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StarNews: Rep. Susi Hamilton sponsors bill to compensate eugenics victims


By Kevin Maurer

A local lawmaker is one of the primary sponsors of legislation in the N.C. House to compensate victims of the state's former eugenics program, which during parts of the last century sterilized residents deemed unfit to reproduce.

Rep. Susi Hamilton, D-New Hanover; House Speaker Thom Tillis, R-Mecklenburg; Rep. Larry Hall, D-Durham; and Rep. Paul Stam, R-Wake, introduced the bill Wednesday to provide tax-free payments of $50,000 per eugenics victim. A $10 million fund has been set up by the Department of the State Treasurer, according to Hamilton's release.

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Dems never Quit

Here we ago again. Another liberal bleeding heart wanting to spend taxpayer money on something I nor the majority of North Carolina resdients had anything to do with. Should we next compensate kids who do not succeed because NC has a sorry ass education system. Another no vote for reelection!

Socialist Suzi...

is always ready and willing to spend someone else's money...aka the taxpayers. As the others have posted, if this can of worms is opened, get ready for a long line of "victims" wanting to be compensated for perceived wrongs.

Did she find her committee?

Can the leadership of the General Assembly please find this lady something to do. This is what happens when libs have to much time on their hands.

Now that I thinkin about it

she be looking just like that teen mom. She sure be thinkin just like her to.

The eugenics program made

The eugenics program made sense then and even more now. Why let women have babies when they can't even take care of themselves? Jeez......what a bunch of losers we have elected. Let Susi pay for them.

If the good Rep. Hamilton

If the good Rep. Hamilton feels it was a bad program then wouldn't it make more sense to identify the persons responsible for the program and let them be responsible for their own actions, why would you propose a bill to put the taxpayers of NC further in the hole when we didn't have a say so to start with, punish those that are at fault.

Spend it on...

The eugenics program was created, and eventually approved, by a Democratically-led state legislature. The politicians made the mistake, let them pay from their own pockets. Thousands of patients also received lobotomies while incarcerated in state prisons and mental institutions - their lives were changed much more dramatically than someone who lost a reproductive organ, wouldn't you think?

Bravo! That is crazy that

Bravo! That is crazy that it even came to that and did that. Talk about ripping someones guts straight out of their body and then stomping on them. That is just wrong to do that to a person.


And just what do you think Obamacare will do?

First, WE are an obese nation, so everyone over weight will be forced into a diet plan, maybe even rationing food, second, EVERYONE will have to stop smoking, this is already underway, can't smoke in public in most places, soon to be followed by no alcohol, WE THE PEOPLE certainly don't have a handle on this one, so everyone will have to pay for the few who aren't responsible.

The point is OUR Govt, has always done things like this, from infecting blacks with a blood disease to radiation from fallout of atomic detonations, and not paying for the effects. We need the guns to keep us from our Government from helping us! That's the hard fact!

Lord Bless these who have suffered, and for those of us who are about too!

First, ....

First sillybird, please learn how to form a sentence. Second, this will start an endless line of so called "victims." Where will all of this money come from? I think a victim SHOULD be compensated... NOT generations thereafter.


It's for the victims,they were sterilized meaning no children meaning no generations thereafter.

6858, if you look more

6858, if you look more closely at the article you will see that the fund is set for living victims, not those of "generations after".

Guest 6858

I thought I was here a minute ago

A - the monies were set aside
" introduced the bill Wednesday to provide $50,000 to each living victim. A $10 million fund has been set up by the Department of the State Treasurer."

B - the payout will be to LIVING victims:
"to provide $50,000 to each living victim"

I don't believe anyone else can get this.


So Vog, let's see " A $10

So Vog, let's see " A $10 million fund has been set up by the Department of the State Treasurer", where do you think that money comes from?,, the thin air?????????? That is NC state taxpayers money bud, and the NC state taxpayers had nothing to do with this program, why not identify the responsible persons and let them compensate the victims, why do you think we as taxpayers should foot the bill for their mistakes??? Obviously another good reason to ever vote Democrat again, remember that war criminals from Hitlers crowds are still being hunted down for the crimes they did, why not at least bring the responsible people up for a trial by a jury of their peers, why is the lefts solution to always use taxpayer money to cover their b/s?


It was transferred from the funds probably the general fund.

Of course the question that this story raises is - Do they have the basis for a class action lawsuit against the state and have they tried that already?
I don't think the state would "settle" UNLESS they know from Roy Cooper that these folks could win a LOT more in court.
Remember a Public Official represents the taxpayers so if a public official is responsible then the tax payers are too.
I seem to recall a law (don't know the details) that says a public official cannot be sued in NC (But I believe the State can be sued).
I could be wrong about it though

You don't...

You don't believe it? Wait and see, and , by the way, the question of where will all of this money come from was rhetorical. Get it?