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Teacher still on job after drug charge


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover High School teacher arrested last week on drug charges is still on the job.

A school district spokeswoman says the district says it is investigating Catherine Entrocaso after an Alcohol Law Enforcement agents arrested her for possession of schedule II narcotics.

An ALE agent pulled Entrocaso over for speeding Thursday on US 421 in New Hanover County. Assistant Special Agent Jason Locklear says Entrocaso was arrested with 13 Adderall pills in non-prescription bottles without a label. Adderall is a stimulant, often prescribed for attention deficit disorder.

Entrocaso is an english teacher at New Hanover High School, according to the school's website. One of Entrocaso's former students says she did not see this coming. She says most students don't know because she is still working.

"Every time I saw her, she never seemed like she was high or anything," student Kashia Aiken said. "People in her class, I don't think they feel threatened in any way."

Aiken says she thinks Entrocaso should get help because she is a teacher and has a young daughter.

Entrocaso is scheduled for court June 13.

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These pills belonged to

These pills belonged to someone else that had a rightful prescription. Lazy journalism.

There are many people out

There are many people out there who are functioning addicts. They hold down jobs, pay their bills, but do not understand the potential consequences of their actions until they are caught. There is simply no reason to have two weeks worth of Adderal in your possession in an unmarked bottle. And yes because of this teacher readers of the news read, "Teacher, Arrest, and Drugs," therefore she tarnishes the profession of many other drug free teachers. But they the truth will come out and someone will need to find a new job.

It's quite simple really.......

If she's got and Rx for it I have no problem.
She made a stupid move by not having them in the original Rx bottle. This should be easy to prove.
If she did not have an Rx then the situation changes - and badly for her.

As for the ALE agent he's still an LEO and I have no qualms with his pulling her over if he had probable cause, Hopefully we'll hear something about that but I give him the benefit of the doubt for this one.

What concerns me is what appears to be the auto response "she's a caring teacher", "she gives extra help", "the students love her", and so on.
Look, I hate to sound harsh here but most teachers aren't all hero's.
Most LEO's aren't all egotistical braggerts with side arms.

So for her supporters out there? If she's found to NOT have an Rx? Then she's justifiably called a drug addicted teacher and a thief and a poor example to her students.
To those quick to criticize her? If she has an Rx she just made a dumb mistake and should be re-instated with the admonishment of don't do it again. (it would also be a teachable moment in class).
To the LEO? If he had cause? Then you did a damned fine job......


The bottom line here is that

The bottom line here is that if she had a prescription for her meds, was using them as directed, she should not be considered a criminal for not having them in the original container. Our legal system is totally out of control. Too many citizens are becoming criminals for no reason.


If she's got a 'script - no problem - all she's guilty of is a traffic infraction and carrying pills in a non-labelled container.
That does not make her a criminal
Nor does it make the LEO an idiot because he may have stopped her for good reason.

But if, in fact, she has no Rx - then she's a pill popping addict, or WORSE a dealer, with no reason to be in front of a class, and the LEO turns into a hero.

I'm hoping she had an Rx..........


Ok, point is that

Ok, point is that carrying prescription drugs in an unmarked bottle should NOT constitute any type violation of any law. This is pure BS. It seems as if she has been put into a position where she must prove her innocence. This is not the way it is in America, but getting there fast. This cop is out of order and certainly under no circumstances a hero. Ever since 9-11, the term "hero" has become one of the most loosely used terms in the English language. Once a hero was someone who pulled a victim from an accident and revived him, or someone who went into a burning home to save lives. Now some are labeled heroes for little or nothing and doing what they are paid to do. I am still waiting to find out if she had a RX for the meds or maybe someone else who uses her vehicle had them. There is no reason to think this woman has done anything wrong at this point in time.

Guest 350

I agree she is innocent until proven guilty.
Right now she's just appears to be stupid.
That is not a crime.
If she did not have an Rx THAT raises all sorts of questions - none of which are good for her.
As I said n my first post on this subject - I hope she told someone at NHHS that she was taking this stuff, and why.
But their reaction - suspension with pay until the determination is made - tells me they may know something else.
I'm not going to surmise what that might be but it appears to me that if she had an Rx this story would be over and charges dropped already. The longer the story goes on the more I believe that something is drastically wrong here.
That's not a conviction mind you - just an opinion. I hope that I am wrong.


As journalists, you should

As journalists, you should not only be asking why a teacher was in possession of Adderall, but also asking why an ALE officer was conducting a traffic stop. What gave him cause to search her car? Was he out of his jurisdiction? If so, why? The real investigative journalism is not on the surface of the story.

The issue of police rights versus the rights of the individual has been on my mind as I have watched story after story in which you cover “Click it or Ticket” and “DUI” checkpoint campaigns. At what point does the media begin asking the hard questions? Since when do police have the right to stop citizens without cause? At what point do you, as journalists, fight for the rights of the people instead of rushing to find the most scandalous headline to lead your broadcast with?


The more I read this article, as well as comments below, I realize how easily this could happen to me one day.

I, too, am a teacher. I taught elementary school for two years and am close to completing my tenth year at the high school level. I was diagnosed with ADD as an adult, and am prescribed Adderall XR to help maintain focus while working.

