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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Beached whale on Bald Head Island returned to ocean by residents; biologists say whale died


BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WWAY) -- Residents say a whale beached itself on the Eastern side of the island. Crowds gathered around the stranded whale and realized the animal was still breathing.

After rallying together, residents were able to return the whale back to the ocean. One man who helped the whale back into the water says he released the whale after it started resisting his help and pushing off.

Ann Pabst with UNCW's Marine Mammal Stranding Program says the whale, which she believes was a pygmy sperm whale, was spotted floating off the coast which leads researchers to believe that the animal has died. Pabst says when whales like this become stranded, it is often because they are very sick and confused.

She says this specific type of whale is a deep diving feeder and the stranding is very rare because the animals usually is very far off the coast.

WWAY has a crew headed to the scene and will have more details as they become available.

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It is the natural evolution

It is the natural evolution of life that things die. It is known that whales beach themselves when it is their time. Yet, tree-hugging souls that want to meddle in things can’t leave nature to take its course. It was even reported that the whale was resisting. They came to shore to pass in dignity and you dumb humans pushed them back out to see to be scavenged. Nice job!


most of the time a baby whale ,get away from the mother ,, and get in trouble ,, the rate of helping out a beached whale is 70% on getting it back in to the water to live ,, i take my hat off for the people who tryed to help lettle moby ,,, but it could of passed a way because nothing to eat ,, the mother feeds there baby up till a yr old , and moby had to be 2-3 months old ,, by the report of ten feet


I am beginning to correlate beachings with earthquakes. Please notice large quake activity in the next 24 hrs and where it occurs.