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Woman continues fighting to ban book in Brunswick County


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Frances Wood wants "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" off Brunswick County School shelves.

"This book is not morally acceptable," Wood says.

She's appealed Cedar Grove Middle School's decision to keep the book, taking her effort to the superintendent.

The book is acclaimed as an accurate depiction of bullying and racism, but she says if it were a movie it'd be rated "R" making it inappropriate for 8th grade students.

She highlighted sections she considers inappropriate:

          'Indians are living proof that n****** f*** buffalo ... Rodger and his friends were laughing like crazy. I couldn't let them get away with this s***.'

                                                             -The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian        


She's not the first fighting against this piece of literature. Sherman Alexie is a highly decorated writer, he's also one of the most banned living authors.

'The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian' has been banned from schools in at least three states. Parents in a Chicago school district tried fighting it in '09. Wood's husband Caroll says, this should be a no-brainer in the "bible belt."

"If a city like Chicago says that a book like this is not satisfactory for their children," Wood said. "Why in the world would we in Brunswick county say it's acceptable for our children?"

Wood worked with children for 40 years. She says ultimately, she's worried about the impression it could make on young minds.

"It's ok in the book and they read it, why isn't it ok for them? That's unacceptable in any category. Everything in it is degrading. There's nothing uplifting in it," Wood said.

If Dr. Pruden decides to keep the book Wood's appeal will be taken to the school board. 


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The majority of comments here represent who we have become. Common rules of decency have been sacrificed for political correctness.This kind of language has no place in our schools. Cmon.


Every article I have read about this follows the same story line. Mrs. Wood is 73 with no children in school, her objection is because she is a "christian". Mrs. Wood I am sorry to inform you that your religious preference has no bearing in a academic setting. Were you this upset when the Supreme Court ruled that the teaching of creationism as science in public schools to be unconstitutional, irrespective of how it may be purveyed in theological or religious instruction? Your religion is fine for you and your family, but to use it as way to stop a great book from being used as a teaching tool and conversation starter is asinine.

WWAY Story is False and Misleading

This WWAY story is false and misleading. Sherman Alexie's book has been banned exactly nowhere in the USA. The last book banned in the USA was Fanny Hill and that happened over half a Century ago. Removing books from school in accordance with the law such as the 1982 US Supreme Court case of Board of Education v. Pico has absolutely nothing to do with book banning. Yet here's WWAY saying The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian has been banned numerous times. False. Absolutely no WWAY. "Sherman Alexie is a highly decorated writer, he's also one of the most banned living authors." That is false. It is misleading. School's have every right and duty to keep children from inappropriate reading material, and that has nothing to do with book banning, except to the extent "banning" and "censorship" can be used as scare tactics to force communities to do something someone else wants them to do. And in this WWAY story, it's WWAY misleading the community with false claims of book banning.

"Woman continues fighting to ban book in Brunswick County." False and misleading title. We already know book banning never occurs anymore in the USA anymore. But the title also gives the impression, as does the story itself, that if the book is removed for being educationally unsuitable, it will be because of one person and not because of the decision of the school board. That is another tactic used to spin stories like this, to make it appear a book will be "banned" because one person didn't want other children to read the book. If the book is removed, it will be because the school wanted it removed, not because one person wanted it removed.

And the propaganda designed to overcome Board of Education v. Pico spreads further, courtesy of WWAY.

Maybe she should go commune

Maybe she should go commune with the buffalo and ask their opinion?

Book Banning

Why don't we ban minds! Because surely that is next. The mind is a far dirtier place than any book ever thought of being.

When an adult male teacher

When an adult male teacher is reading about how good masturbation feels to my 14 year old daughter, out loud in class, I have a problem. She is not sexually active and he is placing those thoughts in her mind. It's one thing to assign a book because if a child chooses not to read it, she can take a bad grade but to read it to her, out loud forces her to not have a choice. She was very offended by this piece of literature and too afraid to speak out against what she was being exposed to. She also begged me not to speak out because she is a straight A, college bound student and did not want it to impact her grade. He might as well have been reading penthouse to my daughter...oh but wait; that would be considered indecent liberties with a minor. What's the difference?

Oh, and you can fight the literature piece all you want but my degree is in English with an emphasis in writing and I was never forced to read anything this perverse, even in college.

How you made it through college........

as an English major without reading Shakespeare, Chaucer, or Twain is stunning to me. What school could you possibly have attended and graduated from that did not require these authors ? I am an English major and have read all of these authors and all of the mentioned books and these three authors ( whom I like by the way) all write in a style you would call "perverse". Or maybe you didn't understand them or you didn't actually attend college. I also know for a fact that all Brunswick County students are given the choice to "opt out" of any novel without receiving a "bad grade". If you did not receive a letter from school stating this and asking for your signature then you definitely have a legitimate complaint. If you signed it, well........


14 year olds should already know about sex and all that goes along with it Mom. Sounds like you arent doing a very good job teaching you own child.

Or conversely .....

Or conversely, perhaps you aren't doing a very good job teaching YOUR own child

Wonder how many times

Wonder how many times Frances (female Frances spelled with an "E") has read it cover to cover?

if them old liberal

if them old liberal troublemakers laying up on that school board knew anything theyd ban that indian book, and ban that old colour pruple, and would make a confederacy of dunces required reading but they won't cause there ignorent!!!

Shouldn't that read,

Shouldn't that read, "they're ignorant"?

sorry abot the typo i was

sorry abot the typo i was all stirred up when i wrote that and did not spellcheck what i wrote lol

Don't bother with him. He

Don't bother with him. He makes numerous comments in this vein without regard for grammar or spelling.

lighten up Francis

Lighten up Francis, you sweet lil ol backward dolt. Sometimes folks like yourself get lost in stories that gots lots of grammar and bigger than life meanings like determination and never surrender hopes and dreams, from the point of view of about the lowest no good no count lowest of all: a pubescent American Indian. Perhaps a large community of your former students can now go ahead with a class action lawsuit against you for educational malpractice.