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Deputies: Man who wanted to buy gun tried to steal gun with gun


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Investigators in Bladen County say a man who wanted to buy a gun instead tried to use it to steal it.

The Sheriff's Office says Rodney Autry Jr., 22, of Elizabethtown, told the victim he was interested in buying his handgun. They agreed to meet to see if Autry liked it enough to buy it.

After Autry shot the handgun a couple of times in a field Tuesday, investigators say he pointed the gun at the victim and told him to leave. A third person with them saw the whole thing.

Deputies arrested Autry yesterday. He is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and second degree kidnapping. Autry is in the Bladen County Jail under a $62,500 secured bond.

Department of Corrections records show Autry received probation for a 2009 larceny conviction.

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"Man who wanted to buy gun

"Man who wanted to buy gun tried to steal gun with gun"
"Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers"


You can't fix stupid

And we wonder why there is gun violence or what to do about it?

Another criminal, another crime involving a gun. Another criminal stealing a gun. I'm really surprised, because this young man's stature and appearance is so stunning. Who would ever suspect he would do anything "illegal"?

Is there anyone out there that believes this bug-ridden thug could even remotely pass a "federal background check", "legally" buy a gun and NOT attempt to steal it? So, what is the purpose of the backgound check? What will it do for peeps like "Ol' Skeet" here?

Here's a very simple solution. This gizz-ball already has a conviction for larceny. Now he has Robbery With a Dangerous Weapon and Kidnapping charges. He is clearly broadcasting his demeanor and intent with the general public. Convict him and send him to prison for 50 years with no chance of parole. That way, he won't do that anymore! Problem solved, threat to society...ELIMINATED. on the idiot that was going to sell him the weapon! Oh and another thing! When the friends of these two brilliant stars find out their bright future at the Greyrock Inn, they may just think twice before imitating them!

Good going "Skeet" Autry! Welcome to the 3 ring circus of the courtroom! We'll keep check on ya!

To bad Autry didn't whip the

To bad Autry didn't whip the victim good, anybody with a lick of common sense could look at Autry and walked away from that deal, the victim had to know if he sold him that gun it would get used in a bad way.

Wake Up Court System

This won't be his last run in with the law....I'm telling you something has got to be done with our Courts and Judicial System. The Court System are a Joke!!!! Put these thugs on a Ball and Chain cutting grass on road shoulders for 8 hours a day instead of contractors. The way it is now no one is worried about comitting a crime and going to prison.

they keep coming

Ride Paul Revere, ride.
The criminals are coming, the criminals are coming.