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Police say woman killed in officer-involved shooting had handgun


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A 21-year-old woman is dead after police responded to a domestic dispute in Wilmington overnight.

When officers arrived at 700 block of Tabor Lane around 1 a.m. they say Grace Louise Denk was sitting in her car with a handgun.

Denk's ex-boyfriend called 911 saying she'd been drinking and they'd gotten into a fight. He says she stormed out and drove off, and when she started threatening to commit suicide, he called police.

"It's my ex-girlfriend now," he told an operator. "She ran out of the house. I think she's going to kill herself."

Witnesses say after they heard officers screaming at Denk to put her hands up one broke her back window and fired. Records show officers were on the scene for two minutes before that.

Denk was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Two officers involved are paid leave. The SBI is investigating.

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Killer cops guarding the beach?

A Southport cop just got charged with voluntary manslaughter for killing a mentally ill kid in front of his parents not long ago. Have cops in the Southport / Wilmington area been politically or otherwise motivated to kill within 2 minutes or there abouts when answering domestic mental health disputes, (or something similar)? What's up with the cops in NC and killing the mentally ill when called for help?

Do not call the

Do not call the Police/Sheriff's office. Bottom line you are dealing w/ below par individuals who lack any real education. This incident is a tragedy. Too often we are hearing about these inept individuals being investigated. Look what they did to poor Keith Vidal only a few weeks ago and now this? Train these trigger-happy morons. Enough is enough!

Just saying

It's terrible this young girl died. Whether she pointed/fired gun at police, I DON'T KNOW. Just sad that someone had to die so young. Were the police officers doing their job? I DON'T KNOW. But if this young girl pointed/fired this gun at police officers THEN and only then were these police officers justified in the shooting. It's rather simple. When police say let me see your hands, drop your hands weapon or my favorite one Freeze! and you Don't comply GUESS WHAT??? YOU MIGHT GET SHOT. WITH REAL BULLETS Just sayin.


Everyone commenting on here like they were there and know every intricate detail are nothing but sheep! How about this...dont call the police when you need help, call a crack head or a criminal to come help your sorry asses! Im sure they wouldnt mind not responding to your house because your having a domestic spat with your baby daddy. It seems that the criminals have more rights than the police do. Would you all be outraged if this woman shot the cop? Probably not, but you want to bitch and complain about something you have no idea about what happened. You also depend on the facts from this libtard media website that is probably leaving out details to meet their evil liberal agenda. just walk around saying baaaaaaaaaaaa...sheeple!

GREAT COMMENT!! love it!

GREAT COMMENT!! love it!

Wait... Wut?

Great comment??? Sheeple???

It is the duty of every single American to question those who are in authority, especially the civilian police! To lash out with hyperbole, making broad assumptions, ascertaining that making the statement, "taking another human life is trajic", defending those who may have killed unjustly, is even more trajic.

The police do not have ultimate authority, and do not have the right to kill. They have the right to defend themselves just like any other regular citizen. I am not law enforcement, and I (am supposed to) have the same exact rights to use a weapon to defend myself as any police officer.. Law Enforcement Officials have dangerous jobs, but we all live with the threat of someone chosing to asail our rights and potentially cause us harm.

I always carry a firearm, and if someone were to tell me that their recent ex had a weapon, and was contemplating taking their life, I might choose to intervene in hopes of preventing her from killing herself. Then while doing so she took the weapon and literally pointed it at me in a threatening manner, I might be forced to defend myself with my firearm.

Unfortunately, Law Enforcement is (in most cases) trained to shoot under different rules of engagement. They are trained to shoot if an armed individual (as was the case here) refuses to follow their commands, they may use their weapon in self defense. Note: Notice how I didn't say, "If they are threatened, or perceve to be threatened"? That's the difference, and there should not be one...

Great comment, shepard.

Great comment, shepard.

I am really sad that a 21

I am really sad that a 21 year old had to lose her life over what appeared to be an altercation with a former boyfriend. The girl was obviously distraught and would imagine under normal circumstances would not have wanted to harm anyone. I feel bad for her family.

Suicide by Cop

Sounds like another case of SUICIDE BY COP just like the Boiling Springs Lake young man. He was also threatening suicide. Chicken way when you can't do it yourself and ruin other peoples lives. Tell you what lets do away with all police officers in Wilmington and find out what happens in this wonderful safe drug infested city.


I would be more than willing to give it a try.


New definition for the word investigation

Investigation: A period of time where law enforcement, SBI, FBI, chief's of police, deputies, etc., get together and come up with a good story so that all are in sync with one another, and all parties agree with all parts of the story so that any one of them is not caught lying.

dont forget to add that she

dont forget to add that she had a gun and she was indulging in alcohol. gunpowder and alcohol dont mix!! im sure crooks dont get together and get their stories together either do they??

It seems to me you are

It seems to me you are implying that police get together and get their stories straight so they can support each others lies. Just like crooks.

