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STORMTRACK 3: Andrea continues to weaken, pulls away from southeastern NC; Brunswick County tornado confirmed.


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Andrea is pulling away from our area. Breezy winds of 25-35 mph are expected through early evening, with a few gusts over 45 mph. Skies will become partly cloudy with a 40% chance of lingering spotty showers/storms through evening. By Saturday, a more typical summertime pattern will resume with sunshine and warmth. A stalled front may help to trigger a few thunderstorms as well.

Weekend Forecast:

Saturday- Partly sunny with a 40% chance of storms. Highs in the 80's. Lows in the 70's.

Sunday- Partly cloudy with a 30% chance of storms. Highs in the 80's. Lows in the 70's.

Tropical update:

"Andrea" has weakened and will push north of New England this weekend. Elsewhere, tropical storm development is not likely through Monday. Below, you will find a few observations recorded Friday morning as Andrea pushed through our area.

Note: An EF-0 Tornado was confirmed to have touched down near Varnumtown along Stone Chimney Rd at 1:22AM Friday morning (June 7) by the National Weather Service in Wilmington. Winds were estimated at 70 mph, trees were downed, and there was some damage to a storage building.

These totals collected by the NWS Wilmington office


These totals collected by the NWS Wilmington office



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I remember Hazel....

I remember when Hazel made a everyone's home!
It wasn't a Reality show...but made more sense even as dumb as it was.
Mrs. B caught Mr. B (Baxter) fooling around with Hazel one day...and had her shipped off to Hong Kong. Henceforth created the TV show..."Maid in China"!
Only lasted 2 episodes though :-(

All I know neighbors

All I know neighbors 15 empty cans of Potted Meat wound up in my front yard instead of in their recycle can :-(

15 empty cans?

Wow, that a lot of potted meat being consumed. Can't recall ever eating potted meat. I'm guessing that if you eat that much potted meat, it must taste just like chicken.


I go to disney the 14th for 10 days.Does anyone know if Disney was effected or if anything is closed in Disney?Also does anybody know what roads are blocked from PA to Orlando,Flordia?Thanks :3

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but

Disney is completely gone. The only thing left standing is a giant mouse statue with some goofy dog.

Also bad news: Tried to help you with all of those driving directions (no AAA in PA?) but couldn't find "Flordia".

If your post is any indication, you'll probably be a lot safer if you just stay home.

You can't be that naive ??

If you commenting on this article then you got internet access. I-95 has several websites dedicated to traffic conditions and construction projects. There are even web cams!! Here are two of them and Then Disney has websites for Disney World and Disney Land. Plus smart phone apps. Here is the official website for the Florida location: Park hours, what is closed and open along with the weather for each. Just use the search engine you like and you can find most anything!!

Crazy thought

Check with a news station in, hmmm, maybe, ORLANDO or Lake Buena Vista for Disney information. Or even crazier, contact Disney for park information and the highway patrol for the states you will travel.


Phone lines are over run with people calling to talk to families and I have horrid internet.It was hard enough to post the previous comment and hard enough to post this one,too.Besides no one likes haters but I guess,"Haters gonna hate…"So yeah I will just wait for a nicer person to answer my questions.Thank you for nothing.

Your Answer....

Well...Mickey and Minnie are going through a divorce at the moment (Mickey came out) they couldn't be reached. Goofy and Peter Pan are in L.A. doing a dvd movie called..."Mickey and Minnie...the Early Years". The only thing open for business down there is the..."It's a Small World" ride. Now that song is stuck in your head.......
Call them!


I did have a laugh with your response but please read my response to the person above.I can't get a hold of them right now...

Disney never closes... for

Disney never closes... for anything... unless it's a major catastrophic event.

Not being rude…

Thank you for answering in a non-rude response it is my first time going to disney.Had to save a lot of money.

As per usual, Brunswick

As per usual, Brunswick County Schools jumped the gun.


No they didn't They looked at the reports and decided it would be safer to go ahead and cancel. I don't know if you are a mom or dad that drives their kid to school, but the schools have to be concerned for the buses being on the road. Some of the areas the buses go into can be flooded really fast.

I say err on the side of caution. Keeping the kids safe is the number one priority.

But thanks for your concern :(

They always make the

They always make the decision too soon. They could have waited until this morning to notify us of any cancellations. With these systems, you don't know what they are going to be like until they get close and they had more than enough time to wait before disrupting the last day of school for everyone.

They can't win

If they jump the gun and close early and nothing happens, they cried wolf. If they wait until the morning and close, people will complain now they have to make last minute arrangements for their children and they wished they knew the night before that schools were going to be closed.

The parents could easily

The parents could easily make tentative plans in case the schools close down. And if it was just once or twice that they get it wrong, that would be no big deal, but they do this every time.

They still can't win

They are forced to err on the side of caution in the current sue society we are in. If they didn't cancel school and something happened, the lawsuits would be flying. Too many people looking for an easy payday have made most business's take extra precautions and slowly government entities are starting to follow suit.


Our kids aint done nothing in a week at school anyhow. I guess we have to send them to school on Monday to watch another movie. You must be crazy. Thanks for the day off so me and my kids could work on our tan in the SUNSHINE! Lordy Lordy!

Willie, you go on 'boutcher seff... hain't dunn nary a thang rong, heah? I'mz reely glad you and ur yung'uns wuz able ta enjoy ur time offen skool! Don't give 'em too much time offen yonner though, they mite juss turn out like yoo! Hope yoo budder'd 'em up good fer that tannin' job!
Lordy Be...Willie T.!!!

Nice to see a parent who really cares about important things

SUNSHINE is so much more important than school.

I do hope they've learned

I do hope they've learned some proper grammar, and that what they may have learned doesn't become unlearned living at your home over the summer...

"Special Savings!"

Disney's theme park tickets are 80% off today and tomorrow!

Thanks Jerry

Looks like some much needed rain here in SE NC.
And very little wind.
A perfect combo !!
Hopefully this is all we get this year

The 'maters and peppers are secured just in case......


Amen, let it rain, as long

Amen, let it rain, as long as the winds aren't too heavy. Just in time for the crops. God is looking out for us. Last year was so dry. The corn crop was awful.


Plants are tied up securely.
Porch items secured. All other preps in place.
If this is all that happens here weather wise this year I'll be thrilled.
It sure beats a Cat 4 or 5 coming in at high tide (which has NEVER happened here)


It Has Happed Here

"It sure beats a Cat 4 or 5 coming in at high tide (which has NEVER happened here)."

Actually it has happened here. Back in 1954....Hurricane Hazel hit at high tide with a full moon and was a Cat 4. She was a b*tch!!!


You may not have been around to remember Hurricane Hazel so here is a little input. Hazel made land fall at the peak of the higest lunar tide to date at that time and I believe it was in 1954.

Never say never...

Hazel hit Calabash as a Category 4 during the highest lunar tide of the year.


Thanks for the correction.
Hazel was before my time here but it did what I expect a Cat 4 at high tide would do. Wiped out everything along the coast near the landfall point.

What a mess that was, and would be