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Student reported to SRO for reading sportsman catalog


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Parents of a 6th grade student at New Hanover County's Trask Middle School are outraged after they say their son was reprimanded after looking at a catalog with guns.

Stanley Wardrip, says he got a call yesterday from the school resource officer. The issue was one he never could have expected.

Wardrip says his son was reading a sportsman catalog while on the school bus. He says his son was not looking at the magazine in class, but some other students were talking about it. When the teacher overheard, she called the principal, who notified the resource officer, Wardrip said.

Wardrip said red flags were raised because the catalog had pictures of guns and knives.

New Hanover County Schools Assistant Superintendent Rick Holliday said he could not comment on this particular issue, but he said it's up to the discretion of each employee on what is considered appropriate reading material.

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Time to remove all the

Time to remove all the encyclopedias and such from the library; I'm sure they have pictures of weapons too...

Perhaps we should start

Perhaps we should start sending the library gift issues and subscriptions to Field and Stream and others such publications? We can always choose the bill me later option.



So much for JROTC and performing drill with rifles. No rifle team or skeet-shooting teams at school. Heaven forbid a kid shows interest in joining the military at all. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune and later in Wilmington as a reservist. We used to march in the Azalea Festival parade. I guess that's illegal now since so many children are present. Parents might as well take away tv, computers, video games and encyclopedias in addition to magazines. This way kids will grow up being totally unprepared for REAL life after being safely tucked away in an overly-cautious and totally safe home.

Quick, someone...

...throw a tarp over the big guns on the Battleship N.C. that are pointing towards Wilmington. Children may see them and get the wrong idea.

sportsman magazine

What's next? Will it be against the law to read LITTLE WOMEN or THE SCARLET LETTER or THE BIBLE or ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER ? Political correctness has gone completely out of control.

Those books are already

Those books are already being phased out do to Common Core. Common core is more the same liberal madness uniformly distributed across the nation except in those few states that have rejected it for home rule.

I agree, this is just

I agree, this is just ridiculous. Things have gotten so out of hand. Too busy worried about stupid little things like this and miss the big things. SMH

All persons of authority

All persons of authority (principal, resource officer, teacher) should be fired on the spot for infringing on the students civil rights.

Those positions all probably require a college degree. A major part of the college experience and intended result is to produce an individual with critical thinking and reasoning skills, much more important than any learned facts.

These people demonstrated their total lack of critical thinking ability and have no place in an educational institution. They have already done unreconcilable harm.

Well geeze you certainly

Well geeze you certainly seem to know what your talking about. What makes you such a professional on the education system?



What has happened? Have We gone FULL RETARD!

This Made Our news yesterday..
Jesus, WTF is Our Country coming to!
Will He be "reported" as a Homegrown terrorist next?
YET there's Sign(s) with GUN Pictures on them, indicting a "gun Free" ZONE? ie: *free fire*?

I remember the Days in Jr. High,(Early-Mid 70's).. I was able to take the "Wild Life" Safety Hunting class, back in the day, it included, SAFETY of Firearms,TYPES of Fire-Arms,Hunting SAFETY, Safe cleaning Procedure(s) , Safe hunting/clothing, Even how to butcher/clean your "Kill"...
We even had "Field Day at a Shooting Range!"(with a .22 AND a 30.06 and a 410 shotgun)..
I recieved a WildLife "patch" cert. etc etc, They taught these Classes IN SCHOOL! WTF has happened!

Welcome to the USSA

Sieg Heil

Well, they might as well

Well, they might as well throw out the U.S. History books.

Right. They are filled with

Right. They are filled with wars! Guns, knives, bows and arrows, oh my!


Why did the School Resource Officer (SRO) get involved in the first place? When approached by the, scared, Principal the SRO should have informed the Principal that "reading" is not against any North Carolina General Statue and, therefore not a law enforcement issue. If the, scared, Principal was so concerned with the reading material, he should have dealt with it as a "school issue". But, even that is a stretch. Other than to elicit the comments, showing disgust at the school administration, why did the parents contact the media??

Wilmington Observer

Did you even read the

Did you even read the article you idiot? The principal wasn't scared and in fact she didn't even see the student due to the fact she was in a meeting all day.

Stop School Bullying

I'd love to see schools put 25% of their anti-firearm energy into anti-bullying as I would expect a school to be anti-violence. Somehow they fail to understand that they need to focus on what drives someone to acts of violence, with bullying being a potential precurser to more violent acts.


So, now according to this assistant superintendent, an employee decides. I thought the Constitution was in play here. And I do believe that the Supreme Court has ruled in past that the schools can have a written policy that must comply with Constitutional standards. But no where have I ever seen in any school system where an employee has that right. Where are we in the USSR? Living in a region of the country where sporting such as fishing and hunting are so prevalent, I would think that this would be encouraged reading.

Student reported to SRO for reading sportsman catalog

The school is limited in deciding what reading material is appropriate for a student to school materials only. Any other reading material is subject to the discretion of the parents.
The state does not rear our children, the parents do. This is progressive liberalism at its worst.

Actually, parents have a

Actually, parents have a right to reject assigned books and request replacements. I would rather see a kid looking at a magazine with guns in it than reading a book with a graphically depicted rape scene.


This is ridiculous! Where was the threat of harm??? Where they worried he would roll
Up the magazine and start hitting kids with it? The good Lord gave us brains but it is
apparent to me that some folks are not using theirs.

Name the "teacher"

Just who exactly is this bastion of common sense?

Time to remove all

Time to remove all references to the Revolutionary war, Civil war, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam,, Gulf war 1 & 2 and Afghanistan. Oh yea, and the entire history of Humanity from school books. Only rainbows, unicorns and lollipops can be taught about now!

The fact that anyone can

The fact that anyone can report this story to someone without having the facts straight is what really amazes me. People always want to find a way to put someone else down. The entire staff as Trask Middle School is excellent and if he was reprimanded then there was probably more to the story, but of course you people don't care about the truth of the story. I love how it doesn't say how the child was reprimanded, maybe in reality he actually wasn't. Before you talk bad about the teachers and staff there, maybe you should look at all of their outstanding achievements in the past 8 years. They outrank all the other middle schools in several things almost every year.

"They outrank all the middle schools in several things"

And plain, old fashioned common sense most definitely isn't one of them.

Poor baby bless your

Poor baby bless your heart.You misguided liberal.

I'm actually not a liberal

I'm actually not a liberal what so ever, I'm a republican and own many guns. But the fact everyone on here is talking crap about the staff at Trask is what aggravates me. The child never even got in trouble and was never sent to the principal I know that for a fact. So before everyone believes a story that a parent submitted, maybe you should call Trask directly and ask them what happened.

So tell us...

So, please tell us the facts of the case. What did this child do that elicited such a response from the school? Did the SRO contact the parents or not. You seem to have first hand knowledge of the situation so please, let it out! Otherwise, you are defending something that does not deserve defending. If this child was doing nothing more than looking at a sporting goods catalog then Trask has some issues. In a town that is currently dealing with rampant crime and gang violence, it would appear that educators and SRO's would have more to be concerned with than this.

This stupidity is taught

Take a gander at the UNC system curriculum for teachers and how much of it is about diversity and social justice and other pablum. It is all about WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

out of hand

The gun debate is one thing, but this is borderline stupidity.