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Hagan hedges on Obamacare questions


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- After filing for reelection this week Sen. Kay Hagan (D-North Carolina) dodged reporters' questions about a broken promise that North Carolinians could keep their insurance policies.

Today we asked her again about the estimated 473,000 residents that faced cancellations when the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, launched last fall and when she knew it might happen. Again Hagan did not answer directly. Instead she said she wanted to clarify something.

"The State of North Carolina under the insurance commissioner along with insurance companies in North Carolina, and if you had a plan, and you liked that plan, you can keep that plan in North Carolina," Hagan said during an interview from the US Capitol. "And I have sponsored legislation to make that permanent."

Hagan says in the two years before the ACA launch, insurers sold policies that would not meet minimum standards of the new law. She made a similar comment earlier this week. In response, Blue Cross Blue Shield told the Raleigh News & Observer that's not true.

We also asked Sen. Hagan about a plan Sen. Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) helped unveil just before the State of the Union last month. Burr and fellow Republicans Sen. Tom Coburn (OK) and Orrin Hatch (UT) launched the Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility, and Empowerment (CARE) Act as "a legislative plan that repeals Obamacare and then replaces it with common-sense, patient-centered reforms that reduce health care costs and increase access to affordable, high-quality care."

"I think it wants to repeal (the Affordable Care Act) and totally change it," Hagan said about the Patient CARE Act.

She then said the ACA needs "common-sense fixes," including keeping a plan if you like it and revisiting how the ACA handles medical devices.

Hagan faces a Democratic primary challenge from Will Stewart of Pender County.

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Staggers My Imagination

It just amazes me the people who are praising Obamacare and Hagan in these comments.

In reality, ACA and the other so-called "entitlements" simply prove that greed knows no single economic class. There are poor who are greedy, too.

The FACTS are these:

1 - The administrative costs of these programs that are supposed to help people have an administrative cost of almost 80 percent! In other words, the people you are helping the most with these big taxes that are supposed to go to the needy are going to pay big salaries to bureaucrats. Who would give to any charity that has that kind of administrative cost.

2 - For every so-called success story of ACA are a slew of horror stories by people who have had their plans cancelled leaving them in a serious mess.

The reality is that ACA is one of many programs coming down the pike to create a dependent society that builds a bigger government.

3 - Do the people who benefit from all of this "help for the poor" actually appreciate it? It appears they don't. Take a look at public housing projects where people in need are supposed to be given a place to live during difficult times. How do they show their appreciation for all the help from the taxpayers? They trash the places and sell drugs out of them. They are also the neighborhoods most infected with crime.

KOOL-AID drinkers

its time for Kay Hagan to pack her bags, we don't need a Obama follower leading our state down a road to no where. Obama is just good at talking and bull jiving his way through life, its just sad that so many people think he's the real deal. NO its time we the people move the idiots out of office.


Funny how all these people don't like the ACA but have no solutions to the health care cost in this country. Obamacare will be a winner and appreciated just Like SS and Medicare. It is already working wonders. Why are some working people indifferent to those that need health insurance.? Who is going to pay their insurance, the Koch Brothers? Please give me a break!!!!!!!!

The only way for obamacare

The only way for obamacare to be a winner is for the government to nationalize all assets and for all americans to be wards of the state. Also known as the death of freedom.

Do you want billionaires owning anf running this country?

Kay Hagen is a responsible legislator who has the best interest of the every more beleaguered middle class as her primary concern. The super-rich super-pacs of the Koch Brothers are doing all they can to defeat her and elect someone who will serve the interests of the rich.

re: Koch brothers

You know the Democrats are in trouble when ALL they have to throw as an answer is the Koch brothers. It is laughable (and hypocritical) when they neglect to say George Soros is their "Koch" counterpart. The truth is, both parties have their Millionaires who support their causes. It's just a diversion to distract from the question and answers needed from Kay Hagan. She lied to the people of North Carolina.


If you love socialism then you love Kay Hagen. Another sheeple for Obama.

How can they be beleaguered

How can they be beleaguered after 5 years of this economic recovery of Dear Leader?

Lawrence A Cape...

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid buddy.

Kay Hagan

A vote for Kay Hagan is a vote for
socialism and another step toward
supporting the liberal agenda. Hard
working North Carolinians unite
and vote her out of office!!!

Kay Hagen Obama

Americans need to take back Washington and kick everyone out and start over charge all the liars with treason and hang them on Washington Lawn.

Liar liar pants on fire!

