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Southern Baptists oppose allowing gay Boy Scouts


Associated Press

HOUSTON (AP) -- The Southern Baptist Convention has approved a resolution opposing the Boy Scouts of America's new policy allowing gay Scouts.

The resolution also calls on the Boy Scouts to remove executive and board leaders who tried to allow gays as both members and leaders without consulting the many religious groups that sponsor Scout troops.

While the resolution does not recommend that Southern Baptists drop ties with the Scouts, it expresses support for those churches and families that decide to do so.

It also encourages churches and families who choose to remain with the Scouts to work toward the reversal of the new membership policy.

Delegates to the annual meeting of the nation's largest Protestant denomination voted on the resolution on Wednesday in Houston.

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What do the

What do the Northern/Western/Mid West/Northwestern/Southwestern/Northeastern Baptist thunk about all of this? Or the Morman/Catholic/Methodist/Jim Bakker followers (
We ain't be got no other reports on scattered out thoughts from them....Nationwide! :-D
How about the Girl Scouts now? How will that situation be handled you think? Or the Cub Scouts/Brownies?
The best way is to teach children nowadays about safe sex. Jimmy Boy at least knew that much himself...but it still bit him where the Sun Don't Shine!
Here's a list of the {Rock"s" of Ages} for you to "Enjoy reading":

I've read the

I've read the "bible"...cover to cover....more than once. It seems to me hell is going to be full of surprised "christians" when all is said and done. Judging others? Oh boy.

You must have skipped a few chapters

The Bible is loaded with do's and don'ts. Lots of judging going on in both the old and new testaments.

Can't just go by one "Judge not lest ye be judged" sentence.

Any true Bible-believing

Any true Bible-believing organizations should cut ties with the Boy Scouts. The Bible says that we are not to condone sin.


Great going Southern Baptist Convention! You did EXACTLY what you should have done!

Who should step in is... organization against the Southern Baptist organization! Call the...I.R.S., and have them back tax them for all the years they tax exempted themselves. They would forget all about the gays and start fighting the government...instead of telling everyone what's right and how to go about it. Who made them Chief, Cook, and Bottle washers any who?
If they want to do what's their taxes like the rest of us have to :-<

One Mo Thin....

Just to add to my statement above:
The Southern Baptist Convention (I truly hope) will try and turn this issue of theirs into a political one with political backing (i.e.) Congress/Senator Reps...then they "will lose their tax exemption". I hope they do open their mouths once too much...and have until April 15th of each year to cough it up as the rest of us!
Taxes...taxes...taxes. Al Capone lost :-)

Wow, big surprise....

The same Southern Baptists who opposed racial desegregation in the 50's and 60's. The same Southern Baptists who still say that women must be subjugated to the wishes of men. The Boy Scouts are better off without them.

Here comes the bigotry.

Here comes the bigotry.

In Christ

I must say that the hymn adopted by the Southern Baptists in their hymnal has one that says "In Christ there is not north or south, in Him not east or west."
In my opinion Christ, when He comes again, would be very upset at all the division in his teachings. We call them denominations.

Gay Scouts

How man women were among the disciples?


What could possibly be your point?

Southern Baptists oppose allowing gay Boy Scouts

Of course they do! They're Southern Baptists. The title of this article should be "Things Are Just As You Thought They Were"

Things Are Just As You Thought They Were......

..... and the way that they should be.

Wilmington Observer

Praise God the SBC is

Praise God the SBC is standing up for what is right!! The anything goes mentality of our country is not working! Our country needs to turn back to the Lord, or we will end up destroying ourselves! Without God we are just one nation under!!


Take a look at the most religious countries on earth... Ghana, Nigeria, Armenia, Fiji move to one of them.


I can't understand why sexuality is involved with this. The scouts do not teach really should be an unnecessary topic. I truly believe sexuality/orientation has NOTHING to do with Scouting. It's about teaching boys life skills...not sex.

So what your saying is that

So what your saying is that you would be ok if your sons scout leader was attracted to young boys. Sexuality/orientation has everything to do with scouting. Sex is IN everything!


I thought the Scouts were to allow gay scouts NOT gay leaders so your argument is not valid.

How many Boy Scouts are gay?



is everything a political platform now? we all agree all humans have equal rights, but now its getting silly. why does the gay movt. feel the need to disrupt a private group like the scouts? why did women demand entrance into the Citadel (I mean the academics are slightly below average)? why did men demand entrance into Meredith & Peace (aside from obvious reasons)? I believe many people have grown tired of the silly platforms the faux progressives have embraced. this was evident in the huge support that we all saw chic-fil-a receive nationwide when a thug movt. tried to silence someone's opinion. so, unless your little causes are actually going to make the world a better place, leave people alone.


Well said.

Wilmington Observer


You are correct in your statement but this group has every right to denounce and or to withhold funding or space due to the recent action. This is an issue that effects many hearts and minds and will continue to polarize no matter what any judge or court orders in favor of either side.