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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington teen is dead after an overnight shooting. His suspected killer is in jail without bond.

It was an emotional scene for Demarius Kelly and his mother after his first appearance in court Monday morning. Investigators say the 20-year-old shot and killed Harry Eason, 19, Sunday night.

Kelly wiped away tears as he stood before a judge. Hours earlier, it was residents in a normally quiet Ogden neighborhood who were scared.

“I peeked my head out the window, and there are 20 cops on my street chasing a man down,” neighbor Mary Kate Dudley said.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office says a fight broke out between several men on Alamosa Drive late Sunday night. When investigators got to the scene they found Eason dead.

Deputies say Kelly left the scene after the shooting but was arrested early Monday morning.

“I really didn’t expect that at all, especially in this neighborhood,” Dudley said.

Dudley says she did not know what exactly led to the shooting, but one of her neighbors said they were asleep when the fatal shots were fired.

“We talked to them, and they said it was over something silly,” Dudley said.

The StarNews reports the woman who lives at the home said the fight started over a dirt bike kept in the garage and that the suspect and the victim were friends. When we went to the home a woman told us she had no comment.

District Attorney Ben David says kelly will likely face more charges. He also faces several failure to appear charges, according to the New Hanover County Jail website.

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  • bell

    you know I wouldn’t normally do this but im going to take the opportunity to speak out on you as an ignorant arrogant sinful hypocrite. You see it funny in life how we can look so down on a person for mistakes as if we have none our selves. We push comments without any regards of heart to ask where is his father? Its funny majority of these young men do nothing wrong to grow up without a father in their life. But your worse then the worse because if you have that much mouth to chime in on the bad of things of the mutts why don’t you be n example and Christ like to go in a help educate and save them. even if they make mistakes it takes a strong leader to realize only true growth comes in learning from mistakes. Sad to say this even if you had a father in your life you just dishonored him with the arrogant, ignorant rant of you. I would be ashamed to be your father. and trust I am a true man of God plus a loyal community advocate for change.

  • Guest, Just another

    Ok, lets clear this up. A respectful young man? Really? When are felons respectful? Thought so.
    “He just so happen to have a certain way of having fun”? Really? Well, selling drugs, and hanging with other mutts might be fun, but in no way is it “respectful”, or is in no way good or helpful to society.
    Feel bad for his mother, but what about his father? Where is he?

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Cook more Hotdogs at a church.

  • Not the true story

    According the the ex-girlfriend or current girlfriend of the shooter she made a Facebook post praising god that Harry protected her and that he tried to save her from the shooter and of he wouldn’t have it would have been her leaving last night. I’m a bit confused because wect says they were fighting vow a scooter but she claims to have entered her house to find everything broken and the shooter inside her house. ?????

  • Rheba Anne

    First of all to clear things up Harry was a very respectful young man and I can say that personally , he just so happen to have a certain way of having fun which we (as in younger people) all do. Its a sad case and I really don’t agree with anyone who says he should have he should have been in jail or whatever… I believe he should have been where he was the situation just should have been handled in a different manner. To his mother , my heart goes out to you and your family and I pray you keep your head high and God knows it isn’t going to be easy and please your son will be remembered of his funny ways and miss very much so.

  • Get real

    You have got to be kidding me! All this crap talking about this being a tragedy is ridiculous. These idiot5s weren’t just starting to live their lives. They had already thrown their lives away and the families may get out and gnash their teeth but, it is likely they didn’t give much of a crap either. These were both criminals whose only career in life so far was breaking the law.

    I am done with the stupid crap about crying for these fools and praying for them and making them out to be angels. You people who keep doing this are nothing but part of the problem. Start holding them responsible and stop holding them up as some sort of heroic figure for comitting crimes and being gang members. You reap what you sow!

  • Lily

    prayers go out to the Eason family . he had barely began to even experience life . whom ever you are using the term “ghetto”, a person can be killed in ANY location . you sound very ignorant saying something like that on a public website .

  • guesty

    He had experienced enough to be a convicted felon. He made his choices.

