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Leland police officer goes to hospital after woman rams patrol cars, leads police on chase


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- A Leland Police Officer was hospitalized Thursday night after a woman slammed into his patrol car.

According to Leland Police Chief Mike James, the loss prevention team at the Walmart on New Pointe Blvd. had been tipped off by the Walmart in Wilmington to watch out for a woman they suspected of shoplifting.

Around 10 p.m. police say the store's loss prevention team contacted police when this same woman entered their store.

Sgt. Keel approached 51-year-old Joyce Mae Norris as she was getting in her Dodge truck.

That’s when police say Norris hit Keel’s patrol car, and another car in the parking lot, before speeding off.

Officers chased the woman on US-17 and into the Waterford neighborhood.

Cpl. Long also tried to stop Norris, who nearly caused a head on collision before speeding off once more.

Police say the chase ended near the Goodwill when Norris ran out of road. That's when police say she got out of the car and tried to run.

Norris was arrested and charged with two counts assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer, felony fleeing to elude, DWI, three counts injury to personal property, larceny, open container, and giving false information to an officer.

Police say Norris also had an outstanding warrant.

Norris is being held at the Brunswick County jail on a $117,500 bond.

Cpl. Long was sent to the hospital for problems with his wrist and knee. He was treated and released Thursday night.

Police estimate it will cost around $10,000 a piece to fix the patrol cars. They say highway patrol is investigating the crash.

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A reverse lawsuit Forthcoming...

"Police say the chase ended near the Goodwill when Norris ran out of road" (Unquote)

She will sue the state for not finishing the road...and she'll WIN!

You can always sue her, for

You can always sue her, for the $250,000, in injury and damages, she caused.

It's a Chevy truck not a

It's a Chevy truck not a dodge. You can see it in the video. 1999-2002 Chevy truck.

Wait, I know her...

Why that's aka, LennyPenny. You can't blame her, she's just an innocent victim. She's so sweet and loving, she wouldn't hurt a fly. All she was doing was trying to get some extra doe to give to her boy toy Harold. If anything, Harold is to blame.

another wall-mart employe

Imet here about 5 yrs ago, and she told me a story how she was broke and had no food to feed her son,, i felt sorry for her ,she said that her mom was buying a home off of lanvill rd ,she took me to the home to show me , had the key and all ,, she said i fall on hard time's right now thing will change in 7 day , what ever you can do i will pay you back,, hey i know what hard times are been there ,, so i loan he 200 to get food ,i told her i would be back ,, she got caught buying crack ,i was mad as a dog losing a cat up a tree ,so 3 yrs go by and i was shopping in wal-mart in leland who is working there ,, her ,, lol ,and again she said i will pay you whati owe you in two week please dont say anything to my boss, i came back she was fired , so now this ,, wow i wont get my $200 back but its going to be well worth seeing this scum-bag do some time !! 20 -30 yrs ,, i hope they forget about her like she did he kid,,this lady is nothing but well the man up stairs no what i want to say ,, see ya joyce ,,,

My husband works at WALMART

My husband works at WALMART and he nor anyone else that I,ve heard there, talks like you do. No wonder she took you for $200.00. what great job do you have that you could throw away that much money? Not at WALMART, or you'd be too smart to do such a foolish thing.

No one ever said they worked

No one ever said they worked at Walmart. Just says another loser walmart employee. I say this from exp as I used to work there for about 3 months in a hard time while I looked to better myself

LPD should use have used the

LPD should use have used the same tactics on her that WPD uses....when a suspect injures or tries to injure an officer they use a canine on them. No cops were hurt in Wilmington so canine units would have been very appropriate in this case.


This hunk of trash hasn't figured out how to live in civil society, just shoot it and be done.



Lock her up and throw the key away

She hasn't learned, and probably never will. Look at all the cases they combined "to save costs". Jail time hasn't taught her anything. Clearly she doesn't realize she can't outrun Motorola and determined cops.

Busted on December 8 also:

Some people

Maybe they should have kept her in jail.


What did she shoplift ? Food?


She was just making fun of all the products she saw with the label...
"Made in China"!!

Clothes and electronics is

Clothes and electronics is what wway said.

Shop Lifting

It doesn't matter what she was shoplifting. She attacked and hurt a police office and should go to jail for a long, long time.