Am I correct in that inference, sir?

no reason given

I haven't read or heard one word that showed cause for a policeman to shoot her. Broke out a back window? Sounds like she was shot from behind. Did she have a gun pointed at a law enforcement officer? Sounds like she needed someone to care about her and talk to her. I don't usually go against an officer's decision but I do this time.

Don't trust the police.

I will handle my own business, Unless I want them shot.Then I will call the police.

How about..

ALL OF YOU MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS. This is my friend that died, and she had her issues. I am sure you all have your opinion of what could have been done different, or its her fault for pointing the gun, or she fired first. OH, you weren't there? Then shut the hell up. It is still the death of a friend, daughter, and ex-marine.

I honestly would be afraid

I honestly would be afraid to call the police for most anything in this city

then dont ever call for

then dont ever call for anything then you can handle it all buy yourself. someone breaking into your home while you are there or not, you investigate it. someone busting you over the head with a bat or shooting at you with a gun, you take care of yourself. that will give us more time to eat doughnuts than have to respond to peoples poor choices in civil domestic disputes in their lives that they seem to want everybody else in law enforcement to handle. you deal with it!!

Oh Really

I think that is great for you, handle your business like good honest citizens should and there will be no need to ever call for assistance. By doing that, you can and will get "one day" put the cops out of a job.

But until then your stuck.

Guns Don't Kill People, Crooked Cops Do !

I am in possession of reliable information that the young woman had a concealed weapons permit, and the firearm in question was perfectly legal. I question why the police are taking their sweet, doughnut eating time to disclose all the facts to the public. It would appear that they are making sure to cover their fat behinds by creating an air tight crime scene story.

First of all you are wrong.

First of all you are wrong. There is no such thing as a concealed. weapons permit
it is concealed HANDGUN permit!! She is in violation of the rules if she was intoxicated while in possession of the handgun which is then illegal! By the way we are tired of dealing with stupid citizens like you. I don't eat doughnuts. I stay in shape probably way better than the punky brain damaged druggies bleeding heart libtards I deal with every us when you need us hate us when you don't! !!!

Deputy Dumb

That's the kind of attitude that drives cops to escalate a situation instead of defuse it. Keep killing, tough guy. Karma's a bitch.

Deputy Dawg...

Deputy, how dare you demean me as a liberal and a stupid citizen!!! You and your little GED, and Cape fear Tech education...WOW! I am a compassionate conservative on ALL issues, and am sure that I earn over 10 times a year over your county salary. I don't need power grubbing leaches like yourself. I am more than prepared to defend myself in ANY given situation! I've seen way too many lying, crooked cops to see that it is no longer an honorable profession. So, go ahead and have yourself ANOTHER jelly doughnut...I'm sure Krispy Kreme picks up the tab!

Before you go degrading

Before you go degrading someone for their education, you should learn to spell or at least learn to use spell check. Or maybe it's just a vocabulary lesson you need. Actually, I think you need both.

Nobody cares what your salary is. Police officers know going into their jobs that they aren't going to get rich off of a policeman's salary. And I don't see the likes of you going out and doing what policeman do and putting up with what they do. I don't see you with your "10 times a year" salary having to put on a bulletproof vest when you get dressed for work in the hopes that it will help to get you home to your family at the end of the day. I don't see you with your "10 times a year" salary, giving up your holidays and weekends to go out and put up with cretins like yourself. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what police officers deal with in their line of work. They are underpaid and under appreciated.


Crawl back under your camper in Castle Hayne and shut up!

to harsh

I think you are a bit out of line. Think about what you wrote. It's way to harsh.

first of all, i attended

first of all, i attended UNC. 2nd of all after 25 years, retired, i teach and now in private protective service and still maintain a deputy status as sworn. after i started at 21 years of age. i dont eat jelly doughnuts and never ever went to cape fear moron. i doubt you earn 10 times my salary, that would put your poor self at 1.7 million a year. yes i have defended myself for over 25 years against smart mouths that think they know everything. like i said it is a concealed handgun class, not weapons class. and besides that you started bragging about your money you make. never seen a man on his death bed ask how much he had in the back! very conservative myself. but you get on here like you know all what happened. you never had to fight deal with stupid citizens like yourself. go get a badge and gun, it's not all about money or free doughnuts i dont eat. by the way, stop by my martial arts class and sign up and come help fight crime!!!

3rd Grade Reading Level !!!

Wow deputy, you went to Ewe NC. I'm not surprised since a recent survey of academic advisers confirmed that Ewe NC athletes on average have a 3rd Grade Reading Level !!! I doubt wannabe cops can even read! Glad to hear that you are gainfully employed as a rent-a-cop at Kmart. Thanks for the invite to you little self defense class, but I must decline for both insurance and national security restrictions!

Never loved you and never

Never loved you and never will. Go back to your 33000 a yr job its all you got.

go back to your little

go back to your little waaaaaayyyy past that salary. retired , still sworn, and make very well in my private sector job. go back to wal mart and shovel the snow/ice today.