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Police: Bar fight sends man to the hospital after gun misfires


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Police are investigating a bar fight they say sent one person to the hospital for head injuries after someone pulled out a gun and it misfired.

Just after midnight, officers were called to 5920 Wrightsville Ave., to help EMS following a fight that broke out at Triangle Lounge. Wilmington Police say when they got there, they found a man had been beaten and knocked out.

Police say the suspect pulled out a .45 semi-automatic handgun and tried shooting the beaten man with it. Officers say witnesses told them the gun misfired when he tried to shoot it.

They say the bar owner took the gun during the fight and turned it in to officers, who are still looking for several suspects. They say some men and one woman took off running from the bar after the fight.

Police say the man who was hurt was taken to the hospital with injuries to his head and face.

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Next time get a Glock.

Glock 100% reliable.

No gun is 100% reliable in the hands of...

...a criminal OR an idiot! Most guns don't "misfire" after "being pulled out" unless dropped or his finger was on the trigger (which isn't a misfire, that's just stupid).


This is why there shouldnt be guns in bars EVER.


Really? Do you honestly think the gun was at fault here? Do you think that the guy who pulled the gun to shoot the man who was already beaten and unconscious LEGALLY had the gun, wasn't drinking, and was possibly defending himself?
Doubt it. Again, blame the gun, not the pathetic scum bags who ILLEGALLY acquire weapons and are threats to law abiding citizens.
Wait - call the NAACP! This evil gun was made by a white owned company! Its a conspiracy!

Listen closer, Repugnican...

No one is blaming the gun, smarty pants... Guns don't shoot by themselves, so that's why they shouldn't be allowed in bars, because drunk rednecks with guns = BAD IDEA... Hence the article, Mr. Rocket scientist. Relax, killer, no ones coming to get your guns. You can stop building your bunker now... SHEESH!

Listen democrap....

While I agree, guns should not be carried into bars...Please do not act as if the past five years the democraps have not done everything in their power to step all over the 2nd amendment. You may now return to the fields and start grazing again. SHEEP!!!!

Oh shut up already

If guns dont kill people - let me shoot you....... if you die - one less rethuglican to worry about


Just asking?

Dumb folks

Since guns alone aren't the problem, then perhaps we should start by licking up folks for being mentally challenged? Can they start with you?

I also believe another country already tried it, Germany 1939...seems we and the rest of the world didn't like their method.

If you are afraid of guns, stay in your home. Guns, and the guy behind the trigger, is why you can rant your liberal garbage on the Internet.


The comment trying to link this crime to the gun debate leaves me to believe you don't know what you are talking about, unless of course the gun involved was lawfully carried by a concealed carry permit holder who hadn't had a sip of alcohol. I'm sure not. The gun was illegal. Its the law, always been the law and always will be. Not sure Triangles stance on concealed carry not that it matters.

careful there, or you will

careful there, or you will be showing your ignorance of the law, there have been guns in bars ever since there were bars invented, are you implying this was a legal CWP holder that pulled that gun??????

Its illegal even with a

Its illegal even with a concealed carry permit license.

not anymore

It is now legal for a person with a CCW to carry into bars & restaurants that serve alcohol as long as the CCW permit holder doesn't consume any alcohol.


Concealed carry is legal in bar or restaurant as long as owner says it is ok and of course if you are not consuming. Changed on 10-1-13.

Does not matter

It doesn't matter what law there is and is not. The person who had the gun had to have it concealed in the bar and probably does not have a concealed carry license. I have a concealed license and if that man would have shot the man who was hurt I could have protected every other patron in that bar. Moral of the story, criminals to not care what laws are in effect or not.