Bladen County schools superintendent quits

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The Bladen County school district needs a new leader. At last night's school board meeting, superintendent Greg Killingsworth told the board he wanted to retire effective immediately.

The school board unanimously accepted Killingsworth's hand-written letter of resignation. It then voted to assign his duties to assistant superintendent Roland McKoy for the time being.

No word yet on why Killingsworth stepped down. The board hired him in April 2009 for the job, which he started July 1, 2009.

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It is hard to understand why SRO's are needed at some schools. Now we know why, the adults over at the BOE's meeting are "leading" the way by example. God have mercy on our educational process. The children are listening; seems an old song goes something like, "Lord listen to children 'crying', 'praying', I mean playing!!!!! Sounds like some of the adults have been "playing"; do you reckon?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is your loss Bladen County!!!!!!!! No wonder your school system is so bad. Who is next?

LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!!!!!!!Let him retire in peace and go on with his life. I think Bladen County's Public Relations Department should be ashamed with the way this story was handled.

Standard issue for Bladen County....from Sheriff(ex included)TO COMMISSIONERS, MAYOR, POLICE AND ON AND ON AND ON....

No joy in this news--it is a very difficult job-almost no way to win

Me thinks instead of a "sad commentary" this is going to turn into a "sad saga". Stay tuned. But, alas, I hear someone saying; "don't you people know about the "privacy law". After all, didn't the news cast state that the schools of Bladen County operate on a 35 million dollar budget!!!!