I am divorced and have custody of my very active 5 year old, who keeps me very busy.

Many mornings I have walked out of the house having forgotten to take my medication. Therefore, I have started to keep some in my purse, just in case. I originally put them in the "old" prescription bottle I would normally discard. However, there have been two incidents when the bottle somehow opened in my purse spilling the few I keep on hand. The alternative I found was a pill box with a better latch on it, that I can also keep a few extra Tylenol in. It's quite handy.

However, now I realize that it is also "quite" illegal.

Perhaps this is what happened with this woman (I hope!), and maybe it will be dropped if she does have a prescription in her name. Otherwise, I hope she is able to learn from this and get help if it is not medically necessary. It really can be quite addictive. I minimize my use on weekends and during summer break because of that.

Let us hear her side and see...

Nobody has said that

Nobody has said that carrying prescription meds in an unmarked bottle was illegal. It has been hinted at, but not specifically said. I just cannot believe our laws have come to this, yet, anyhow. If anybody knows for sure, by all means post such law so we can all read it. Lots of pills look alike, what would keep somebody from putting hard stuff in an aspirin bottle?

This is why she;s suspended now

The "schedule" of narcotics in NC:

Schedule I: High potential for abuse, no accepted medical use in the U.S. Examples: Cocaine, heroin, LSD.
Schedule II: High potential for abuse, accepted medical use with severe restrictions, likelihood of physical or psychological dependence. Examples: Oxycontin, Ritalin.
Schedule III: Lower potential for abuse, accepted medical use, moderate or low likelihood of addiction. Examples: Anabolic steroids, codeine, Vicodin.
Schedule IV: Low potential for abuse, accepted medical use, limited likehood of addiction. Examples: Valium, barbiturates.
Schedule V: Same as Schedule IV but available over the country. Example: Cough syrup with codeine.
Schedule VI: Low potential for abuse or addiction. Example: Marijuana.

Read more here:

What she is taking(?) is much worse than weed.
Of course she should have informed the principle and other staff of her problem which necessitated the Aderall.
If she did good for her.
If not - this women has no business in this or any other classroom.

Get better

i hope our teacher mrs. caso gets better from this exoirence and doesnt get sent to jail for a long time. this was a suprising moment in our class when we found this out, many of the students didnt belive it but yet agian i hope you get better mrs caso from this expirence and know that you have a class that cares about you-jay

I hope she doesn't go to

I hope she doesn't go to jail either Jason....maybe if she avoids jail time she can help you with your spelling.


Jason probably excels in other areas, my guess while you were focusing all your efforts on spelling, and getting that college degree someone like Jason was teaching himself how to repair a car, plant a field, dig a ditch, or do some type of vocational work.

But in your mind if you cannot spell, then he is beneath you, my guess is you can spell the name of your car mechanic, he probably repairs his own.. So for all of your college educated, cant find a job English majors, odds are in the same four year period as you go to college he will gain more on the job life experience and end up making more money.

Just a guess, so if I have misspelled any word my apology to any one who cannot understand my interpretation of your Dumb@#$ comment towards a young man who appears to be less thuggish in his sincerity towards his teacher than you are mean spirited about his spelling.

Need to know

There could be all sorts of conjecture.
Erratic driving and so on......
I'm sure they had probable cause or the pills could have been in plain sight.

I am reminded of my departed in Laws who used to sit with sectioned boxes - separating their daily meds into days of the week so as to not forget to take their meds.
They TOO could have been arrested for not keeping their Rx's in labelled containers, especially when they traveled.
She had aderall. I am not familiar with this med or its affects but I do know that some of the Meds my inlaws took would "knock your socks off".
I hope this is not the case here.


Just type in the drug name in the address bar....

To learn all the information on Aderall. You seem to be on the internet a lot so just open another tab...

The news seems to have

The news seems to have become really mean spirited lately.

Thank you so much WWAY

for basing a large amount of this article upon the naïve opinions of a former student. That sure was darned informative!

I am a little curious as to why your ace reporter didn't seem to find it a little curious that an ALE Assistant Special Agent was making traffic stops. Does he also do hostage negotiation and SWAT team work?


got to have something to do. You don't expect them to go after real crime do you ? I have a prescription for 100 vicodin a month from my doctor and carry them all the time with me when I travel in a regular pill bottle, stop me and I will produce a script for it in a heartbeat and screw you. PIGS you just have to hate em....

"Assistant Special Agent"?

With a sooper-dooper, high-falootin' monster-cop job title like that, one would think he would be searching out drug cartel leaders, human trafficking generals or murder suspects or something "important" like his job title suggests.

So he had a slow day...tracked this criminal looking english teacher down 421, all the while knowing he had a career criminal at this fingertips. Hey Assistant special Agent "Barn", did you get a feather in your cap for bringing this arrest home to your real special agent? You keep making major busts like this and you'll be getting that "special agent" title with your secret decoder book and green zing ring that emits cosmic alpha radiation! Then you won't be an assistant anymore.

