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Two accused in CFCC student's murder talk about the crime, impact


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It has been just five days since 19-year-old Joshua Proutey was murdered in downtown Wilmington. Tonight, WWAY's Matt Ray was the only TV reporter to talk to two of the suspects.

"I just want to tell me mom I love her," Daniel Henry, 17, said, "and my brother and my dad."

"I'm not as tough as I look," Henry said wiping away tears. "I get stereotyped so much.

Henry, 17, said he wishes he could change what happened.

"If I could rewind back, I would've stepped in front of the bullet for Josh," Henry said. "He had more going on for himself than me."

Henry, the youngest of the group accused, says his life is over because of someone else's actions. He and investigators say Quintel Grady shot and killed Prouty. Henry also apologized to the Proutey family for their loss.

"I don't want no sympathy. I just want justice," Henry said. "Yeah, give me time, but don't give me life. I did not pull the trigger. I can't control what somebody else do."

Chris Cromartie, 23, is also charged in the killing.

"I was gonna give it about a week or two, and then just turn myself in if they didn't find any leads, but it took about a couple days, and they were knocking at the gym door," Cromartie said. "My mind is crazy right now. I have not slept since I've been here (in jail). It's not because of the case itself. It's because I have insomnia."

Cromartie said he knew he could have stayed to try and help Proutey after the shooting, but it was too late.

"I could have did CPR, but CPR was not going to help him out," Cromartie said. "But to Joshua's family, I apologize."

Cromartie, Grady and Jasmine Dottin are in jail without bond. They could face the death penalty.

Because Henry is a minor, his bond is set at $2 million. He faces a maximum sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

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You're right ....

You're right .... none of us know Daniel personally, because we do not hang out with loser thugs like him. Since you seem to believe he's such a good person and , answer me this .... If "he would have tried to help if he could have" then why was he not the one to call 911? Why did he not stay with the victim instead of speeding away with the victim's stolen money and sandwich? Do you honestly think the victim's family should accept his 'apology'??? I am eagerly awaiting your reply.

So every black person that

So every black person that kills somebody is a thug? Racist. So I wounder what do yall call white people when they kill somebody? Only in america.


Your lowlife scum of a friend chose to go out and target people to rob at gunpoint. He admitted that he knew the guy had a gun. He admitted that he was intending to find targets to rob. When asked if he had done it before he didn't answer, which is the answer. He is a piece of dirt that has no respect for human life. He chose to go that night. Unless his iq is fifty, he knew that with a gun someone could die. He is responsible for his actions. I do not wish for someone with that character to walk the streets with me or my loved ones. He needs to be put away for life. If he is let out, the attourney who represents him and the jury have the blood of his future victims on their hands.

With that being said, if you consider what he did not worthy of life in prison, then I imagine your morals are just as corrupt. It is probably only time before you join your low life friend in prison. I hope it isn't with the blood of someone else.

My friend, that would be the dead one, was good, and kind. He was intelligent and funny. He was a Christian and a Marine. He is worth a hell of a lot more than $19, a cell phone, and a sandwich.

These EVIL MONSTERS are the

These EVIL MONSTERS are the REASON every law abiding citizen would be crazy, not to have a gun.


If, if, if. Whatever. Both of you are animals.




What a strange disconnect these two display here. They really don't understand how they are connected to a murder. In their minds it was just another simple robbery for them, and they share no responsibility in the outright execution of an innocent kid. I'm sure the shooter thinks the same way, it's not his fault either, if the kid had just gotten back in the car everything would have been cool and I wouldn't have blown a hole in his head.

Sadly I don't think you can fix people like this. Get them off the planet ASAP

Hang em'

I would be sorry and begging for my life also if I knew the Death sentence was in my future. They meant to rob someone and that was what they did, except the young man lost his life. Black, white purple, brown or green, Hang their butts!

About as "remorseful" as OJ

About as "remorseful" as OJ Simpson.

He's just sorry

he got caught and has to pay the piper! I've read the other articles where he talks about the crime. He's the one that took the sandwich! Yep.. murder always makes me hungry too.

They took a life for $10, a cellphone and a sandwich... send them to prison for the rest of their lives.