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CAUGHT ON CAMERA FIRST ON 3: Driver says Onslow Co. deputy caused crash in SC


NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WWAY) -- A South Carolina man takes to social media to vent his frustration with an Onslow County Sheriff's deputy.

The driver, Chad Walton, began rolling video last night right before he says the deputy cut him off and caused a crash. He later posted the video to YouTube.

Walton came up on the Onslow County Deputy going eastbound on I-526 in North Charleston, SC. Walton says the deputy was holding up traffic by going 50 mph in the fast line, when the speed limit was 60.

To get around the deputy, Walton says he moved in to the right lane before pulling back into the fast lane. Still recording video, Walton caught the deputy passing on his right, then cutting back in front. That's when the video shows the deputy slamming on his brakes, which caused Walton to rear-end the cruiser.

"That video doesn't lie," Walton told WWAY by phone. "You can see how it happened. You can see the speedometer in the video, where you can see I was going 60 miles an hour."

After the crash, Walton says the deputy, driving car No. 145 that was marked as a K-9 unit, did not pull over, so Walton called 911. Walton says North Charleston Police responded and cited the deputy for being at fault. The officer was not ticketed.

So far the Onslow County Sheriff's has not returned calls for comment. North Charleston Police also have not responded to our requests for more information.

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It is perfectly legal if

It is perfectly legal if there are more than two lanes.

Going with the flow? Is that

Going with the flow? Is that what you tell yourself as you're cruising along in the left lane creating a rolling blockade? Well next time somebody gets around your blockade like in the video don't get upset. Its only illegal to pass on the right if there's no lane, i.e. passing on the shoulder.

Aside for the Autobahn,

Aside for the Autobahn, where is passing on the right illegal?

"Aside for the Autobahn,

"Aside for the Autobahn, where is passing on the right illegal?"
Answer: On a 2 lane bridge!

Where is passing on the

Where is passing on the right legal? Right here, doofus.

Chad, please sue the deputy

Sue the deputy for damages to your vehicle. It sure would be interesting to see how this case would be handled in court. I hope that no (more) favoritism would be shown.

Send video to national news!

Everyone should send this video as a story idea to a national news outlet like CNN or such. Let's do this!

Onslow Co. deputy caused crash in SC

One question that comes to mind is what is onslow cty doing in charleston sc?? Protecting and serving i suppose.

The only thing that i think would be better would if walton could have given he deputy time to explain when he got back to nc how the damage to his vehicle happened. i wonder if there would have been a "false report" filed.then walton could have brought out his video.

Irresponsible Deputy

I will unfortunately have to say that I work with this officer, and he is a dumba$$. But Big Ed will find a way to sweep this under the carpet, like he does with everything else.

cop cause accident

The cop should of been charged with felony hit and run also. He was trying leave the scene of the accident too. Along with the other things he did wrong.

Thank you Chad Wilson for

Thank you Chad Wilson for posting this. True, absolutely nothing will happen to his deputy however if the complaints keep stacking up, his supervisors will be forced to finally take action. The next person who files a complaint against him might have a chance at being believed, etc.

If I had done that I would

If I had done that I would have been cuffed and had to go before a judge. I guess the laws don't apply to law enforement...

Shocker. Power-tripping cops

Shocker. Power-tripping cops acting above the law. More at 11.

Any citizen would be held

Any citizen would be held liable for such inappropriate actions, and would of gone to jail for puling a stunt like that!

No Repsect

Onslow County looks like a place to stay far away from. If law enforcement officers don't respect the law or other people that county must be pretty bad.

That is absolutely absurd.

That is absolutely absurd. This moron should be fired for endangering the public that he has sworn to protect. He didn't get a ticket? GTFOH


and WHY exactly, was the deputy "not ticketed" much less not in jail? Enquiring minds want to know. Surely this is egregious enough that even other cops won't stand up for this hopefully soon to be ex-deputy?

It is egregious...

I agree that it is egregious enough. And don't call me Surely.

You owe me a laptop....I

You owe me a laptop....I just spit soda all over mine laughing! Classic Comedy.

As a former Onslow County Resident (stationed at camp lejeune) They just dont give a flip there. They dont care about the Military, all they care about is making quota. The Sherrif has even walked off and left his pistol in a public bathroom, and yet no charges ever filed. It is the good old boys club there


If that were any citizen not wearing a badge driving a cop car we'd have been put in jail and charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment at the very least. "To Protect and Serve" my ass.

out of control government

Another example of the government being out of control

Should be national news.

Why not get this up on ABC nightly news along with the officer's name so that an example can be made of what NOT to do with a position of authority?

The officer was not ticketed?

This is why nobody trusts the police, because they can do whatever they want with zero repercussions. The "officer," whose job is to protect and serve the public, not his own ego, should be ticketed, arrested, and fired. Obviously he is unstable and prone to the same type of rage that causes cops to viciously attack citizens while screaming "stop resisting." It is also obvious that the North Charleston Police don't care enough about public safety to at a minimum cite the cop for his dangerous driving. To protect and serve . . . themselves.


Why wasn't the cop charged with fleeing the scene of an accident? Or at least ticketed? The entire thing is on video. What more evidence do you need!? Just another example of how you have to be delusional if you think that everyone receives equal protection under the law!

Police above the law

How about take his badge away and send him to a job he can handle, maybe flipping burgers. That's a hit and run!
This country's views of the police is getting worse every day, and it will continue to until disrespectful officers are taken care off.

Fire the deputy now.

Fire the deputy now. Anything else is indefensible.

Here's the deputy in

Here's the deputy in question information:

His license plate is 45286 V[1]
Unit 145 / Sheriff / K-9 Unit
Onslow County

Here's the original reddit

Here's the original reddit thread that started it all.

Top comment from 4 hours ago (this article came out three hours ago):

I forsee... I forsee.... Local news stations airing the shaky video... I also see the police dept. in question addressing the public.... "We are doing an internal investigation on the matter....".... I also see, paid-leave for the officer involved...


So he gets cited but not a ticket.Seems like the LAW isnt the same for all who break it,if that had been anyone else other than an officer,careless and reckless,dangers to person and property,Unsafe movement,not to mention fleeing the scene of an accident.The good cops are tainted by these type and those who fail to hold them accountable.

Cuff 'em.

Cuff 'em.