This it what happens when you pass a bill without reading it, If BCBS who stands to get a bailout from the government for its losses says you were lying. you are pretty much trying to twist facts to disguise the reality, which is you march to the beat of Obama's drum and are in lock step with Pelosi and Reid. You always talk about helping North Carolinian's and how the Evil right wants to hurt the working class,
The only person any of you politicians want to help is yourself at our expense and you really do not care who you walk on or how many lives you destroy to do it and will lie anytime the truth does not promote your parties agenda. You and most of the rest of you so called public servants should be ashamed of yourselves. You are not fit to hold the public trust that your high office carries. Just do us a favor and step down as you are an embarrassment to the good people of North Carolina and always have been. The betrayal of the American people by our elected representatives is the saddest thing of all we trusted you to work diligently and honestly with honor and conviction to uphold the constitution that thousands have died to protect and you cast your honor aside for political gain. I swore an oath when I was seventeen years old and entering the military and I feel as I am still bound by it. Does not the oath you took before Almighty God mean anything to you? Have you no honor? No conviction ? If Not then what are you ?

Good puppet

What a good libatard puppet.

This election will come down

This election will come down to free loading, subsidized occupansies and people who love this country and understand what America is about.


Please, Earl, enlighten us to what America is about. I think me and some others would really like to know your version.

President Coolidge said it

President Coolidge said it best. "America's business is business."

Obummer and Pagan think it's foodstamps and subjugation to government.

The Best

So that is the best you can come up with. That is what you think America is all about. And it's not even in your own words.
You just really don't have a clue, do you?

I have good news for you

I have good news for you guestbicurious. Losers, I mean victims of Reaganomics, living in DC and on Medicaid can have gender reassignment surgery covered by people who actually have jobs. That way prevents trapped in a reprobate's body don't have to suffer in silence.


This makes no sense like the rest of your posts. Are you saying you're trapped in a man's body but your feminine side needs to come out?


Hagan is a joke, always has been, always will. She is the Nancy Pelosi of NC and another drone of Obama. She will not admit obamacare is a failure and continues to back Obama's every play. We still have two more years of Obama and we need the Senate to stop his destruction of our country. I speak as a disabled Veteran, retired Law Enforcement and a patriot!

Don't listen to what she

Don't listen to what she says, look at her voting record. She does as she is told to do by Reid and the liberals in Congress. If that is what you like, vote for her again. Then go find yourself some insurance that is $2500.00 per year cheaper than what you have, just like you were promised by Hagan's number one puppet master, BHO.


While everyone is screaming that Obama care is killing everyone and the Liberas need to be wiped out. Let me share some info with you. My brother who makes 28,000 and is a repug now can afford insurance, before he would have to go to the health dept and take off work and wait all day, he still owes the health dept over 1400 from where he got mono and strep. I have a friend now who has dental for herself ( her husband pasted in a crash a few years ago)and left her with two kids and she never dreamd that she could have insurance. they all have good jobs, they may not make alot but they work hard and deserve good coverage

And I make a bit over that..

And I make a bit over that.. for the 1st time in my adult life (30 years of it now) I find myself unable to justify the cost Well.. I could buy it but then be in the hospital for starvation every Month. I support the lower income being able to (finally) get insurance but not at this cost to the scraping by income brackets above them!

My husband lost his job last

My husband lost his job last summer and we have been without insurance ever since. I work a couple of days a week and make very little. My husband checked out Obamacare and the least expensive policy with minimal coverage would cost us $700 per month. A few days after he looked into it we got a call from someone who works in Obamacare. We were told that we don't qualify for a subsidy, but we qualify for an exemption. They also told us that we qualify for medicaid. We had already been turned down by medicaid. So, we are just doing without insurance. His COPD is going untreated as are my medical issues. So much for their claim of wanting to make sure that every American has health insurance.

I don't care who you are.

I don't care who you are. If you get healthcare on somebody else's dime, you are a leech. Someone spent a portion of their life to earn the money that is confiscated by the government to fund your insurance. To me that makes you no better than a murderer.

Yeah, I have to pay full

Yeah, I have to pay full cost for my insurance and pay for your brothers wonder he's happy.

Be sure and have them thank

Be sure and have them thank me for their coverage.

re: Funny

The only reason your brother can afford the insurance is due to the tax credit he receives. We taxpayers are the ones funding the credit. The coverage purchased on the exchange, at the very least, has a $5,000 deductible BEFORE any coverage begins...meaning he's on the hook for the first $5,000 of medical bills excluding an annual exam.