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Lamarr McDow (Photo: Brunswick Co. Jail) and Marie Holmes (Photo: WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed WWAY’s earlier FIRST ON 3 report that a man in jail under $6 million bond has been released from the Brunswick County Jail.

Lamarr McDow has been in jail since deputies arrested him July 23 for allegedly violating the curfew requirements of his pre-trial release. Deputies arested McDow at the Shallotte home he shares with Marie Holmes. Prosecutors say Holmes, who won a $188 million Powerball jackpot in February, was behind McDow’s release on $3 million bond in March just weeks after she won the jackpot.

A Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman says a bondsman posted today’s bond for McDow, who was released with a GPS monitoring device. Bondsmen do not have to reveal who paid them to post bond, but Holmes apparently responded to criticism from readers on our Facebook page.

What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are Y’all to judge anybody? I will definitely pray for Y’all because it’s much need…they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised Y’all are talking about me but be blessed though,” read a comment from Holmes’s Facebook account on a post about McDow’s release.

McDow, who goes by the street name “Hot Sauce” was one of three suspects arrested in November 2014 as part of a year-long investigation. He was charged with crimes including trafficking heroin and possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver heroin. The investigation stemmed from an incident in July in the Shallotte area when more than 8,000 bags of heroin was seized.

McDow’s criminal history includes convictions for assault on a female, assault and several counts of drug possession dating back to 2000.

Holmes, 26, walked away with nearly $88 million after taking the lump sum and paying taxes on her mid-February Powerball win. She and several other people were charged with drug possession after a search of the home after deputies smelled marijuana when they came to get McDow. Investigators also charged him for possession of a firearm by a felon after finding a gun in the house during their search.


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  • Helen Collier

    I have 2 things to say!!! To Ingrid Nunez (AMEN! AMEN!) and to Anthony J (AMEN! AMEN!)
    And to the people who really can make adifference with that kind of money!

  • Ingrid Nunez

    Money is going right back to the state

  • Anthony J Anthony

    I would say real Injustice is this dude has been busted twice. An bailed out. Seems he’s using his fiancee. At this rate and if there continued drug use of both the will go up in smoke. Someone needs to help so the kids have some of money for schooling and general needs. Becomes it seems mom is concerned more with is troublemaker not the welfare of her children.

  • lmanning1

    So is anyone going to investigate why this mans bail is so high? We so worried about her but the system is raping that money from them. They going to continue to pick him up because they are benefiting. Nobody in that whole state has a 9 million dollar bond. So now we base bail on someones income. Shame on the news for not, reporting the injustice there.

    • Kevin Wuzzardo

      Thanks for your comment. Judges set bond based on a number of circumstances. Usually the biggest factor is flight risk. Lamarr McDow’s $3 million bond was set upon his arrest in November on drug charges long before Marie Holmes won the lottery. As for the doubling of his bond, I don’t think that’s unusual at any amount in a case where someone is accused of violating a pre-trial release, but again, it is up to the discretion of the judge. As for basing bond on income, yes, that is a factor. The point of bond is to make sure someone shows up to court, and that takes into consideration the means they have to flee. If you’ve ever seen where a very wealthy or famous person has been arrested, the terms of their release may include a high bond as well as surrendering their passport so they cannot leave the country for a country without an extradition agreement with the US. Also, bond money is refunded to whoever posts it when/if the defendant appears for all of their court dates.

      If you’d like to learn more about how bond works, check out this story we did earlier this year: http://www.wwaytv3.com/2015/04/30/thursday-on-wway-making-bond-the-price-of-freedom/

      News Director
      WWAY NewsChannel 3

    • guesty

      He had a $3 million bond to start with. While out on bond he was arrested again and the current law is a person arrested while out on bond, their new bond is double what the previous bond amount was.


  • dewhit

    I think she should should spend a large sum of her funds on some of the Liza Minnelli tickets at Cape Fear Community College. Liza may or may not show…the same as her current boyfriend.

