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AAA Carolinas: Don't panic over gas prices

From AAA Carolinas: CHARLOTTE – AAA Carolinas is urging motorists to show restraint until the results of Hurricane Ike’s impact on the Texas refineries is assessed this weekend. “The fear of what might happen if these refineries are severely damaged has caused widespread panic resulting in some stations running out of product, some stations raising prices dramatically in anticipation of high fuel replacement costs, and some stations trying to restrict the number of gallons being purchased,” said David E. Parsons, president and CEO of AAA Carolinas. “The run on gas stations in both Carolinas is creating a crisis before one actually exists,” said Parsons. “We are making a possibly bad situation reality when motorists top off their tanks.” North Carolina continues under a state of emergency called for Hurricane Hanna. That means stations should not charge more for gasoline than what the gasoline in the ground cost the station plus the margin of profit that existed 60 days before the state of emergency was declared. South Carolina is also in a state of emergency. If any contiguous state is in a state of emergency, South Carolina’s Attorney General can impose one in his state, and he has done so. “Until we know what the damage from Ike is, people should remain calm,” urged Parsons. If damage is minimal, then prices should come down fairly quickly, Parsons said. If damage is severe, there are various options that can ensure adequate supply, such as getting product from the nation’s Strategic Oil Reserve and asking nearby oil producers to increase output. “We are urging motorists to eliminate unnecessary trips this weekend, use the family car that gets the best gasoline mileage and wait to see what damage Ike actually inflicts,” said Parsons. While supply will be adversely affected by refinery shutdowns due to Ike’s approach, the duration and effect of Ike cannot be determined until after the storm has passed. An affiliate of the American Automobile Association, AAA Carolinas is a not-for-profit organization that serves more than 1.7 million members with travel, automobile and insurance services while being an advocate for the safety and security of all travelers.

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Miss Melva

Melva did you call HUD yet?

Am I missing something here?

Am I missing something here? When did HUD start involving themselves with gas pricing?

Why would I call HUD? Do

Why would I call HUD? Do you mean the Housing and Urban Development Office? Last time I checked, they do not regulate the price of gas. What are you talking about?


We need more here as well as drilling. I thought the left cared about the people but in reality they care about the power and the control of the people. They want your life to be so miserable so they can pretend to help you and from that you will be beholding to them and give them your vote.

One Fights Back

The Hess Station on Market Street in Ogden is fighting back. Staff there state that Hess, which has gas reserves on Front Street, has no intentions of raising their gasoline price, which was at $3.58 this afternoon. I applaud the Hess Station's efforts, and should they continue to make good on their promise, they will earn a customer for life. Meanwhile, Dodge's on Market, Crown at Lullwater and Market were at $4.17, and so was the Carolina Petro at Market and Kerr, but all three stations lowered to $3.99 under pressure from the State Government.


the hess station in whiteville nc raised there prices 18 cents fri afternoon.there just like the rest,they all should be fined for price gougin during a state of emergency.

I worked at a gas station

I worked at a gas station and want to let everybody know that the gas stations don't profit from gas sales, it's from the merchandise inside.The going rate was about 3% profit for gasoline. So figure you sell your car for 1,000 and earn 30 bucks. But what's going on now is insane. Gouging for sure.


In Columbus County, a store at the intersection of Peacock Road and Chadbourn Highway (Store is named Peacock Stop) is ripping people of with gas at $4.69 a gallon when it was only $3.64 yesterday. I called the attorney generals "rip off line" and reported it but nothing is likely to be done....

Because the owners of the

Because the owners of the Peacock store are crooks for sure! Everyone is turning them in.

Wake UP

It is all about the dollar, There is note posted on the pumps at Go Gas in Hampstead that is from the owner. He said that" due to the supplier charging them $2.00 more a gallon they will be out of gas." that means people will lose their jobs, more than likely It is just like Progress Energy they will charge you what they want because they know you will pay it. You have to have it. Companies will used any excuse to charge you more. When we can't get to work we can't pay for anything else. Food, gas, meds, Stop looking for McCain and Obama to help. Help yourself. Get off the road, Park the car and stay home. This was massive panic today. People think what are you going to do next week and the week after. Change your lifestyle. If you don't stand up for something you will fall for anything. Look what happen today. A rumor got started and look what happen. It is awful what is happening in Texas, I pray for those people down there. I think it will be worse than Katrina and it will have a impact on our lives, But, stop and think people. PARK THE CAR WHEN YOU CAN.

you are wrong

i work at a gogas station and our owner is not trying to rip people off,he's trying to save you money,he gets his gas at a retail price,and sells it to you for what has to pay for it,the store i work at i had to stop selling gas early cuz he did'nt want his customers paying $5.25 a gallon for gas,cuz that's what it would of been to pay for a truck load of gas,think about it,when the gas prices go up on us,it goes up on the owners too,duh!!!!!!!!!so keep your opinions to yourself if you don't know what you are talking about,i do!!!!!so when you see them prices on that board you and the rest of the community are'nt only paying that price,the owner is too!!!!!!!!!!!

your boss

You must have a thing with your boss you put it...he is making money. Tell me why he would not be? What would be the point....oh that's right...he's such a careing person he does not need any money. Spare me, your a blind fool wrapped around your boss's finger!

