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Father says 18-year-old son murdered by Southport Police officer


BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) -- A Boiling Spring Lakes father says his son was murdered by police this afternoon.

Mark Wilsey says he called police when his 18-year-old, 90 lb. son had a screwdriver that he would not let go. But Wilsey says he never expected calling for help would end with son being shot and killed by someone sworn to serve and protect.

Wilsey says his son, Keith Vidal, had schizophrenia and was having an episode Sunday afternoon at their home on the 1100 block of President Road in Boiling Spring Lakes

He says his son had about a six-inch screwdriver and was threatening to fight his mother, so they called police to calm him down.

Wilsey says everything was under control until a third officer arrived, and the situation took a dramatic turn.

"Murder. They murdered our son for no reason," Wilsey said. "Everything was going good, then this fat cop from Southport walks in the room, walks around the corner, says, 'We don't have time for this. Tase that kid now. Let's get him out of here.'"

Wilsey says like any teenage boy, his son tried to run when he heard the word tase.

"The tasers hit him, he fell back. Two officers were on top of him. You know, he's got the little screwdriver. I mean, I would have went and got the screwdriver from him. I went to help, and I hear a shot,” Wilsey said.

Wilsey says he grabbed the officer so he could not shoot again.

"'What did you shoot my son for?'" Wilsey said he asked the officer. "(The officer said,) 'Well, I'm protecting my officers.' There was no reason for deadly force here."

Now Vidal's family is left mourning their loved one.

"It's hard to talk about," Vidal's brother Mark Ryan Wilsey said. "But he just wanted to keep to himself, but he really was just an outgoing kid. He loved to do stuff. He was talking about coming and pressure washing working with me in the summertime."

Vidal's brother says he was enrolled in online classes, and trying to better himself. But now Mark Ryan Wilsey says that has been taken from him.

"The kid is 18," Wilsey added. "He hasn't even started his life yet, and now he'll never get the chance to.”

Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David was at the scene shortly after the shooting.

Officials say the State Bureau of Investigations is looking into the case.

The officer involved has been put on administrative leave according to Southport Police Chief Jerry Dove.

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Never ever call the police

Never ever call the police for help when a family member is having a mental breakdown of any kind. Unless you want them dead. Police these days are stupid and the only thing they know to do is kill when they are in doubt.

Society Punishes the Mental Ill to Avoid Dealing With the Proble

People with mental illness have a genetic predisposition to developing it and society punishes them for what other people do to them as a result. The mentally ill receive care from the health system and begin to deal with their issues. People that fraudulently portray themselves as honorable members of society do things like this because the mental sickness is greater in them. If they were treated that way, the sick-minded would never leave the mental hospital. The tubby cop would murder their own family member (the one mentioned as living with him) if they didn't have a check for them to care about instead of the people. When the bullet left the gun, so did the reason why he became a police officer. Maybe someday he can get dressed in the morning and realize what he doesn't stand for! This cop will never be treated for the illness he spreads to make a living!

What the heck?

Isn't 3 officers enough to calm him down and restrain him without killing him? This is a 90 lb teenager, so was it really neccessary to shoot Keith Vidal in the chest? Yeah, he had a screwdriver, but a screwdriver will probably do less damage in the hands of this kid who was already tased twice, than a gun in the hands of a police officer.

You don't have much experience do you?

If you have no experience in dealing with 90 lb. young men or women going through schizophrenic episodes, then get some. At that point, perhaps you won't ask stupid questions and make erroneous assumptions that have no basis.

Would you have even a hint of a clue as to why his 250 lb. parent wouldn't attempt to subdue him and remove the "little screwdriver that couldn't hurt anyone" and dispatched the the police via a distress 911 call to do it? The majority of opinionated psychiatrists posting on here don't either. I do. Remember, the police had been dispatched to this residence nearly 40 occurrences. Does that indicate to you that maybe some problems were prevalent and not addressed?

That's "What the heck?"!


And because of that Mr. Guest-o-matic thinks this boy deserved to die?? What the Heck?!

What the heck ?/

Guest-0-matic is a dumb S, that's what the heck. We have S holes like this all over our country now, they become cops because they're weak dumb P O S scumbags and they windup killing people.


This cop should be sentenced with the death penalty. But since it's cops investigating cops he will get a pay raise and some kind of medal. It's time we start making bad law enforcement pay the same price as the rest of us if we were to kill an unarmed person. I'm so disgusted with law enforcement I have instructed my own kids to run away from them and to never talk to them. 80% of them are just killers.

go to hell man. justifying

go to hell man. justifying shooting a 90lb kid with mental issues out of nowhere and killing him, in his home, infront of his parents after being partially subdued and controlled by other officers for a quarter of an hour already. shame on you. you are scum.

The family should call the FBI

To the family: Call the FBI. Hopefully the FBI will step in and investigate this disaster as a "color of law abuse" since the local agency appears unwilling and/or unable to do so.