  • guesty

    The ‘victim’ Eason was a felon with 4 pending court cases for reckless driving, driving while license revoked, hit & run, possession of marijuana, probation violation. The other scholar, Kelly, was also a felon with charges of possessing stolen goods, assault with deadly weapon, resisting police, communicating threats, possession of firearm by a felon.

    One dead, one in jail. A good start.

  • nish

    The victim name is harry eason not no dequan peanut or whoever u talking about he was only 19 people please get your facts straight

  • Denise

    Victim in this case real name is DeQuan Johnson. Was known as Peanut. He was a part of the rash of break ins here in Meadowbrook around 2009. My house included. His adoptive parents tried everything they could to straighten Peanut out. What’s the old saying, “live by the gun, die by the gun”. Sad that two more young made such poor choices.

  • the one and only

    Wrong thats all get it right

  • Guestomfg

    The tragedy started years ago when this felon got into drugs.

  • Smith

    It’s such a tragedy for the family, so young his life just began. My heart and prayers go out to all of Eason’s family and friends.

  • craig

    The truth of the matter these where two young me who had a disagreement that went wrong .yes there lives are over but they where not thugs they where somebody brothers, sons , father’s and love ones. So to disrespect them by calling them thugs show your lack of education and compassion. Everybody has a past good or bad but it what you do with your future that matters.And lastly some felons have gone on to do some amazing things. Rest in Peace to my son Harry you are missed

  • Guest, Just another

    So a thug shoots a thug. Not news anymore. The only difference between this one and any other is that this guy had better aim. Both were FELONS, they didn’t have a life in front of them, this was their life.
    Benefit of this? Neither of them will be impacting any innocent civilians lives anymore.
    Hey, its only Monday. Odds are there will be another gang shooting before the end of the week. As long as they keep it to themselves…

  • jj

    HARRY DEWAYNE EASON was a nice young man. He hasn’t experience life yet and now he is dead.


    If they would have put this nice young man in jail, he might still be alive today. Lets blame the Judges in the above actions for not doing there jobs. You know it wasn’t his parents fault.

  • Guest2020

    With his little bit of a record, it isn’t unusual that he got a suspended sentence instead of active time, especially since only one of the offenses was a felony.

  • craih

    The truth of the matter these where two young me who had a disagreement that went wrong .yes there lives are over but they where not thugs they where somebody brothers, sons , father’s and love ones. So to disrespect them by calling them thugs show your lack of education and compassion. Everybody has a past good or bad but it what you do with your future that matters.And lastly some felons have gone on to do some amazing things. Rest in Peace to my son Harry you are missed

  • CoastalJade

    This is the civilized world. Not the Wild West.
    People who have disagreements do not use weapons to solve their problems. He is only 20. Not even old enough to legally own a handgun if that was what was used. Where did he get the gun to shoot and kill with?

    “Kelly wiped away tears as he stood before a judge.”
    How are you feeling now Big Man? Going to be a whole lot more crying before all is said and done.
    You live by the sword… you die by the sword.

  • Denise

    Link from “Lilly” led straight to DeQuan Johnson aka Harry Eason age 19. Now there is another Harry Eason, another felon listed as age 20 who allegedly ate some heroin while in pursuit by Wilmington PD. IF the DeQuan that burgled my home was using “Harry Eason” as an alias-would be par for the course.
    SO… IS it Harry Eason age 20 who was killed OR DeQuan Johnson aka Harry Eason age 19 who was killed? The FACT IS that at least TWO young men called Harry Eason are wasting or have wasted their lives.

  • Guest2020

    According to the NCDOC public search website, it is the older Harry Eason who used the alias of Daquain Johnson. It is the younger Harry Eason who is the murder victim.

  • Talik Williams

    Thats not the point that he was a felon. You people are missing the whole point. How do you blame these teens being caught up in the streets, when you have nothing too do for that age group in Wilmington. All you people make me sick and im tired of reading ignorant statements like that. Those of you saying those comments should maybe reach out too someone and help them instead of degrading them putting them in the “Felon” catergory. Every Felon is not a terrible person, people make mistakes. Some of you people need too sit down and look at yourselfs before you start critizing others. Oh and by the way this a 18 african-american male who said this, who has a clean record and about too finish my first year of college. So reach out too someone and dont jugde. No one is perfect but we all have room for improvement.