You are economically illiterate

"...he gets his gas at a retail price,and sells it to you for what has to pay for it,..." >Your understanding of basic economics is sorely lacking. If Mr. Kelly was purchasing his fuel for the same price he sells it for, then he is just trading dollars. It requires a profit in order to pay for employees, utilities, and benefits. For example, if you're selling gas for 3.99 a gallon and you paid 3.99 a gallon for the gas that you're selling it for...where does the money come from to pay you? But then again, the local school system doesn't teach basic economics either.

Big government fans...

...don't want schools to teach Economics or History. A stupid electorate is more easily fooled.

Gas prices------"you are wrong"

Just laughs.....Will not keep my mouth shut...BUT......will not buy from Go-Gas....smh..........rme and whatever.......I know what I am talking about.....GAS IS HIGH!!........I did buy gas yesterday...I always go to the note on the pump.....smh.....ok whatever


If the owner of gogas is really that stupid, how have they stayed in business this long. Also, what is wrong with the school system in this area. The spelling and grammar on this site are shocking

gas prices



Do you own any mutual funds...maybe in a 401(k) at work, or possibly in an IRA? If so, then YOU own stock in those EVIL oil companies. And if you do, the YOU "profit" from those dastardly dividends paid by BIG OIL. Obviously, you are drinking from the Obama Kool-Aid pitcher. Nobama 2008!

Gas & the republicans

One day I will read a liberal post on here with no errors in grammar or facts. Every republican has an oil well in their back yard, didn't the American people always know that? They also have V-50 engines made and power their jets with whale blubber. Typical liberal response to everything. Oh, and that holocaust thing? That was Bush's fault. Do us all a favor and stay home on election day. We all grow tired of your ranting. You all sound like a bunch of 8 year olds on the playground.

Oh, please

Quoted priscilla:


What about having stock in oil? I have stock in oil, technically. Just about anyone with a mutual fund is one way or another invested in oil. I guarantee you that Obama and Biden have some retirement accounts that have oil investments.

Oil investors are smart. They know that until it runs out, it's a hedge against inflation. And just to let you know, the gas jump wasn't caused by oil prices, it was caused by futures traders who think there will be a lack of gas because of the shutdown refineries. If you want to point the finger at someone, it's the fear mongers on wall street who caused the price jump.

Price of Gas

This afternoon the Crown station on Market Street had Regular Unleaded at $4.17 !!!! That is a little too much.


That is what this is. Gas is BELOW 100 dollars a barrel today...BELOW....and gas jumps up from 3.53 to 4.17 IN A SINGLE DAY....THIS HAS TO STOP people!!! It's getting out of hand!

This is ridiculous

Way to go, Wilmington. You freaked out and raised gas prices by 20+ cents. You've erased 2 months worth of gas prices falling, and for what? I lost faith in the american people today to do anything but look out for themselves. Oil prices went up $1 today to just over $100/barrel, thats still down almost $50 from the high, when prices were only $4.05. This me first culture is really getting old. Congratulations Wilmington, you've helped create a crisis for the entire country just so you could top-off.

Gas prices

And the media contributed to the frenzy for reporting that gas prices would be going up. I had an 1/8 of a tank of gas and had no choice, otherwise I would not have contributed to the this madness. Also the salespeople at the gas stations are telling people the next shipment is going to cost XXX amount of dollars further adding to the crisis. Please, please only fill up if you have too!

gas prices are rediculous pardon my spelling

I HAVE A HUGE QUESTION FOR ALL OF YOU TO ANSWER.before katrina the gas was about in the 2 dollars range after it prices went thru the roof because of refinerys damaged right . ok . now tell me why the prices never went back down to the 2 dollar range . the cost for the refinerys to process the oil did not cost any more that it did before katrina. so you can't say they are not making money. we all feel it hard. maybe the stores and stations who sell it are not making much but somebody sure is. And to put a limit on gas in a state that did not have a storm is not right. but thats just my thought. So why is the BP stations and citgo limiting 10 gallons per car??


I'll tell you why they are limiting your gas. Because they know they would sell out QUICKLY! They made their money in about a quarter of the time they normally would. Wouldn't you like to quadtriple you money in about 2 hours instead of waiting? We are being used and abused by our goverment! Hey, keep voteing for mccain (little bush) and his sidekick palin who knows everything about that where we live?

The global petroleum market.... bigger and more powerful that President Bush, President Obama, or President McCain. The simple fact is that while the president and Congress can take steps that will bump the price of oil by affecting supply or demand, they have very little control over the market forces that set the mid to long term price of oil. The price of oil is down right now because of a global economic slowdown affecting demand. The price of unleaded gasoline is up right now because of fears of a short supply. THAT is what sets the price of every single thing in the world - supply v demand. It's a universal law that any government plays with at their own risk. It can't be changed.