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Boat sinks near Frying Pan Tower


OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) -- A 27-foot May-Craft boat called "Designated Diver" began sinking with six passengers on board near Frying Pan Tower Friday.

The captain of the boat, who does not want to reveal his name, says the boat was taking three volunteers and two crew members 35 miles out to sea to Frying Pan Tower. During the trip, the transom bracket on the back of the boat became separated, and the boat started taking on water. That's when the captain immediately made a distress call to the Coast Guard.

Petty Officer Norris with the US Coast Guard Station Oak Island says a pump was dropped down to the vessel so the crew could pump water out of the boat.

The passengers safely made it off the boat and to the tower, where they are staying through the weekend. The Coast Guard transported the captain back to safety by helicopter.

The Coast Guard towed the Designated Diver to the Southport Marina. According to the captain, the boat is a total loss.

No one was injured during the incident.

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Trying to extract a news story from what's written seems to be getting harder and harder to do these days.

...Headline says boat "sinks", story says boat "began sinking"
...Boat was taking "three volunteers" ...Volunteers for WHAT?

Arrggghhh !!!

The restoration of the

The restoration of the Frying Pan Tower is being performed by volunteers who wish to help preserve a part of NC marine history. The Tower owner is a working stiff like the rest of us, NOT a rich person or corporation. Without the dedication of the volunteers, the Tower would not be preserved for generations to come.


Thanks for the info

Too bad our local ace reporters couldn't figure that out. One would think that's what they're paid to do. Oh well .........

Less right than wrong

The headline says the boat sank but if you read the article it is clear it did not sink. The Captain was NOT transported to safety in the helicopter. The helicopter showed up, evaluated the situation, and dropped a pump to the boat ho then started pumping water out saving the boat. A Coast Guard cutter showed up and towed the boat back to Southport. They didn't even get the number of people on board correct.
In the face of the internet, newspapers and TV news have abandoned trying to report the facts in favor of sensationalism and fabrication in order to sell more ads.
Sadly because of the "shocking" headline, this article has been picked up by several other news agencies too lazy to do their own fact finding.

Get the facts straight

You are correct about the number of passengers on board not being reported correctly. There were eight passengers and two crew, a little much for an OUPV boat. Maybe someone is trying to not raise attention with the USCG by violating the regulations for that vessel.

Attention with the USCG was already raised.

You can bet that anytime the USCG is involved, especially in a search/rescue operation such as this, that any and all regulations and conformance to such will be questioned, inspected and verified. NO stone will be left unturned!

Wrong again

I am curious where YOU got YOUR number for how many people were on board because you are wrong, too.
I suspect the news did not speak to the actual captain but is going off second hand information, thus the reason a name was not given, and the number of errors in the story.

On the VHF

Anyone within a 20 mile radius listened to all this on VHF 16. Counting is not hard.

Apparently counting IS hard if you're not there.

Given that I was THERE I can assure you the numbers are wrong. Seven people were on board when the boat left Southport. Five were on board when the mayday was called in. When the Coast Guard arrived, one was on board (the Captain) and one had transferred to another boat.

So it didn't sink

It was towed back and declared a total didn't sink. Thanks for an informative headline, once again.

That's why they are nicknamed...

..."Maycrack" boats. I know that was a very bad day for everybody on board. I always hate to hear of a boat being taken by the sea. I'm glad everyone is okay.