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FBI, SBI detonate 2nd package at storage facility


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- FBI and SBI agents have detonated a second suspicious package found at a storage facility on Carolina Beach Road. Earlier today another package exploded after a bomb robot shot at it as agents tried to figure out what was in it.

The FBI and the SBI assisted by the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and Wilmington Police are conducting an investigation at North State Storage on Carolina Beach Road south of Monkey Junction. Law enforcement has ordered a mandatory evacuation for businesses around North State Storage on the east side of Carolina Beach Road as they continue to investigate.

New Hanover County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says it started this morning when multiple agencies began dealing with a suspicious package. Brewer says the FBI was investigating a suspect, which led them to the storage unit. They used a robot to shoot the package, at which point the package exploded. It's not clear if they shot it with water or live ammunition, but agents did not expect it to explode.

Brewer says agents are still dealing with one more suspicious package they found in the storage unit. They do not know what is in the package, but they are X-raying it to decide if they'll need to detonate it. The bomb squad did the same thing to the most recently detonated package. They buried it before exploding it.

Spokeswomen for the FBI and SBI confirm their agents and the SBI bomb squad are on scene connected to an investigation being handled by the FBI. A SBI spokeswoman says all of its agents are at the single location, despite an earlier report from another Wilmington TV station that the SBI was at another location in a neighborhood farther down Carolina Beach Road.

A witness called WWAY around 12:45 p.m. and said he saw a bomb unit at North State, which is at the intersection of Sanders Road, and heard an explosion coming from the property a few minutes earlier. A New Hanover County Sheriff's Office spokesman confirmed a small explosion. He referred us to the FBI and SBI.

The Wilmington Police Department's bomb unit is also on scene to assist.

The StarNews reports the owner of a neighboring business said a law enforcement officer told her investigators "believed somebody was building bombs in a storage unit next door and one of the bombs exploded. The officer told her other bombs were in the unit."

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I agree that honesty is

I agree that honesty is getting rare these days... What happened to freedon of speech?!

And what kind is "your

And what kind is "your kind"? Are you the official NC Drama Queen spokesperson? The rest of the grownups can speak for themselves and don't need you to screen inhabitants. No wonder where kids learn to hate

"Your kind"?? Are you a

"Your kind"??

Are you a middle school bully or a grown-up? Are you the official spokesperson for the state? Thanks but if we can make our own decisions about gun safety and such then we can certainly speak for ourselves. Whatever you are thinking of can come from anywhere. No wonder so many kids grow up learning to hate .

Your kind

You know, reasonable, educated, motivated, successful people that speak English well. I hate those people too. They make me look bad.


Guest7969, GET USED TO IT , You are being OUTNUMBERED! Maybe it's YOU who should be moving further into the sticks, there you can build your bunker and hide from us all! Give it a break and get an education. We're here and there's MORE coming.

We're well aware there's more coming...

as you idiots have destroyed your home states but are too stupid to abandon the beliefs and voting habits, that lead to the ruination of your hometowns, when you arrived here. You're like the aliens in the movie Independence Day - move to a new place, ruin it and move on.

And your excuse?

And you seem very pleasant to be around.


This is scary. I'm sure this person wasn't building them just for fun. I never thought I'd see this kind of terror here in our quiet costal area. I pray they get everyone who was involved and thank God this person never got to use them. I guess no place is safe anymore. I wonder what he or she was going to blow up?


Sandy- not to ruin your peaceful little world, but google "Sunny Point" next time you are on the web. Lots of things are happening around here that make it a prime target for terrorists.

Quiet coastal area???

Where have YOU been, Sandy? Living next door to a NUKE plant and International shipping yard with rows after rows of HUGE tanks filled up and down the Cape Fear Filled with HAZMAT combustibles makes this area such a peaceful quaint little house on the prairie! And I didnt even mention the DOWNTOWN THRILLS of JUST robbed if your lucky!! Its SCARY people fail to be more vigilant!

Who said it was terrorist?

Who said it was terrorist? Dont assume yet

So what would YOU call it? A peacekeeping device?

Perhaps a little boys "science project"? A new deer hunting device? Secure storage break-in deterrant? Practice packages for July 4th fireworks? A Jihadist calling card? Your "handle" makes perfect sense for you and now you appear as one. The making of bombs is a direct violation of federal law. IT'S ILLEGAL! It's defined as fabricating a weapon of mass destruction.

Now, to use a public storage facility to fabricate weapons of mass destruction where other innocent people and property are in very close proximity shows total neglect for human life and property. Those just happen to be a few of the basic traits of the terrorist mindset.

Some things don't need to be said!

not assuming anything

I didn't say it was a terrorist I said I didn't think i'd see this kind of terror here. And for you information a terrorist is An individual who uses violence, terror, and intimidation to achieve a result. Gee bombs are pretty violent and intimidating. You do the math a**hole

who said it was a terrorist

Isnt anyone building bombs a terrorist of some kind? Why would anyone have bombs in Wilmington NC unless they were using them for bad purposes.

they said "terror," not

they said "terror," not terrorist...



Probably just propaganda to

Probably just propaganda to scare us so they can take away more of our liberties and watch us closer without us complaining. Likely some bottle rockets or cherry bombs.


Why not let them finish the investigation prior to making comments about yankees ,rednecks, gun control , meth labs so on and so forth They had to have probable cause (investigating the lease holder) and a search warrent to open the unit or the unit was sold at auction and the new owner found something they were not expecting and called L.E.Which is less likely due to the timing.
It will all come out in the wash so to speak there is no reason to impinge one anothers birth place ,political alignment or socioeconomic strata.
In this everchanging world that we live in you may need the assistance of the damn yankee or that county fried redneck next door so I leave you with this In the words of the late Rodney King "why can't we all just get along"