  • Leslie Hammond Coquin

    Before you you know it she will not have anymore money left. So glad she is using the money wisely . NOT!!!!

  • Syvel Bannister

    Of course, it’s her money, and her man. Do u ma. I wish I had someone that loves me enuf to do something like that. And the police going in her home, arresting her is some BS!!

  • Willie D. Bell JR.

    You all need to get your own life-you all are just upset that you all did not win- with your crazy behind

  • Audrey Cody

    I would have gotten him out and she still got 85 million and her man is @ home with her. Win, Win if you ask me.

  • Jamie Johnson

    Like Carol said, that money came from a whole lot of other people before it became hers, so yes, they are entitled to their opinion of how she is peeing away this money when she lives in a poverty stricken area that could benefit from this money. Face it honey, he’s a loser, he’s a dealer and that’s why he’s out under bail before his trial. I guess he had nothing to do with that 8,000 bags of heroin that was seized! You need to wake up and smell the roses. But I guess you’ll just waste more of that money trying to buy his way out of jail time. And as far as praying for others goes, i’ll be praying for you that you come to your senses. Small towns talk, rumour has it you haven’t had your children since you won this money. All you did was blow a lot of hot air about God when you won this money. Well remember this, God is watching and you will be held accountable! Oh yeah, comparing yourself to Jesus is quite laughable!
    And since you say “he’s no drug user”, than I guess it was you smoking the Marijuana? If you can’t take the heat…well you know what they say!

    • Candice White

      Jamie Johnson I don’t think she should have bailed him out, but that being said it is her money and none of your or my business how she spends it.

    • Gruntlip McGerkan

      I had to write this!

      Under the Dome is leaving…so some of you folks (You) need to get out from under it!
      Other people’s money made up the lottery…so now you have a say so on how the Winner spends it??? Dome…(gone)…your business on her finances…(Nobody’s business but hers or anyone that is well off in the private sector)…get it?

      Next…the Judge set a Bail amount…not the criminal, nor this lady. No Bail…No Release! Get that??? A+B = “0”
      Oooops! That’s Right!!!!

      Reading some of these comments sounds like Mildred and Gladys in 1958 gossiping over the “party line” at the Auto Wash. What’s a party line? Google it! Auto Wash? Do the same!

      Reading this story sounds like the Media is heading itself towards an Harassment Charge. Keep it up News Folks. As soon as this lady gets tired of her privacy being broadcasted…there’s plenty of lawyers that will take this on.

      Lastly. As for “Your lottery losses” being spent by someone else…just think how stupid that sounds!!! Better yet…quit buying them! Dome….Gone!!!

      For a state (NC) that is so head strong against gambling…what’s it doing with a lottery anyway??? Think about that for just a fleeting moment.

      You have local leaders throwing away your tax dollars, and you leave them there to play Monopoly with it…and some private citizen is the target here?
      What shall you do…what shall you do???

  • Carol Lockamy

    I for 1 paid for tickets. Her money came from all of us that bought tickets. So she can just suc k the criticism . Whatever happens is her bad choices.

  • Lynda Wilson

    Why is this news…It’s her money she can spend it however she wishes.

    • Gruntlip McGerkan

      Lynda…it’s called “Juicy Gossip”…and you can better believe, that when it comes to money, especially others peoples money and private affairs…the News Media will ignite opinionated finger pointing in a New York minute! They simply can’t help themselves (the News Folks that is.)

      The “Main Question” here is…why aren’t peoples comments asking “why was he given Bail to start with???” I asked it!
      The answer for this, from the judicial systems point of view, and their example setting is simple….”Money…and lots of it!”

  • williams28451

    What else would you expect from her, instead of using the money for her children why not bail out a drug dealer. I bet she is even still getting her food stamps, wic, and her free government cell phone. Did you see her comment about the money, she needs to go back to school herself, she is nothing but trash.

    • Audrey Cody

      You just mad because you didn’t get it. It’s her money if she wants to get him out that’s her business.

  • Robert Willis

    What a waist……of money.

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