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FIRST ON 3: CFPUA chief offered job in Florida


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The only leader the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has ever have may be on the way out.

CFPUA CEO Matt Jordan has completed negotiations to become the new GM for Tampa Bay Water in Florida, according to a news release from that utility. The release says Tampa Bay Water's Board of Directors will consider Jordan's contract at its June 17 regular board meeting. Pending board approval, Jordan will start work on July 8.

Jordan has been the top man at CFPUA since the utility started operations in the summer of 2008.

"We at CFPUA have seen the report in the Tampa Times and can acknowledge that Mr. Jordan is in line for the General Manager’s position with Tampa Bay Water. Mr. Jordan is still the Chief Executive Officer of the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority until further notice," CFPUA spokesman Mike McGill said in a statement. "It is the nature of the water and wastewater industry for top managers to be considered for leadership positions with larger utilities and Mr. Jordan informed Board Chairman Jim Quinn of his intention to interview for the Tampa Bay Water position earlier this year."

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Matt Jordan

Is not going to Tampa.

From the Toilet Tank Times headline news:
"Matt Jordan today admitted he is leaving the Cape Fear Public Utility corporation, but NOT to go to Tampoa Florida, as is being reported by local news media in Wilmington NC. Mat is going where he's NEEDED the most - where back ups are "no problem" and illegal dumping of waste is hardly notice. We have learned from sources close to this investigation that Matt is now CCCC - that is Carnival Cruises Crap Captain. Carnival Cruises - where backing up does NOT mean setting the rudder to neutral and putting engines in reverse.
Where #2 goo is on me and you.
When interviewed Mr Jordan confirmed the story for this TTT reporter:
"Yep I'm gonna be #1 in the #2 bidness. I've got my tools with me and expect no issues. I will employ my stock market game plan - pump and dump. Pump it out and dump it into the ocean - especially in the Gulf of Mexico cruises where it will intermingle with oil residue from Deepwater Horizon. This will be better than Wilmington - here I can leak it and not have to worry about stopping it - just let it flow into the ocean waters."

It is also being reported that Woody White, Chairman of the NH County Commission will assume Jordans job.
"Hey, 6 figure salary? Pension? BCBS until I die and now I can dish out crap and not worry about it. It's what I doo, doo, um nevermind"

Meanwhile Beth Dawson was overheard saying "We're out of toilet paper again the ladies rest room - Tom Wolfe go get some please. Tom? TOM?? Wake up Tom."

Vog much much trouble as CFPUA has had i think its time for a new leader.

bye bye

He will be missed.....said "NO" CFPUA Employee


He is #1 in the #2 business.

Evidently his management of the CFPUA....

...wasn't reviewed prior to the interview and offer. Of course, Tampa may have a decent water/sewer infrastructure in place that has been properly updated and maintained.

How many gazillion gallons of poo have been discharged in our local waters since the CFPUA was established?

How many gazillion billing errors and rate increases have occurred since the CFPUA was established?

And he goes smiling

all the way to Tampa where they have professional football and baseball. They also have a homestead act which means no matter how bad you hose up; no matter how large the judgement is against you, they can not touch your residence to satisfy the lawsuit.

No they can't

"Touch" your home, Tom.
Just remember he's in water and sewer

One well placed "plug" and everything backs up rendering your house worthless.


And no state income tax!

A nice gig if you can get it. Probably got a good salary bump offer, and won't have the small-minded town folks, green with envy, cawing on his every move.

I looked into this via google...over one-hundred folks applied...only something like 35 met the minimum qualification. They narrowed the interviewees down to 5...and he got the job offer. I say, Congratulations Mr. Jordan. You must have done something well for a bigger City to recognize your worth in the industry.