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BY GEORGE: Constellations Defined

Most of the well-known constellations date back to ancient Greece or earlier, but the precise list remained somewhat fuzzy until the early 2

Mike Wallace: King of the confrontation

For the last couple of years, you've probably noticed a change in the way we do news at WWAY. We decided to do it differently than it's been done in Wilmington.

BY GEORGE: 4G, 3G? I Just Want To Make A Call

First things first, the "G" stands for a generation of mobile technology, installed in phones and on cellular networks.

BY GEORGE: Spring Equinox

One can define the seasons in any one of a number of ways. For example, the meteorological spring season runs from March 1st through May 31st. In parts of Europe as

BY GEORGE: Allergies…You Could Be Making Them Worse

It’s allergy season already, and as you know, the season began way earlier than usual this year due to the very warm winter across the country. Not only that, March is looking like it ma

Severe Weather Awareness Week -- Watches vs. Warnings, What to do?

Sometimes, half the battle is understand what the severe weather threat is - and how it will impact you.

Severe Weather Awareness Week -- Flooding

Today’s topic will be flooding. Nationwide, flooding causes more fatalities than any other type of severe weather. Several factors contribute to flooding.

Severe Weather Awareness Week -- Tornadoes

Tornadoes are one of nature's most violent phenomena. Peak tornado season in North Carolina occurs in the months of March, April, and May.

BY GEORGE: Myths of Microwaving

There sure is a lot of misinformation about what microwaves can and can’t do, as well as some myths that seem so well grounded over the years, that it’s hard to convince people of the s

Severe Weather Awareness Week -- Lightning

Lightning occurs with all thunderstorms and is what defines a thunderstorm. Central North Carolina faces dangers from lightning throughout spring and summer.

Super Tuesday looks to further muddy GOP primary waters

Remember when it looked like Mitt Romney might have the Republican nomination wrapped up by Super Tuesday, or at least by the time the biggest date on the primary calendar was over?

Severe Weather potential for Saturday -- Video Blog

It's springtime now, and we're going to have to have more of these severe weather talks.


Growing up in rural North Carolina, we didn't have cable TV- that was a luxury reserved for my city friends.

Despite hype Republican race is not close to being over

OK. I'll admit it. After Mitt Romney won all of Florida's 50 delegates and picked up 14 more in Nevada, I kinda packed it in on this analysis and prediction stuff.

Severe Weather briefing: Damaging winds possible Friday

It's almost a guarantee. Whenever it's warm, and it's not "supposed to be" warm - you'll find some severe weather to correct things back to normal.