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Another Wilmington restaurant goes smoke-free

READ MORE: Another Wilmington restaurant goes smoke-free

It may not be required by law, but some local restaurants are choosing to go smoke-free. Yesterday Salt Works II in Wilmington banned smoking after allowing it for 18 years. The transition was met with mixed reactions. For some customers it was a welcomed improvement.

"It's much better," Al Todd said. "There's definitely a cleaner environment. Just a cleaner feel to it not having the smoke and it just seems to be more pleasant in general."

For others it was discrimination.

"They have ceiling fans," Freda Fields said. "They have vents. I just think it's unfair to smokers in the area."

Restaurant manager David Wicker said going smoke-free was the right thing to do.

"I know when I go out to eat I don't want to sit there and smell smoke," he said. "And I have no problem with people smoking. I just don't want to smell it the whole time I'm eating."

And Wicker isn't the only one. A bill that would have banned smoking in restaurants statewide fell only six votes short of passage this past summer in the state legislature. That's a decidedly small margin in the largest tobacco producing state in the country.

"It seems to be the trend of the way things are going now," Wicker said. "We have a lot of people that almost refused to stop coming in because of the smoke."

Some smoking customers, like Fields, say they'll take their business elsewhere.

But employees of other Wilmington restaurants that banned smoking say many of the customers that said they wouldn't return eventually did.

Check out the New Hanover County Health Department's Smoke-Free Dining Guide

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smoke free

GOSH!! I truly thought that most of the people who hate others weren't really bold enough to state their name, especially in a town our size! I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask- first, if/since you say that you are so healthy and health-conscious, why are you eating in a restaurant that serves the high fat food that you seem to detest? See, if you were to just eat at say, Tidal Creek, you could accomplish two things- one, you wouldn't have had to be around smokers all this time, and two, you certainly wouldn't see overweight people, or at least maybe not so many. So, that is my first question to you. Secondly, if you have been anywhere recently to hear or read ANY U.S. news reports, you would certainly have had to hear about the death of the U.S. Olympic Marathoner, Ryan Shay, who dropped dead at mile #6 in the New York Marathon. Know what he died of? Sudden cardiac arrest, and guess what, he neither smoked, nor was overweight. He was 28 years old, left a young wife at home. And just for your information, this is a quote from one of his journals ""Every individual has that spark of steel to confront fear face to face," Ryan Shay wrote. I would be most curious as to what your fears are since you are so obsessed with the actions of others. Maybe you feel more important by stomping all over others' feelings. Third, maybe restaurants should install "hate meters" inside their doors to register the thoughts and hateful looks that you certainly must be displaying while you are eating. That is not a pretty sight, nor is it an appealing sight. Are you searching for a special someone to be part of your life? I would be willing to bet that you won't find anyone who is worth anything while you continue in your hateful, judgmental manner. Take a look at yourself in your mirror while you are making the faces that I am quite sure you make out in public, and see what you see. You see, healthy is, as healthy does. True and pure healthy bodies come first from a healthy spirit, then a healthy body, which by the way, can be healthy even if a person is overweight. I will make you a deal, you come out and run on Wrigthsville Beach with me, round trip of 4.4 miles from one end to the other. I am a female, older than you I am sure, and we will see who is fitter, even though I am also equally sure that I weigh more. There is an old adage (look it up if you don't know what it means), that says "I may be fat, but you are ugly, and at least I can diet". The ugly comes from the inside honey. Also, the same hate that drove OUR airliners into the World Trade Centers, is the same type of hate that you display. Discompassionate, hate-prospering,hate-wielding, medieval thinking people such as yourself can always go to live in a country where poverty reigns, where children die every night due to starvation, and people living there would give THEIR LIVES to have just ONE high- fat morsel to put into their starving bellies. I wonder if you also think that people who have had chemotherapy should NEVER go out of their houses without something to cover their shameful bare heads. Maybe you will learn one day, that the only things that truly matter in this life are the legacies we each leave behind, and we either leave one of love or of hate. Incidentally, do you bleach or color your hair? Do you have acne? Are you a "little person"? Are you physically challenged? Is there any one thing about yourself that you don't like, or are you just perfect in your own eyes? I certainly hope that nothing ever befalls your small and tiny world of "self" that you cannot handle, because when it does happen, you may actually have to eat some of your hate-filled words and end up having to have a caregiver who doesn't meet your perfect-person criteria take care of you. See you at Tidal Creek!

RE:smoke free

Thank you so much Roxie. This is the best post I've seen yet. The truth reigns and always finds good ground.

I and many others hope that

I and many others hope that more restaurants will go smoke free.


Here's an idea - use some of that tax money from the purchase of cigarettes to give to restaurant owners in order to create a separate, closed area for the smoking patrons. Then everyone is happy.

I am a smoker

I smoke a pipe, but only at home and in my vehicle. Absolutely nowhere else. What smokers don't realize is that "ceiling fans and vents" do nothing but blow the smoke into the non-smoking area. The only way to insure that non-smokers are spared the obnoxious smell of generic cigarettes is to have a separate room that is totally enclosed, with its own environmental control system. Few restaurant owners are willing to absorb that expense. Considering the ratio of smoking patrons to non-smoking patrons, it's a better business decision to kiss those customers goodbye. Smokers don't realize how offensive the smell of smoke is. I can only equate it by asking a question: Since they have ceiling fans and vents, do you mind if I sit close to you and break wind throughout the meal?

some smokers

Let's not put everyone in the same catagory. I smoke but choose not to when in a public place. It's nothing but respect for people around you. Also, I do not smoke in my home, I have 2 children I will not subject them to the smoke, they don't even like going to eat where people are allowed to smoke. I realize that the fans and or vents are nothing but a joke. I especially find it funny in a place like Huddle House where really there's nothing but a sign that seperates them. I know smokers want to have their rights BUT, smoke effects people's health and should not be allowed in any public place as far as I'm concerned. If you can not stop smoking long enough to eat you have a problem!

RE: I am a smoker

I about fell out my chair reading your post! I saw this on the news and said the same thing. I do not smoke and no matter what you do vents etc. you can still smell it. I dont want it around my kids and dont expose it near them but when your in a public place its hard to stop it. So I wish more places would do it.

Non Smoking Restaurants

Why shouldn't non-smokers have a good choice in non-smoking restaurants? It anoys me when I hear a smoker complain about an owner deciding to go smoke free. There are fewer and fewer people who smoke all the time. And many of them don't want to take their kids to a smokey restaurant either. It's time that the majority who do not smoke were better served by the business community.


Ceiling fans? Vents? Everytime you go in there you smell like smoke when you leave. Its disgusting. They have great food there, I suspect all those smokers will be back. I applaud Salt Works.

smoke free

Why don't they make the right side smoking and then the non-smokers didn't have to go over to the smokers side to use the restrooms? Also you could have better vent system then.