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Archive - Blog entry

BY GEORGE: Winter Outlook 2012-13

Not as extreme are the three main words that describe what I think will happen this year across the country.

November was cold; December is warm?

It would appear that Mother Nature isn't ready just yet to get into the holiday spirit.

BY GEORGE: No Water, No Life!

There are various reasons one might want to understand the nature of a water molecule.

The Christmas Tree that nearly got us...

When it comes to Christmas tree decorating, people seem to be divided into two camps: artificial and "real".

Fall strikes again; more East Coast storms?

I'm sure you'll be talking about the change in weather a lot in your small talk sessions over the next few days. "It was just in the 70's," your co-worker in the elevator will say.

Sledding at 58 degrees

Many communities in southeastern NC begin Christmas celebrations early in November.

What to grow, what to plant, what to eat

It’s the cool season alright, and that means some of our favorite warm season veggies. are long gone.

BUCKLEY'S BLOG: Say it ain't so! Nor'easter threat for Sandy areas. What it means for them, and us.

Not again! The cries have erupted wishing and hoping away another Sandy from striking the Northeast. Here's the good news; this is NOT another Sandy.