seen any indication that this kind of behavior would happen," the neighbor said.
The man said he knows Supak well and says his children play with Supak's kids.

"If I thought there was any indication that this would happen, our children wouldn't play together," the man said. "And am totally comfortable with my son playing with his kids."

He cautions people about jumping to conclusions.

"Innocent until proven guilty," the neighbor said. "I don't see enough of that."

The Sheriff's Office says Supak posted a $2,000 secured bond and was released from the New Hanover County Jail around 5 a.m.


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You are not up to date on nc

You are not up to date on nc law. You can be arrested without evidence. An indictment by a grand jury is a different matter. An individual can go to a magistrate make an accusation and that person will be arrested.

Well there was and is evidence

Remember the words text messages, texting, txting, sexting, you will be shocked, he knows that's why he has said nothing yet

Good to know

Can I borrow your phone? There a several illegals, unemployed and Muslims i need to make a call about. welcome to NC.

i think supak is innocent he

i think supak is innocent he is an awesome person and coach and teacher. the girl is a who*e and makes stuff up like this all of the time. she is crazy. this isnt the only story i have heard about her saying stuff like this for a loooong time. FREE SUPAK

free supak

I am a very close friend of his daughter and have been to his house multiple times and also he was my teacher last year. Supak would never even put thought into something like this i know him very well.. he has 3 kids and two of them are teenage daughters.He loves his job and being the awesome coach that he is for hoggard football. The student lies about everything she is a compulsive liar that not many people look up too, she craves for attention. I believe that she did this all for attention.. wouldn't surprise me! I hope Supak is set free and i love him and his family.FREE SUPAK

The student is a lair and no

The student is a lair and no one likes her. She craves attention. Free Supak we love you and your amazing family man!

What's a "LAIR"???

What's a "LAIR"??


IGNORANCE ON took more than someone saying something happened, there is evidence of his wrong doing.

If there is evidence, we

If there is evidence, we need to see it. Personally, I do not believe that it happened and will not believe it until I see hard evidence. It is too easy to make accusations. This type of damage to a veteran and career educator's reputation is nasty business and not to be taken lightly.

Get real Hoggard Parent

You'll get to see it, all of it soon enough!! The Detectives are well aware of this girls past issues and would have been extra careful before charging. They have him in their sights with evidence.

Kids these days..

It's so sad that these kids will say anything and ruin someone's life forever. After hearing the final results from the trial of the ashley football coach I cant pass any judgement until all the evidence comes out...Im praying for this gentleman and his family and...I pray justice is serve and if this is a lie that the suppose to be victim is exposed and charged to the fullest extent of the law....these 21st century kids are wicker and wiser and dont care about life anymore..c/o 2000 alumni of JTHoggard..

Wow! Let's call the guy a

Wow! Let's call the guy a "sexual predator" with no FACTS! Do any of those calling this man guilty know how many innocent people's lives have been ruined by accusations with no proof? Let his accuser prove it beyond a reasonable doubt THEN skewer the guy. Until then, his life is already ruined. He'll never be looked at in the same way again.
I really hope the student has solid proof of this and isn't just making it up for some spiteful reason.

It's a lie

The girl told people it was a set up

Arrested at 2 A.M.?

What drama!

Why did the police wait until the middle of the night to arrest him and disturb his entire family?

And he's accused of Sex Acts/ Kissed Victim! Really?

Which is it? I would think that kissing someone is a lot milder--less objectionable than having a sex act with them. Besides, the "victim" may have been kissed on the cheek.

Not for one moment do I believe Michael Dale had sex with a student.

Be careful

Folks need to be very careful with this. Be careful not to rush and judge the victim. With all of the vicious attacks and unfounded accusations that this student knew she would obviously be subject to, why on earth would she report this if there wasn't something there? It doesn't have to be sex. An adult ATTEMPTING to kiss or kissing a student is WRONG. And if it happened, there should indeed be consequences. Could it be that she was trying to stand up for those who are too afraid to stand up when violated? To prevent someone out there from being next? The fact of the matter is that something happened. We're not certain what. Let the facts play out. The truth will eventually come out. If this is true, a few more courageous young ladies may come out as well. Let's not forget how Penn State Nation defended, with all they had, Coach Sandusky.

Coach Supak has been my

Coach Supak has been my football coach for the last 4 years, he is someone that not only my teammates look up to but other students look up to as a leader and Roll model

So was Sandusky

Sometimes these guys just manage to get themselves in places where they can get to the "fresh meat". He may or may not be a ROLE model. Let the facts be exposed before making a judgement.


I know one thing they are NOT getting at that school...

Another one?

Having been coached by Coach Supak and staying in touch with him over the past few years, I have a hard time believing this. He's a great coach, father, and friend. Students today seem to throw around accusations left and right when they don't get their way. These threats are why it's hard to find teachers because any student can say something and the teacher ends up getting arrested and paraded through the media. Not to say that there isn't a bad teacher or two in the country and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but these students keep making accusations time and time again. Stay strong coach, keep fighting, and when cleared, I expect the student to be punished so that an example will be set.

Just Curious

Why did the New Hanover County School system wait more than two weeks to report this "crime?"

He didn't do it!

Supak was a great teacher when I went to Hoggard. He never would have done this!!! The truth will come out soon and he will be set free!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are people so quick to

Why are people so quick to defend a sexual predator? Not just in this situation. People so often say, he/she would never do such a thing. Unless you are in that persons brain, you have no idea what depravity exists in their mind. Is it impossible for a good person to act on an evil thought? No. Evil exists in every form. Predators of children are the most evil, and least likely to be caught. Such a shame. Bring back public stonings for sexual predators and violent criminals, and you will find these perverts reduce in frequency.

So you're a judge and a jury as well?

I don't believe anyone is defending a sexual predator here. This is an accusation and still requires an investigation. Regardless of the shortfalls, this is still America and the justice system still has to do due diligence here.
I understand your conviction regarding the subject, but your conviction of the "accused" is quite out of order. There are plenty of cases of this subject where "little Lucy" lied and attempted to ruin a persons reputation for personal gain, or lack thereof.


am defending out justice system...he is INNOCENT until proven far this is an accusation...IF he is guilty..FINE..throw him under the jail...if he is innocent..and I was him I would SUE THE EVER LOVING GOD out of the parents, then retire.

this is just not true and has been a mix-up

Because I know this man as my honors world history teacher. He is the best teacher I have ever had, he would never do this and has not been proven guilty. The students of Hoggard High School will defend him. This man loves his family and would not do such a hateful crime. And yes it is possible for great people to act on evil thoughts and action but not to this length,

While I admire your loyalty Keaton...

it will be up to his attorney to defend him. Unless you were present at the time the alleged act occurred, you're merely speculating that it did not happen. The truth will come to the time.

Unfortunately, his reputation has certainly been sullied at this point. If he is found not guilty, he will always be guilty in the minds of some.

Sure is hard to be present

Sure is hard to be present to something that did not happen.




Isn't anyone able to suppress their depraved sexual appetite anymore? Do these people have the ability to do that at all? It's almost like a cheap thrill is actually worth their job and their reputation.

So far...

he simply stands accused. Time will tell if he's guilty as charged. If he is, then whatever the law allows, utilize it fully. Until then, people can only speculate as to the details.