  • jj

    You are saying that it isn’t his fault because there is nothing to do for people his age. Why is it always someone else to blame for their short fall. There are plenty of kids that grow up without have to commit crimes to get by. These are people that are looking for a quick dollar and they will steal, cheat and kill to get it.

    It is like the old saying” you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink”. There are a lot of programs out there for these young men, but if they are not interested what can you do?

  • guesty

    Being a felon isn’t because a person made a mistake, it is because a person made a choice to commit a crime. You say they have nothing to do? How about staying in school and getting an education? How about finishing school and getting a job? The problem is there is no incentive to do either when the “guberment” will send a check each and every month for mastering the skill of breathing and taking up space.

    If you are in college as you say you are, I hope you continue to do well and are successful in life.

  • CoastalJade

    Always making excuses for people who are not fit to be in society. God help you nothing ever happens to your family off one of these violent animals.
    I grew up in a town with nothing. Population nowhere as big as Wilmington. It has nothing to do with keeping thugzilla entertained and everything to do with parents raising their kids and being in their lives.

  • Guest, Just another

    “How do you blame these teens being caught up in the streets, when you have nothing too do for that age group in Wilmington”

    What do you want??? What is this city supposed to GIVE these “kids”? What more opportunity do they need? School is FREE, sports are basically free, and which school or community group won’t assist in paying for needed equipment for that kid who just can’t get it? Seriously? Boys and Girls clubs, MLK center, ANYTHING! There are scholarships, grants, community organizations, cadet programs, what might seem like a crappy job can even open doors, volunteer work, THE MILITARY! What do you want, and why do you think it has to be GIVEN!

  • Tracie C

    Grats on living your life like a decent human being. But, don’t give people who make absolutely selfish choices excuses. Either one of these people could have made the same choices as you.
    But…..they CHOSE the street. It didn’t “catch” them.
    No one “put them in the “Felon” category” – THEY committed the felonies – they put themselves there.
    I agree, none of us is perfect. But change in oneself comes when you admit TO YOURSELF the problems you have.
    It doesn’t come when people coddle you, aren’t straight up with you, protect the wrong you do, continue to give you excuses to act like a POS, and post on the news stories of your idiotic choices what a great person you are and to give you a break.
    When I read these news stories I sit back and ask myself “what would I do if this were one of my sons”? (I have four sons, by the way, between the ages of 17-34).
    In this case, I’d let them know what losers they are. I’d let them know to change or get lost.
    They already know “the street” isn’t a choice. “The street” is for weak sheeple who need to be followers.
    They already know if they made that choice I would take every opportunity to point and laugh at their stupidity. I’d be sure to let them see the judgement they deserve from the public.
    They don’t choose “the street” BECAUSE I’m the way I am. And I’m so very thankful they didn’t.
    It really sucks that anyone had to die. Then again, ultimately, they made that choice too.
    They chose…..the street.

  • jennisa

    only types of people who defend these people are the racist family members who just side with their family no matter how heinous the crime their precious “boy” did. I knew a kid who got shot for giving a kid a ride and he got the kid convicted and the black kid who shot him came into court wearing an armani dress suit with his whole family cheering him on to win innocent on a murder trial where he shot this kid in the face and body 3 times point blank, just to steal his car…and the FAMILY STILL SUPPORTED HIM. this is only seen in very low income families and i hate to make it racial but i witness it in the lower black community constantly. black people dont tip white people, they tell their children to steal from white children at school. they are being raised this way. never have i lived somewhere where i get so many mean looks from african americans, i can tell they think i despise them, and then when i get to know them its a diff story and were friends. its a shame so many familys support their children even when they know they did something monstrous because of their overall hatred of a “race”

  • Guest, Just another

    How you you describe them as anything besides thugs? They were 19 year old FELONS! Sure, plenty of people have gone on to better themselves, these two didn’t, and by the actions of this night, weren’t on the right path to do that at all. So yeah, thugs.
    How does seeing this and researching their criminal records on an open, public website and determining that these two were NOT productive members of society make me uneducated an lacking compassion? It only shows that I have opinions. With the crime going on in Wilmington, these two weren’t out setting the example of what should be, they’re part of the problem. Again, thugs.


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