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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man, who they say damaged seventeen mailboxes, in Supply last week.

Christian Daniel Carlisle, 19, of Holden Beach, is charged with 17 counts of injury to real property, one account of consuming alcohol by a 19/20-year-old and one count of unauthorized opening of a sealed letter.

Carlisle is currently in the Brunswick County Detention Facility under a $7,500 secure bond.

According to Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Emily Flax, an anonymous tip led to the arrest.

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  • guesty

    Hopefully the local postal inspector will get involved and put federal charges on this idiot.

  • Paula Brown

    As I see it he’s only 19 and never been in trouble before…Maybe his time in jail will wake him up…. I think everyone deserves a second chance…

  • Guest Vader

    That’s what I was thinking. I believe vandalizing a mailbox is a federal offense. Opening someone else’s mail without permission certainly is. The little punk should have to buy and replace (personally) every boz he damaged. Such stupid idiotic nonsense.

  • Guest45

    he got his second chance, then he got 15 more, now it is time to put him behind bars for a few years.

  • truelove231

    i know this guy and i know the people at the party he was at he blacked out does not even remember doing it he was on a 6 mile walk home after drinking a bottle of vodka to him self we have all been drunk he is scared out of his mind and in shock i hope he gets off honestly he’s to young for this kind of stuff.. he doesn’t even drink he was just there with friends and peer pressure.

  • Jacob Cosentino

    Lmao I am good friends with this guy. You all don’t even know what happened. Go away.

  • Guest5

    that should get the man at least 10 years to think about his vandalizing peoples personal property, that is definitely federal, and 17 boxes rules out a spur of the moment rage, definitely intentional.

  • Moish

    So, a 19 year old needs to spend 10 years in jail at tax payer expense!
    How about he pays for damage and labor to replace boxes.
    how about meaningful community service!
    People are out of prison in less time for murder!


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