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Raleigh police charge animal shelter volunteer with molesting dogs


RALEIGH, NC (RALIEGH NEWS & OBSERVER) -- Police charged a 21-year-old man Thursday with molesting at least four dogs at the Wake County animal shelter where he worked as a volunteer.

Detectives arrested the man after they learned from a tipster that he was posting photos of himself molesting the animals on the Internet. Police charged a 21-year-old man Thursday with molesting at least four dogs at the Wake County animal shelter where he worked as a volunteer.

Investigators say Seadon Collins Etienne Henrich on at least four occasions "willfully and feloniously did commit the abominable and detestable crime against nature with a DOG," according to the arrest warrants.

The police say Henrich then went to an Internet website that features bestiality and posted at least three photos of himself “engaged in a sex act with a dog," arrest warrants stated.

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As a Christian, I am supposed to want to save people from hell. With this one, I will make an exception. Please, just go....


It is equivalent to Rape of a child, who cannot give consent, and a, at the mercy of the "ADULT", he should be castrated, then thrown in jail, and have his cellmates told he likes kids and animals. then after that damage put to death. because he will never stop and no animal will be safe near him.

I'm disgusted !!

Absolutely disgusting !! He needs castrating and stringing up !!


Every girl he ever dated just threw up all over their computers.


Do dogs use computers?

In answer to your question

In answer to your question guesty, YES.

With supervision

Ok, now I know dogs do use computers but with human supervision.

animal abuse

This man should be castrated ,then executed for this!


This crime should be illegal because an animal can't give consent like a human. It is comparable to rape, sexual assault etc and other horrible crimes I hope they give him the same kind of sentence they would if the victim had been a human too and add him to the list of registered sex offenders. The lowest life form in prison is a sex offender let him know why.

I thought I was beyond the

I thought I was beyond the ability to feel sick at merely reading a news item. I was wrong...

If he would have just waited

If he would have just waited about 5 more years it will probally be leagal.

You are a complete moron.

You are a complete moron.

RE:You are a complete moron.

Do your research. Beastiality is legal in 23 states and the military. Also some European countries have animal brothels, Germany and Denmark to name two-where people pay to go and have sex with animals. As disgusting and sick as all this is- this is the world in which we reside. So do your research before calling someone a moron.

This person isn't a moron at all...

...they're only being truthful based on the way the societal "norms" are migrating here in America. The evidence clearly speaks for itself! People like this and pedophiles will soon be publicly demanding their "rights" too.


This is a sick, evil scumbag and should be locked away forever. If he can do this kind of thing with an animal, God help a child.

Dog lover


That's "PURDY" funny!

His lipps are all swole up 'cause they were stuck to a dogs butt.

this is 1 SICK SOB and needs

this is 1 SICK SOB and needs to be put away where he can never hurt anyone EVER again!

no you are way off base

no you are way off base here, this is one guy that does not need to be put away, this individual needs to be put DOWN permanently so he is no longer a drain on society.


Yeah- crime against nature. What about crime against the poor dear dog?! Let's not gloss over that!
sicko- I hope he is going to be sentenced and have to serve the complete and lengthy (I hope as well) sentence!! sicko.


Cannot think of anything to say

Now here

is one sick puppy

That ain't a puppy...

..he just has "puppy love"! Sick bas*ard!

1 sick puppy?

Surf City Tom...
>cite< One Sick Puppy>cite<

From ONE Sick Breed?
Was He trying to breed More?

Your Point?

it's unfortunate unintelligible posts are allowed on here.