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Appeals court upholds murder conviction of former student for officer's death
Submitted by Cacky Catlett on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 10:26pm.

A North Carolina appeals court has upheld the murder conviction of a former university student for the fatal shooting of Winston-Salem police officer four years ago.

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Two teachers suddenly dismissed from charter school, parents and teachers speak out
Submitted by Marissa Jasek on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 10:14pm.

video After two teachers were suddenly dismissed from a Wilmington charter school, parents, students and faculty are speaking out.

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Hammerheads win Open Cup thriller
Submitted by John Rendleman on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 9:32pm.

video The Wilmington Hammerheads beat Charlotte on Tuesday. This wasn't just a typical run of the mill win. This was a come from behind overtime thriller. As a result, the Hammerheads advance in the US Open Cup.

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Wilmington City Council approves budget
Submitted by Cacky Catlett on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 9:31pm.

Council members gave final approval to the $85 million budget they've been working through for months. The tough economy sparked reduced spending. City employees will not receive a pay increase and construction and maintenance costs are cut to a bare minimum. The budget does not call for a property tax increase or layoffs.

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FIRST ON 3: Chris Rock's mom coming to Brunswick County
Submitted by WWAY on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 5:44pm.

Not every day in a small rural area does an author of a top selling book, sought after speaker, radio talk show owner, and mom of a movie star visit or even passes through. However, that is about to change.

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ONLY ON 3: Owner wants to bring hotel ships to Wilmington
Submitted by Katie Harden on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 3:16pm.

video The Convention Center has brought folks to Wilmington, but is it enough? Some folks say the lack of lodging is keeping them from choosing the Cape Fear facility. One man says he has a solution.

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ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Junked trailer removed from Brunswick Co. highway
Submitted by Ramon Herrera on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 3:10pm.

video Drivers call it a piece of junk and an eyesore. The broken down travel trailer has been sitting on the side of the road near Leland for more than a week. Many say it's time for the trailer to go.

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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Holly Shelter Game Land closed as wildfire grows
Submitted by Cliff Pyron on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 3:00pm.

video The Holly Shelter Game Land in Pender County is closed as a wildfire has grown to at least 3,300 acres and looks to get worse.

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