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Big drug bust in Wilmington Tuesday morning

A big drug bust took place Tuesday morning by the Wilmington Police Department and State Bureau of Investigation. Ashley Ricks and Kathryn Williams are now facing a number of drug and weapons charges. The two 21-year-old women are being held on $1 million bonds, as is a third suspect, Lamont Stevenson of Bolton. Police found 2,200 tablets of ecstasy, 18 pounds of marijuana, 11 guns, and $28,000 in cash at a home on Lennon Drive.                            

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I am reading all of these negative comments about Katy and I am appalled that people would say such things...think of her family,pray for them and her. Oh and Whiteville is Katy's home and we still LOVE her. It could be any of our children caught up in something this sad. Leave them alone!!


I think Kathryn is the one who should have been thinking of her family, not us.

prayers for drug dealers

To all of you who want to pray for these drug dealers.... Pray the same prayer that I do for them. That's that they will spend the rest of their natural born life in the custody and care of the NC Department of Corrections. That's what they deserve and nothing less. And yes, I mean the little Williams girl too. And I know what your thinking... it was her fault but mostly her parants fault for letting her run the streets on the west side of whiteville with no suprervision. I know your proud of your little girl now.

I think the intent of the

I think the intent of the prayers, is not that she get off without proper punishment, but that instead she finds the strength of character and faith to accept and learn from the punishment. Everyone is so quick to judge and be so downright mean, both to these people and each other. There isn't a person who believes that these people should not face a stiff penalty. That is the way we as a human society are set up. I just question if we should refuse them the chance to get their lives together. True they made this choice, but didn't the people who bought the drugs from them choose that action as well? I am not saying they are blameless by any means, but that doesn't mean that I can't pray for them to turn their lives around and find their way back to the path that God had planned for them. So I will pray for them, and I'll pray for you as well, that you may open your heart and mind and serve to help others, rather than tear them further down.


Don't you just love the news? They love to make things worse than they really are! They didn't specify when, where, and who did what! and Of course dumb whiteville people are gullable to believe all gossip! Obviously you evil commenters don't "know" Katy. I know she makes mistakes, just like all whiteville people. yeah, she hung out with the wrong crowd. But you have NO idea of her involvement with this stuff, so don't be so quick to judge. And for the people who feel "beneath" Katy, I'm sure you're just very insecure and intimidated and I'm sorry you feel that way, but Katy is a very gorgeous girl and she never felt like she had to kiss people's butt, like all other whiteville people, to get people to like her.

You are Dumb

Quit trying to act like your not from Whiteville either; and don't act like everyone liked her. Only a handful of people did. Everyone else saw her for loathsome little whore she was.


I hate this for you. I really do. I knew you as a girl. I looked up to you and have always thought you were the prettiest girl. Im not writing this to put you down. We all make mistakes. I hope everything works out for the best.

All of you with nothing but

All of you with nothing but negativity to spread are no better than Katy or her friends. I have known her for many years and have onnly thought of her as a sweet, friendly, beautiful girl. If your humour in the situation is coming from what you thought of her in highschool-GROW UP! She was popular and beautiful--however her life was not as perfect as some may think. You shuld be ashamed of yourselves for thinking you know who she was and feeling as if she deserved this. She got caught up in a horrible lifestyle that she was probably too afraid to figure out a way out of. None of us really know the reason that she got into this way of life but thats for her to know. Those of us that truly do care about her and her family-lets continue to pray for her strength during the most difficult thing she will ever have to face. As if a life of drugs isn't bad enough-now the entire world has been made aware of her horrible judgements. May God bless you Katy and the Williams family!!!


Well now you can also think of her as a criminal. People don't just "get caught up in a horrible lifestyle", they make choices for themselves. If she CHOSE not to do anything about it, then yeah, she gets what she, and every other drug dealer deserves. I think it's hilarious, by the way, that no one could care less about the other girl. I'm sure you would have bestowed the same gracious prayers and defense for her too, though, right? It's just that you didn't know her.

Other girl

On dont for one second think that Ashley and even Lamont arent in all of our prayers. Yes, even you are. and I dont even know you. I dont have to know you to know that you and everyone else needs prayers through this very tough and touching time.


Why is it that the black girl that got busted "Got what she deserved but, hte white girl just hung with the wrong crowd?" Some people dont understand the statements that they are making. Did anyone wonder wher all the name brand clothes came from, money, cars, most of all did anyone ask why? This happens everday with African Americans but when it happens to Whites its oh poor little girl its those blacks she was hanging out with. You would be surprised how many white collar whites ride through the hood to get drugs, or get high before the perform a operation, just start payin g attention. Do some research and see whos for fathers brought thes drugs into this country, or who played around with different chemicals to make X, or who even had the money for the equipment to grow and harvest the weed? Look at the Ivey Leage college kids that got busted a while back, they were all WHITE but it didnt stay in the news for long I wonder why??????

to 3lw

Okay ... first X (MDMA) was made by the biggest of drug dealers ... A Pharmaceutical company (Merck). Second ... do your history? ... aren't you just quoting Furious Styles from "Boyz n the Hood"? It's "forefathers" by the way. Are two different people using the name 3lw ??? I mean in an earlier post you said "What's the difference between this and racial hatered that is fed into childrens minds by their parents" (exact quote, spelling and all) and now your the one spewing out the racial hatred. What's the deal .... and more importantly, why would you think this is a race issue? Keeping hitting your back key until you get to the bust a couple of weeks ago from Brunswick county. There's not much difference in the things being said. All the rednecks just want to put them in jail in both cases and act all superior, and people that know them are hoping for the best. But, what I'm saying to you is this .... If it's not racism .... but you say it is anyway .... that makes you the racist. I can understand your frustration, as there are some pretty igorant things being said, but this is not about race.

