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Wilmington man's gun goes off at gun show, hurts three


RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Law enforcement officials have confirmed a shooting at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds Saturday afternoon.

Agency spokesman Brian Long says a 12-gauge shotgun discharged while its owner, 36-year-old Gary Lynn Wilson, of Wilmington, unzipped its case for a law enforcement officer to check it at a security entrance.

Three people were injured when the gun went off, officials said, including a retired Wake County Sherriff's deputy working the show.

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You have "fun facts", but you can flush them...

...with rest of the sewage. The fact is that the re-incarceration rate is even greater than than the initial lock-up rate and that doesn't even count how many times the average criminal has been before the judge before he finally gets any substantial time.

The problem is: We have are criminals with access to guns and mental cases with access to guns. In the vast majority, the criminals and the mental cases steal the guns or get them from the black market. Honest people aren't out there stealing weapons and using them in crimes. Lock up the criminals, keep them there. Take away their Cable TV, workout rooms and make them perform constructive community service every day.

A large prison population means nothing about it effectiveness, in fact it does just the opposite. When you a have large prison populations AND a high violent crime rate, that's telling you something. Now...go do a little research on the ex-cons that continue to commit violent crime in this country...over and over again!

"Oooopsie Daisy"

First! My condolences go out to the "3" that were injured, but!
It was this guys RIGHT to carry a fire arm fully loaded, to a gun show I guess, right or wrong?
Does the law say this guy (Wilson) had the right to do this, or not???
I suspect Not, but he felt his rights would have been violated if he were not allowed to be able to carry a loaded weapon to this show (and no), he didn't forget to unload it either before leaving the house. Or maybe he left it loaded in case someone tried to kill him with a weapon on the way to Raleigh.
Heads up folks! With all of these "rights" about these fire arm ownership issues coming forth, there will be an incident occur within our country soon enough, to rubber stamp someone's belief of gun ownership in a deranged way, and kill innocent people in its wake.
These recent news stories of people carrying a weapon(s) on their person into a store/public place to show that they have a right to do so, do they smile when watching the news when viewing citizens (idiots) in the Middle East walking around the streets toting a gun ready to drop someone at any given moment, and shooting their weapons in the air? Probably they do smile, and/or picture themselves shooting back to drop the guy in a second, and walk away a hero. Then someone drops him because the domino effect has then taken hold.
For those of you that hunt, if our Government took away your weapons, and said if you wanted that deer meat, you would have to poison that deer, or any hunted animal to get it, would you give up hunting? Probably, because it's not the humane way! Man has always got to have the upper hand, and a gun will secure that feeling of the humane way it seems, doesn't it?

Ignorant People and the 2nd Amendment

You don't seem to understand that the Second Amendment is not about protecting the right to hunt or target practice. It is about a free citizenry having the means to defend itself from an out of control government (such as the one we have now). This was an accident. President Obama's assassination of people by unmanned drones is not an accident. Why don't you pillory him?


You call carrying a loaded weapon to a gun show an accident?
Columbine an accident?
New Town an accident?
Va. Tech an accident?
The D.C. Sniper an accident?
The list goes on and on Mr. Smith. All these individuals behind these hideous crimes took innocent peoples lives due to loaded weapons, none were accidents, or do you care to disagree?
Further more, I don't approve of war as a rule either as you mentioned the drones, but if it has to be, leave the weaponry to the Military or law enforcement to defend our country on that particular scale, not on a local level, or even discharged veterans.
Get yourself a BB Gun or a Sling Shot if you have to shoot something, but make sure it's a piece of paper with a bulls eye in the middle.
The real eye opener has finally arrived in this country about weapons citizens own, but need not have in their possession.
Rest assured though, that giving up any such weapons people already own, would be an impossible task by Government agencies, or recall laws, (even with registration documentation), so you can sleep well at night above all. There's your protected rights.

Sorry Mr Smith

But our conservative Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd amendment is for SELF defense in District of Columbia v Heller.
Justice Scalia - along with all the other conservatives judges emphasized the self part of defense in their majority opinion. He even went so far with his comments to suggest that there already ARE restrictions on the 2nd amendment (no guns in Federal State or school buildings for example) and that restrictions on the types of guns are legal - using terms like "absolutely" and phrases like "certainly there are restrictions".
What bothered me about Scalia is that on Fox News he went even further saying that back "in the day" carrying head axes was prohibited because it was a large threatening weapon. It was a misdemeanor but still against the law.
The tyranny you fear is in your head. OUR form of government has checks and balances to prevent such tyranny. We also have our standing army to prevent foreign tyranny!
Keep in mind also that in the days of writing the Constitution the right to bear arms was critical because when called to serve the people supplied their own weapons. Gun smithing was a very slow laborious process then. The Continental Army even had to import weapons.........


I wonder how many people

I wonder how many people were killed by cars this weekend. More than you think.


Cars? CARS were not created to KILL. Guns were created to KILL AND ONLY KILL. A gun wont do anything other than KILL.

99.9% of car accidents are just that, ACCIDENTS... GUN deaths were maybe .0001% accidents. You and your ilk are pathetic.

More than kill

A gun can prevent a person from becoming a crime victim just by possessing it. A gun can help with hand eye coordination with target shooting. Neither activity involve killing and both could save your life.
Now car wreck are not accidents, they are wrecks. They are caused by negligence, be it not taking care of the vehicle or not paying attention to the task of driving.

It does more than kill

I gun can prevent you from becoming a victim without even firing a shot. A gun can ensure you keep your freedoms. A gun can be used for target practice. None of my guns have ever killed anybody and they all have been safely fired many times.

Calling a car wreck an accident is a misnomer. They are not accidents, they are due to a persons negligent act in someway, shape or form. Driving too fast for conditions, drinking and driving, bald tires, texting, not paying attention are all choices made.

As pro gun as I am, it is

As pro gun as I am, it is simple idiots like this that should be barred from owning a firearm.

If only everyone had guns

If only everyone had guns then this would have never happened. Hope everyone recovers quickly.

not a shotgun was a pistol

No it wasnt a shotgun it was a pistol i was ten feet away and it about shot me and my dad.
I was there so im sorry your info is wrong.

Responsible Gun Ownership

I wonder if he's a card-carrying NRA member? I wonder how many articles they've published lately about gun safety and responsible gun ownership? Or is it more of the same garbage that compelled me to cancel my membership 25 years ago, about the right to own andd carry any and every firearm with no restrictions? How much money is the NRA receiving from gun manufacturers, and particularly high-capcity gun manufacturers?

The NRA lobby is a miniscule

The NRA lobby is a miniscule sliver of the money exercised by unions in the congress.