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WWAY learns more about the suspects in CFCC student's murder


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Monday, four people were each charged with felony first-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old student Josh Proutey. Now, we are learning more about the accused.

The youngest of the group is 17-year old Daniel Henry. Henry is a student at Ashley High School and has no criminal record.

"Danny was a good kid. We all were. Some of us just end up being more unlucky than others. They get into trouble, wrong place, wrong time," said childhood friend Jeff Cordle.

23-year old Christopher Cromartie, Jr. is a former New Hanover High School student and an amateur boxer.

Cromartie had been in trouble in the past, including a 2010 felony attempted breaking and entering charge. Still, the news came as a shock to Cromartie's coach.

"I'm very surprised. He's a good person," said Andre Thompson, Cromartie’s boxing coach.

Also charged was 19-year-old Jasmine Dottin, who has no criminal record. The D.A. says Dottin was driving the car the night Proutey was killed.

Prosecutors say the one who pulled the trigger was 22-year old Quintel Grady.
Grady spent almost two and a half years in prison on a 2007 robbery with a dangerous weapon charge, and has been arrested in the past two years for breaking and entering cars, evading arrest, and drug possession.
Grady, Cromartie and Dottin are in jail without bond. They could face the death penalty.
Because Henry is a minor, he is being held under a $2 million bond and faces a maximum sentence of life without parole.

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Jeff Cordle, wrong. Apparently he's not a good kid. He's a violent street criminal. Now you know. Coach, no surprise. Apparently Cromartie is just another violent street criminal. I think you should have been able to tell. At least in this article there are not 2 more dimwits to say the other 2 were great kids in the wrong place wrong time society's fault blah, blah, blah. public hanging.

This is gun control for you

Here is a typical case of the government gun control. This was a convicted felon that made him illegal to possess a gun. Why was this habitual felon out on the street? I will tell you why, he has more rights than the 19 year old kid that was killed.
Here is a typical case of the government gun control. This was a convicted felon that made two of them illegal to possess a gun. Why was this habitual felon out on the street? I will tell you why, they have more rights than the 19 year old kid that was killed.
All gun control is going to do is put guns in the hands of criminals that should not be on the street and make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun. If you can't control illegal drugs in this country, how are you going to control guns? If you start taking away the rights of criminals vs. law abiding citizens this kid may still be alive.
My heart goes out to the kids and people of Newtown which in my opinion was an act of terrorism. The guy could have done the same thing with a car driving through a school playground, Gun or no gun. How you stop these mentally disturbed people, I don't have the answer, but government gun control is not one of them.

Gun-Control is not black and white

Gun Control does not mean "ban all guns."

I hope more people can understand this in light of recent events.
There is a lot of grey area. For example, gun control could mean, ban all semi-automatic weapons. It could mean creating more difficulty in obtaining weapons. It could place a limit on the amount of weapons one can own.

The second amendment was created when guns could fire one shot and it required some time to reload. Blindly holding on to the amendment just because "the founding fathers said it" does not take into account how much the world has changed.

I hope that people who want to keep their right to bear arms will start making more informed, logical arguments aside from quoting bumper stickers and saying things like the government gives more rights to criminals than law-abiding citizens.

The Second Amendment was

The Second Amendment was drafted at a time when civilian weaponry was comparable- or better- than arms issued to British troops. A comparison between the longer range, more accurate Kentucky rifle carried by colonials to the short range, less accurate British Brown Bess smooth bore musket comes to mind.

The intent was assurance that the citizenry would retain power in the case of a rouge government. While it doesn't guard against Newtowns and Columbines, it does prevent anything like the wholesale slaughter of Hitler's Germany, Stalin's USSR, or Mao's China from happening here. People presume America will always be secure because nothing like this has occurred during their lifetimes. History bears warning.

It was incorporated not by LACK of forethought by the Founders, but by PRESENCE of forethought. The world has not changed all that much. Freedom makes our country great, so why is placing limits on freedoms of law-abiding citizens always the answer?

Wrightsvillton, you get the "September 10th Award" for this thread. Informed and logical, indeed.

What a big suprise.They are

What a big suprise.They are all BLACK ! Of course it could never be a HATE CRIME.

not a race thing

Who cares if the killers are all black are all white, what matters is that an innocent person has been slain for no reason at all. If you make this a race thing your just as guilty as them.

If the shoe was on the other

If the shoe was on the other foot, and that one in a thousand times, where the white kills the black, like in Fla, with Trayvon Martin, you would be the one marching in the "Million Hoodie March".

And the pitiful thing is.... In Trayvon Martin's case, Martin was proven to be a racist, a history of violence, and the agressor. But that didn't stop Jesse Jackson, Dr Phil, The Black Panthers, and all the other "Diversity Experts" from racing down, to protest. Don't expect to hear a peep from them, or you, about this.

Hate Crime

You make a valid point...guess if the shoe is on the other foot, it's "just a murder" huh?

Hate Crime!

Why has the ACLU not stepped up to organize a march or scream for justice for Josh? Because he was white thats why. If it had been four whites attacking a black kid it would be called a hate crime and there would be riots and people screaming four justice. How screwed up is our society? God help us all.....

I am astounded at the number

I am astounded at the number of people who do not understand the difference between armed ROBBERY and a HATE CRIME. Name one single instance where the ACLU has stepped up to address a robbery-even one resulting in murder. I'll wait.................................

it was a hate crime

“I figured if I robbed a white person in a good neighborhood, they're bound to have money lying around,” quote from cromartie. They were specifically targeting white people. There is a general hatred for white people from the black community here. I deal with it all the time with my job "hey white boy" "cracker" "white bastard" is common terms said to me during my work day.

Joshua Prouty murder

I didn't know Joshua Prouty but I am saddened beyond words to learn of his violent murder. He sounds like a son any father would call his "pride and joy".
His Mom Was quoted as saying "He was everybody's kid. This could have been anybody's kid." Perhaps President Obama will appear on national news and proclaim: If I had a son, he would look like Joshua. I guess that,soon, there will be marching in the streets and nationwide demand for a hate crime prosecution of his alleged murderers. I'm sure just beating the poor kid up was not enough for the four of them (those good kids). Soon, celebrities worldwide will voice their opinions about the racial aspects of this crime and decry this horrible example of racism. Perhaps not. We are a troubled city here in Wilmington. I,too, am scared to walk around downtown late in the evening. These gangs of "alleged" thugs control downtown and I have to wonder why Police Patrols (WALKING PATROLS) are never visible. Few enough Police vehicle patrols are around. Perhaps, Mr Donatone the Hampstead gun control advocate can tell us how to keep guns out of the hands of these street thugs (alleged). I wish Joshua had a gun, at least he would had a chance.
As I said, I am saddened beyond words. Poor kid!