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Police dog bites suspect's face during arrest


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A 16-year-old is in jail after Wilmington Police say he broke into a store and was bitten by a police dog.

When officers responded to an alarm at Buffaloes grocery store at 4924 Wrightsville Ave. around 12:45 they say they saw three people running from the store. Despite officers yelling commands to them to stop, they kept running into the woods.

The SABLE helicopter directed a K-9 unit to one of the suspects, who police say was hiding under a bush in the woods behind the business. K-9 Arko bit 16-year-old Guthrie William Sharkey in the face area during his arrest for breaking and entering, hinder and delay and larceny.

After police took Sharkey to the hospital for treatment, they booked him into the New Hanover County Jail under a $10,000.

WPD detectives continue to investigate.

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3 thoughts about this:

-When with a friend and being chased by a dog, one only needs to outrun the friend, not the dog.

-When someone named "Sharkey" gets bit by anything, it is ironic.

-If stealing is what you like to do, quit running from dogs and start running for office...


"Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid." - John Wayne.

I hope someone brushed this

I hope someone brushed this piece of crap off that dog's teeth.....


Ya I know this boys family and it doesn't surprise me on bit! What he is taught as a kid he learns to apply as a young adult!

Bright future....

ahead for this moron huh? "We" start paying their room and board earlier and earlier it seems.

Once caught, was he

Once caught, was he resisting arrest when the dog attacked? If not, why was he bitten?

Just a few scratches. The

Just a few scratches. The dog barely bit him. No doubt the K9 could of ripped his face off if it wanted to. And neither the cops nor the dog knew it was just a dumb kid.

Clearly, he was resisting

Compliant suspects are not controlled (bitten) by police dogs.


You are a moron. The suspect ran from police and was foumd hiding under a bush (repeat, UNDER A BUSH) and the dog bit him! Good! The criminal deserves it! And, if you can't comprehend, then you are either too stupid to read the news article or too stupid to comprehend the news ariticle! Either way, you are a MORON!


Shortly after committing a felony the suspect is hiding in the bushes in the dark after being commanded to stop, then yes, at that point he is resisting being arrested. The officers cannot see in the dark and have no idea if this guy is armed, so the dog is sent in to do his job. None of this occurred to you?

Im wondering the same thing?

Im wondering the same thing?

seriously? you must be one

seriously? you must be one of these people for BSL laws as well. what kind of question is that, he ran from the cops, therefore already evading police, the dog sensed something apparently, dogs aren't stupid, unlike you apparently.

go away

OMG! Shut up!

present and future hoodlum

Here's a picture of a future deadbeat adult who'll rob and steal his way through life. Take a good look. You might see him climbing through your window quite soon.


"You might see him climbing through your window quite soon"

Oh one thing. Unlike the K - 9 cop, I won't STOP my dog from taking his face completely off.
So he's welcome to come through my window any time my dogs hungry (or even when he's not)


Those dogs save hundreds of

Those dogs save hundreds of police lives a year. Bites like this are a occupational hazard for thieving punks. Not that it matters to the thief, but Buffaloe's is a privately owned business.

When he damages and steals from them, it costs billions a year. And bankrupts thousands of small business owners. Another great job WPD. Nice job K9, protecting hard-working, small business, from parasites, like this.

And to our poor, little, young, thief. "Boo Hoo, CRYBABY". Maybe you'll think twice, next time you want to destroy someone's business, or resist the police, by running. Hopefully, you'll straighten up, and decide drugs and crime are not going to ruin your life.

Dog bites Suspect

Oh well, that's just a work hazard, isn't it. Little punk got what he deserved. Hope the K-canine dog doesn't get sick.

When Police Officers say STOP

They mean STOP. Good job, Officer K-9 and K-9's Partners!

When the Gesthapo says Halt,

When the Gesthapo says Halt, das means HALT!

Police/ Gesthapo Comment!

Once again, Great Job to K-9 Officer and his fellow officers on that call, that night. Thank you for doing your best to apprehend a scumbag criminal before he could continue to ravish his neighborhood.

To the Gesthapo commenter: Many of Wilmington finest are Veterans and fought for your freedom to make any assinine comments you wish to make. America is still Proud to be a nation that enjoys bestowing her citizens First Amendment rights, no matter how ridiculous.

However, to make a comment like THAT, we understand that you are very, very low functioning.


Not something...

a non-criminal has to worry with. Ja?

...and when the criminal hides and cries, "Don't shoot!"...

...send in the K9's while telling them they are getting get their @$$ bitten!

Everyone!!!! Pay attention

Everyone!!!! Pay attention to this. When you cannot win an argument because you have no case---start the name calling.

So the police should have

So the police should have let the thief go on his merry way or what? You see a similarity in the "Gesthapo" and the police catching a thief who broke into a citizen's business? If you think the WPD is the Gesthapo you are free to escape to another country. Or if you feel so bad for the thief go bond him out and support him.

Poor baby

What is wrong honey? Did the mean ole police write you a ticket? Are you butthurt?

thumbs up for the k9 and the officers

Good doggie! Next time go for the privates too...then rinse thoroughly with listerine...

Hope He is Alright

I hope the dog doesn't catch anything from low-life. I hope he is up on his distemper shots