What a shame? Katy had it

What a shame? Katy had it all going for her but threw it all away. She was friendly with the guys as we all well know. Let's see if mommy and daddy can get u out of this one.

I hope that as people are

I hope that as people are writing comments on this wall they take a minute to reflect their upon their own actions. We all have made mistakes in our lives, some are just more devastating than others. Devastated is what their families are right now - they are already hurt about what has happened to their loved one. Please keep them in your thoughts and also that these 3 individuals will someday learn from their mistakes and go down a better path.


Were is the self rightiuosness coming from? Maybe if they were black girls you would have a different mind set.

"black girls" would not get

"black girls" would not get any less prayers if they were in this situation. EVERYONE has family and friends who REALY care about them and will break their knees praying for them. Be real ... stop hating. this is not about what color these girls are, this is about the girls we know are still in there, and prayer is all we've got to give now to try to save them from the bad road they went on. Black or white ... everyone has the chance to go way down the wrong road. Katy and Ashley got picked up and maybe will have another chance eventually to turn around. PRAYERS PEOPLE. WE ALL DESERVE PRAYERS!


I've never assisted in plotting to kill people or feed their addictions. Don't belittle this "mistake". Choosing to turn left when you should have gone right is a mistake. Continuing down that path instead of turning around is a willful bad choice, and there are consequences for that decision.


Such a sad story. The saddest thing is that so many people in Whiteville will now take pleasure in seeing one of their own in trouble. The town is so full of 10 cent millionaires and wanna be's that it is sickening. Get your noses out of the air and stop breeding your snotty nosed little brats to think the world revolves around them. Most of you came from nothing special and pretend to be something really special. Get back to small town people with small town values and be appalled at yourselves.

you are absolutely right.

you are absolutely right. whiteville is full of people who think their poo doesn't stink and are raising their kids to think that too. they need to take a good hard look at katy and remember that this could be them. nobody in whiteville came from anything special.

Katy Mae

You are in my prayers.


yeah.i gree that this is sad.. im really sad that her mom has to deal with this.. but i totally agree with the comment about how she delt with people "beneath" her.. I only pray that this will open not only her eyes. but the others as well


What do you mean by people beneath her? Are you talking about the black boy? Thats also someones child! No one thought they were beneth her when she was living outside of her means. Maybe if the boy was white with a well education maybe then she would be beneth them. Yall people need to get out of thoes old ignorant ways. I will pray for you.

WHOOOO!!! these girls were

WHOOOO!!! these girls were ballin!!!

Pay back time

While you're chillin' and thinkin' your all that...ruining peoples lives. Have fun in jail skanks! If you see anyone selling drugs, etc. Send a message from your cell phone. Begin your message with TIP708 then type your message. Send your message to CRIMES...oh yeah, it's anonymous too...Let's get all the drug dealing scum off our streets.

You should work for the

You should work for the police snitch

Proud to be a Snitch...To protect the people I love

I call it like I see it...and until you experience what drug dealing / gun dealing does to the people you love...then get over it. It's not about the dealing, its bigger than that...its the addiction issue and the murder issue. One of those guns could have been used to shoot one of your family members. One of those pills could have killed one of your friends. Just think about's not just possession of drugs or selling drugs... it's what those drugs / weapons do to other people and their families. My number one goal in life is this " If I see a drug dealing in my neighborhood or anywhere else.... I'm texting the police." That's it.

would be better

It would be better to work for the police than to be like you, a scared child. Too weak to make a stand against drugs.

tsk tsk tsk

tsk tsk tsk to you ... she is still "Kathryn" who is in need of our prayers and support now. We all make mistakes, some bigger than others, but a mistake is a mistake. You should be ashamed of yourself for getting pleasure out of someone elses problems. But hey ... thats whiteville for you. You cant help it.

Yea, of course the girl from

Yea, of course the girl from whiteville who originally posted "tsk tsk post" would remove her post beacuse she sounded more "country" and stupid that the reply post. Pleasure from other peoples pain is still what alot of your are doing. Mistakes, oops, dang ... obvioiusly this was not an oops, but definitely a wake up call for these girls ... and im sure they are taking it.

very sad

I really understand know why they say thats a country place. Because only a nieve person would dare attempt to say something like that. "When you know better you do better" by Maya Angelo. And i'm sure that she new better, no one put a gun to her head. I guess thats a part of Money, Power, & Respect.