Never ever call the cops,

Never ever call the cops, never-less on one of your own family/kids... once cops arrive statistics state that your odds of being killed by those cops increase to the point that you were much better surviving before the cops were there.

You call the cops, sadly you are than responsible for what every they do.... lesson shown over and over and over, cops are killing the very people who called for help and get away with it nearly every time.

Call the cops, die at their hand. Take care of your own and keep the insane band of badges out of your life!

Unfortunate killing of young boy

It's unfortunate that the responding officers are not fully trained to deal with these situations. This boy was treated as his life was worth no more than that of a crazed animal to be put down if necessary. When I was watching the interview it struck me that not one person was shedding a tear for this poor boy and the unfortunate incident. I am not a cold person but if that was my son I would distraught and devastated. I hope he was loved and will be missed by by someone even though his life might have been hard to deal with. RIP in heaven he will find peace and understanding.

Totally agree with you!

It's worse than unfortunate that they are not trained to deal with this. This kind of situation should be the MAIN thing police are trained to handle effectively and calmly. Cooling off heated situations is the number one most important function of their job!! The fact that these cops had no clue how to handle it is proof that our law enforcement system is beyond ruined. Cops today are trained to tase and shoot, not to keep cool heads and control situations. Disgusting.

And it sickens me to the bone that cops think their lives, even the surface of their hides, is more valuable than the lives of other human beings. Three of them probably couldn't have been more than scratched by a screwdriver, but this young man's life was taken from him - before his father's eyes - because they could, maybe, have been mildly injured. They didn't want to maybe get punched or scratched a little bit, so they murdered a person.

I can't imagine watching your own son be murdered right before your eyes. And over what amounted to basically nothing, because some ignorant, untrained cop couldn't think of a better way to handle a kid with a screwdriver.

Rest in peace, young man. I am so, so very sorry to the family. I just really cannot imagine what they're going through.

Keith Vidal murder

So it is public- they r claiming no wrong doing. Makes me sick. If this is allowed we r all at fault.

Sadly, this is the norm with

Sadly, this is the norm with cops these days as the no longer fear losing their freedom or even their jobs once they murder people they suppose to help. Call the cops, you or yours have a very good chance of being murdered by them, FACT. Don't cry afterwards because everyone should know this by now! No matter how many badge blowers say differently, the facts speak volumes over the last few years.

Total murder by cop.

As in so many cases cops get away with murder. Cases in point: Fullerton, Ca cops beat to death a mentally ill homeless man; Santa Rosa, Ca Iraq war vet cop murders 13 year old Andy Lopez while he was carrying a toy gun in broadlight; DC woman shot many times with her baby is in the car. This fatso cop murdered this ill man because he did not want to bend over to subdue him. Too much stress on his heart. He'll get off just like all of the rest. It's a scam, a sham and a shame.

your deff right

that santa rosa killing was so sad. I was born there and used to play airsoft almost everyday as a kid. Some people really should not be alowed to be cops.. expecially anyone from the military whos done time in combat. You dont see worrior ants becoming workers.. aint right.

To the idiot who made the

To the idiot who made the comment about one less check we have to pay now because he killed a mentally ill CHILD.
Are you aware that the officer you are defending has a mentally family member that lives in his home who also suffers from schizophrenia? And guess what , she gets a check also.. So do you think he should shoot her too? I mean that would be even LESS checks that would have to be written right? He has no compassion for anyone including his own family member!
If her check wasn't lining his pockets she wouldn't be there !

In Humane

This was uncalled for, I have a daughter that is mentally challenged and she has Bi-Polar and I know a lot of other people who are also, these individuals just want to be loved and treated with respect, they are not animals they are human beings whom GOD put on this earth for a very very special reason... I think the cop should lose his job for good if cops don't have time to do their job and help people something they are hired to do and promised they would do when they took the oath then maybe they should pursue a new career... Not even safe to call for help anymore... what is this world coming to?

Maybe if Vassey spent less

Maybe if Vassey spent less time chasing skirts and with his hand around a bottle then he would have had time to attend classes on mental health. But then again how can you teach a man who already knows everything anything ?
For years Vassey has abused his authority sadly this time a life was lost!

disgracefully FAT!

I saw video last night on WWAY news. At that time I saw a tremendous black male standing around with what looked like a police uniform of some sort on. I am going to say this. That man could never catch a three year old much less a criminal. I don't know who he is but his appearance is disgusting and shameful. How could anyone let their body get in that shape and who, in their right mind, would hire him as a law enforcement officer? He is obviously an extremely unhealthy man and couldn't run 20 feet in front of him. Which ever office he works for, they need to take more pride in their position and make this elephant lose weight or replace him on the force. Or, better yet, lay him off till he loses about 250 pounds or more. I'm 64 and I promise you I could take him out! Disgraceful appearance.