I can't believe the people

I can't believe the people that are actually defending this woman. As an educator who strives for total professionalism she is the problem with education these days. Parents and society often do not trust educators because of the few rotten apples that are reported in the media. It is teachers like this who get the headlines and spoil it for the rest of the profession. She may be an effective teacher but she drags other great, professional, and most importantly drug free teachers into the mud with her. Find a new way to make a living!!!


I hope that as teachers, we are demonstrating how to closely read such articles as this and waiting for evidence versus jumping to snap decisions--where a person was charged (strangely, it sounds like according to some of the other comments) with having prescription pills in her vehicle, in what sounds like a travelling container. I know lots of people who combine pills into one container for travelling, or who put them in those days of the week containers for organization. I've never seen those come with warnings about legality of use. More importantly, did anyone ask who the pills belonged to or were prescribed to? Just because something is in your car does not mean that it is something you are personally ingesting--especially if you have a family or friends who may have been in your vehicle.

Seems like we would need a little more 'investigation' before deciding that this teacher is "the problem with education these days." I may not be 100%Teacher, but I am 100% sure that we aren't supposed to assume guilt before a fair trial--particularly when we are only looking at the opinion of a remotely connected student and some vague accusations.


No one cares. It's a stimulant, like caffeine. The real problems here of course are the illegal search, seizure and arrest and comment from the peanut gallery that the teacher needs help. . What was the probable cause? Hey, Government... don't call us we'll call you.

Ms. Caso

Regardless of what anyone is saying, she was possibly the best English teacher I've ever had. She has this way of talking to us that really makes us understand, she breaks every little word down and still manages to get us to finish our work by the end of class. Her attitude is very informal, and it makes her actually seem like a human being (unlike some other teachers). She has a passion for writing and she's always fun to be around. I have no doubt that I'm going to pass this class because of her guidance.

mrs. caso

in the subject of ms caso's arrest i still think nothing less of her because she had a new way of teaching a class that i never experinced before and i loved it. I hope she finds help for what she has done and gets better from it. -jay

Then PLEASE concentrate on her lessons and...

...avoid further embarrassment of her "way of teaching". Remember your capitalization, grammar and spelling rules before you graduate to paragraphs beyond writing 2 sentences at a clip. I hope YOU can find help before attempting to enter into any college. Geeeez.... I know, I know. The 10th grade has been the hardest 3 years of your life, right?


Welcome to the wave of the future, where most people who spend quite a bit of time text messaging don't stop for capitalization when writing quick comments. Sometimes it is appropriate, sometimes not. Assuming someone has spent three years in tenth grade for something like that is like me assuming you must use a Jitterbug cell phone and live in a nursing home because you can't wrap your mind around new communication techniques.

Maybe three years in tenth grade would have taught some people manners, instead of letting them feel it appropriate to bully children while hiding behind an anonymous screen name. Can we stick to the topic instead of trashing students who have the courage to join in on an open forum about a topic that matters to them?

thats what

this drug Adderall does. it greatly helps you (much more than caffeine)remember every little detail. originally designed for adhd kids (to help them focus), its been most heavily abused in the educational system. at unc-ch and ncsu adderall is called the "cheaters-choice" because one or two gloss overs of your organic chem notes & presto, you've got it etched on your brain (for a while). stay away from this drug & the teacher is really stupid for continuing use.


It wasn't even in her system when they arrested her. Every type of pill takes quite a while to get out of your system even after the drug's effects have worn off. Not to mention they pulled her over for speeding and ended up searching her car when she wasn't inebriated in any way shape or form. Yeah. Doesn't seem suspicious at all.

I am a dedicated viewer of

I am a dedicated viewer of this station and find myself disgusted with the irresponsible reporting I witnessed today and this evening.

Every commercial throughout prime time programming lead with the story about a NHHS teacher that was arrested. Then during the 11 p.m. broadcast my disgust with the incorrect coverage of this story reach an all time high. Fact: she hasn't been in the classroom since her arrest. She maybe employed by the school system during the investigation, but she hasn't been the classroom. Get your facts straight before reporting them.

You flash this woman's face across the screen with no regard or actual knowledge of who she is. A mother, and excellent teacher, and someone who displays humanity and kindness daily.

You interview some child who isn't even a student of her's, who makes statements about her that aren't backed with knowledge or maturity. Just a young girl grabbing a chance to be on t.v.

My daughter, who takes honor's classes, has been a student of this wonderful teacher. She is supportive of her students. An ear to those who don't have anyone, non bias, accepting of them. They trust her and feel like they have an educator that truly cares, which is rare these days.

She encourages them to be active in their local communities and the world. Let it be military members, tornado victims...she set the example that you need to help others. She made herself available to students who needed help with school work...even before or after school hours.

Regardless of the outcome of her arrest you and other stations have ruined this woman's life. She will forever be the teacher that was arrested for drug's. Regardless that she hasn't been convicted, regardless that she wasn't under the influence when arrested. You still flash her face across the screen...for what? Ratings?

You report this with no regard to her, her family ,her students.

I had always started my morning with WWAY and finished my day the same way. I was under the impression that this station reported with integrity, and proved me very wrong today and in doing so you have lost a very loyal viewer. Shame on you WWAY.