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Burgaw man charged with sex crimes against child


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Burgaw man is in jail accused of sex crimes against a child.

Pender County Sheriff's deputies arrested Cheyne Martin Potrafka, 29, Friday. He is charged with two counts of first degree statutory sex offense of a child, two counts of crimes against nature and one count of indecent liberties with a child. Investigators say the victim is a child under 13.

Potrafka is in jail under $1.05 million bond.

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I feel terrible for whatever child has had to suffer this.
This Man lived across the street from me for more than a year, as a live-in house keeper for a family with 5 children from ages 16 to 1. If it is this family that has lodged the complaint, I would not be surprised if the father is not involved. These are strange, violent people who live in sub-standard housing. The father also has a "mail-order bride", raising 3 children from his first marriage and plus 2 of her own. I don't understand why social services in Pender county hasn't gotten involved before now.
Poor Children

Prayers needed

Please pray for his victims and all victims of child sexual abuse.

This POS...

needs to be castrated with a claw hammer...or a pair of bricks. The good news is, IF he is tried and convicted, he'll get his "come-uppance" in prison. Let's just hope he's put in with the general population.

Animal cruelty

Why does this guy have a dead guinea pig stuck to his chin? I hope he gets animal cruelty charges in addition to the others!

Blame the Parents

The people this man were staying with are my neighbors. They were warned repeatedly about the strange behavior this man exhibits, yet they continued to keep him in their house with their two teenage daughters and juvenile son. To compound matters, I would not be shocked to find out that the father was involved in some manner. These are very STRANGE people. The only one in that household that doesnt make my skin crawl in that poor mother. They have 8 ft. chain link fence with barbed wire surrounding the entire property. These are the kind of people that need to watched carefully.

Kill him if guilty

If he is found guilty, just execute him.


This person has an ad on a babysitting website and runs childrens booths at festivals and craft shows. Hang him.


tom is this part of your neighborhood

Ever hear of libel?

you must be a complete nitwit or only 11 years old. Which is it?

Anyone with a pea brain knows Burgaw and Surf City are in different sectors of the county.

But you know what? You're anal.

IN another post, where you failed in your attempts to put the Ole Surf in his place, you noted you Mother and Father raised you to respect others.

So here, in an evident attempt at displaying your witless brain, you attempt to jest about something like this.

Somewhere there is a youngster under the age of 13 who is dealing with a load of trauma.

And the best you can offer is some mindless attempt at humor.

There's nothing humorous about incidents like this.

You really should be ashamed of yourself. It appears you may have missed one or two of the lessons your Parents were teaching.


Nitwit, pea brain, anal, witless: It seems that he wasn't the only one that hasn't used the lessons they were taught about carrying on a civilized conversation.

Tom, we are all here

Tom, we are all here anonymously. Though tweety's comment might have been in poor taste, I don't see how it would rise to the circumstance of personally causing you defamatory injury. Relax and enjoy the ride! You have four good years coming up of addressing yourself disrespectfully to the President.


I don't think you can sue for libel if you are using an alias on a forum online. He doesn't even know who you are. Quit trying to be a bully.