So out of this unfortunate

So out of this unfortunate situation, this is what you noticed, that an officer was overweight? And that you could take him out? How bizarre.

freedom of speech and typing

Yes, I did notice the very large officer and you couldn't miss him. I understand the meaning of this story. However, I have no influence either way with a decision of guilt or innocence of the police officers involved and neither do you. There are a gillion comments on this article and I have made one myself. I don't have tunnel vision. When I see something I take in the whole picture and this man is so extremely out of shape I felt the need to comment. That okay with you? If not, I don't know what to tell you.

He'll probably just get

He'll probably just get involuntary manslaughter and serve less than a year if he's charged at all. There's no real punishment for those who abuse their weapons.

police kill teen

this situation is far to familiar to my family back in 2009 Waterford ct police shoot & kill my cousin which was also call in to calm the situation between him & his mother with the information that he had just sign himself out of a pond house in our situation my cousin had a knife but was also tase police claim they fire because he was coming at them but he was shoot in the back three time & rule a justify shooting deadly force was not needed in neither situation plus my aunt & cousin fiancé was remove from the home before the police took there action it sad that we must so fear the police & neighborhood watch nowadays between the still your ground law in some state & police shoot to kill I wondering what the difference between them & criminal nowadays a badge & gated community

Learn some some English and

Learn some some English and punctuation before you post you idjut!


Holy cow Jamie!! PLEASE throw one or two pieces of punctuation in there!!! You're coming off as crazy!

Recent FBI change of purpose may help us understand this tragedy

Everybody reading about this tragedy should look at this event in light of the bigger picture, a change happening across the country in the way law enforcement officers view the citizens they are supposed to be serving.
Read about the latest news coming from the FBI, the largest law enforcement agency in the country: The FBI has quietly replaced "law enforcement" with "national security" as its declared primary function.

That's right folks: the FBI no longer considers itself a law enforcement agency, but rather a "national security" agency, a vague term that has been used by tyrrants for centuries to justify illegal activities and violation of the rights of citizens.

Who in their right mind could doubt that this attitude shift has trickled down from the highest 'police' in the nation to the lower level local departments and their officers?

I'm actually surpised that the uniformed killer in this case didn't justify his murder by claiming 'national security' as his motive, but you will be reading about it in the very near future, coming from a town near you: "skinny mentally ill boy turns out to be a terrorist - the NSA provided damning evidence to the FBI showing his internet activity over the past 15 years - he was googling things like 'false flag' and 'WTC building 7' and 'Bin Laden CIA' that proves this without a doubt."

Nothing to see here folks. Move along. By the way, based on this recent change of purpose, the FBI will start violating the 4th amendment with impunity, using all your personal private data collected by NSA without warrant (bank information, emails, all internet browsing history, medical history, purchase history) to capture you and cart you off any time they want for things that you didn't even know were felonies but which are commited by the average American every single day (check out the book 'Three Felonies a Day'). They might even put you in Guantanamo and waterboard you, which is totally legal now under NDAA and the Patriot Act. The good news is, there is no longer any pretense for entrapment (remember the recent news that 99 percent of discovered 'terrorist attack' plans in the US are actually set up by the FBI?). The other side of this: these very police actions and attitudes that many are defending will target people indiscriminately, and will eventually come to haunt anyone who has approved of this unconstitutional overreach. Think about that the next time you hear a knock at your door (wait, nevermind: police have stopped following the 'knock and talk' or 'knock and announce' rule, so they will probably just bust in with full tactical gear when you least expect it).

Southport Officer Murders 18 Year Old Mentally Ill kid.

Whoever is the IDIOT Officer who shot a Mentally Ill 18 Year old Boy already subdued by two other intelligent officers should be put in Jail for life, at the very least. This IDIOT never deserved to wear a badge, much less carry a firearm!

What an embarrassment and Black Eye to all of law enforcement all over America.

Keith Vidal Murder

The story of Keith Vidal is now getting some much needed news coverage. I expect that coverage to continue and grow. I am reading through similar cases and I quote "the decision to charge a police officer with murder for actions taken while on duty is extremely rare" . Examples are numerous and continue that when charged, and after many years, courts and judges tend to find that regardless of the circumstances, that the actions of police officers involved in a shooting are justified. Officers are immune from prosecution based on the justifiable belief that their life was in danger and that the deceased actions posed a “risk of imminent death or serious bodily harm to the officer”. Officers lives are in danger because of the nature of their jobs. Justification in firing a service weapon in a perceived situation of self-defense, real or imagined, is a license to kill with no reasonable standard of accountability.

Father says 18-year-old son murdered by Southport Police officer

The Police in this country have become a bunch of crazed thugs. Too often there are reports like this. Citizens NEED to start fighting back and perhaps when a few of them are executed we can bring some sense into their heads that we as patriotic citizens will not tolerate such outrageous actions