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Man hit and killed by driver passing school bus


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A man was hit and killed on Cedar Hill Road in Brunswick County this morning. Highway Patrol says a truck passed a school bus in a passing zone around 6 a.m. and hit 61-year-old Samuel Howard Peterson who was walking in the road.

The bus was traveling East on Cedar Hill Road and was not stopped or picking up any students at the time of the accident.

The driver of the truck, John Hinson, told investigators he did not see Peterson walking in the street because it was before daylight. Both the truck and the bus, which Highway Patrol Sgt. Matthew Hardee says he believes had children on it at the time of the accident, stopped feet away from where Peterson was hit.

Troopers say Peterson died at the scene. The accident is under investigation, but not charges have been filed at this time.

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Read all the words

From the story: The bus was traveling East on Cedar Hill Road and was not stopped or picking up any students at the time of the accident.

The bus wasn't stopped picking up children, it was moving and the other driver passed it.

Just as you did not see the

Just as you did not see the part of the article that said the school bus was "NOT" stopped or picking up any children I am assuming you also missed the part that said that it was a passing zone and the dirver did NOT see the pedestrian. Don't get me wrong your comments are well founded but are not the case in this incident.

The article says the bus was

The article says the bus was not stopped.

This is absolutely awful for

This is absolutely awful for all involved!! This is something this man will live with for the rest of his life... I did not know any of the individuals involved but if you read the article it says he passed the school bus in a passing therefore the bus was not stopped, he was following the law, if it had been after the bus had stopped he would have been charged w/ manslaughter or worse... I am lifting up in prayer all who were involved in this tragedy including the witnesses on the bus!!

Reading is Fundamental

Perhaps you should read the article more carefully.

Driver uses poor judgment

This is why share the road signs are everywhere in the United States. Drivers of autos now a days are deluded into thinking they are better than pedestrians, bycyclists or moped drivers. They kill and otherwise maim thousands yearly, because they believe that they have the right to speed. They carelessly fail to share the road. And frequently, they are not contrite after they have killed some one. Just because you have a big SUV, and a false sense of your importance to the community does not mean you can radomly kill people through carelessness. My father who was in law enforcement for 45 years told me as a teenager that he slows down in case someone might be on the pavement. He slows down for green lights because they can quickly turn to red. These killers are for themselves, and they think they can run over anyone in the road. They will stop for nothing, and they will not even slow down to see, if someone's father is trying to walk off his recent heart attack. They should go to prison and have the keys thrown away!

One more time pedestrians,,,

stay out of the road. You may get hit by a car and die. Also, if you slow down at green lights and around "pavement" like your Father, you shouldn't be driving.

Where did this come from!?

Where did this come from!? The trooper did not give ticket so the driver must have done everything legal! Why would I walk on wrong side of road in the dark or at least nearly dark!


Did the pedestrian have a light? Was he walking on the side of the road? If the answer to either of these is no, then he was just as much at fault.

Great Troll

Great troll, you got my vote as being one of the best!

I agree, and was the bus

I agree, and was the bus stopped to pick up kids or was it just stopped??

mouth engaged- eyes shut

I can't believe so many made comments to the article without reading
and understanding what it said- Come on people, learn to comprehend
what you are reading before opening your trap

Doesn't matter if you saw him or not

You still passed a stopped school. doesn't matter is it's day light or dark out. It is against NC State Law to pass a stopped school bus. John you should be held fully accountable for your actions you were in such a hurry you could not wait a minute or two behind a STOPPED school bus instead you killed an innocent person who had the right away.

Even though you are in a passing zone doesn't mean you pass a stopped school bus.

May Mr. Howard rest in peace and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

People need to slow down life is too short to be in such a rush you will get there when you get there.

Like Allison, you did NOT

Like Allison, you did NOT read the article! THE BUS WAS NOT STOPPED!!!!!!!!!! The driver of the vehicle was legal in passing the bus as if it had been a car. He was in a passing zone and the bus was not stopped! You people really need to read an article all the way through before you open your mouth to falsely accuse someone of breaking a law. Abby55, you need to be held fully accountable for your ignorance and lack of reading skills!

The Peterson family has my

The Peterson family has my deepest condolences.I pass Mr.Peterson every morning a few yards from where he was struck.I witness him get off the road and waite for approaching vehicles to pass.Its unfortuniate this happened,but that area has no lights and the visibility is 0.So no one can condem anyone in this matter.