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BREAKING FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: What's causing these booms?!?!


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Phone calls have poured in from across the Cape Fear reporting loud booms strong enough to shake the earth Friday afternoon around 3:00pm and Saturday morning around 10:15am. So, what's causing these mysterious booms? No one is claiming them.

So far, the US Geological Survey isn't reporting any earthquakes in the area.

The Marine Corps in Jacksonville says it's not playing war games out in the ocean.

Sunny Point isn't claiming anything.

We've checked with GE in Castle Hayne - no reports of anything there.

The nuclear power plant is Brunswick County says its not responsible.

We've also checked with the tower at ILM and they have no reports of any planes creating sonic booms.

The Sheriff's Departments in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick Counties are also getting reports of shaking, but don't know yet what the cause was.

An explanation that many are now suggesting is the legend of the "Seneca Guns." Some believe the ghosts of the Seneca Indians are getting revenge by using the guns that Europeans used on them so many years ago.

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Booms Solved

Everyone has it all wrong on the booms. What you are experiencing is the collapse of the atmosphere due to a huge continental United States vacuum. We were warned of this vacuum by Ross Perot way back in 1992. He told us of the "Large sucking sound of jobs leaving our country". So what you all are hearing is the large sucking sound of our jobs leaving the US in advance of Obamacare tax hikes taking effect on Jan 1, 2011.

That was by far, the best

That was by far, the best answer I have read yet!! I think you have solved they mystery!

war games off the coast

i remember one time taking this guy home ,he was rather drunk at the time ,but he claimed he was rather high up in command in the navy and asked if i had noticed any tremors .

i said yes.

"this was years ago by the way ,when i was a cab driver"

"he mentioned that they where training off the coast for the war and that they where firing the big guns is what caused it."

being that it's a military exercise and off the coast then yeah no body would know ....being that they guy was drunk maybe he split the beans?

or could just have been telling stories,but i doubt it's ghost >.>

My 2 cents...

I felt the one Saturday morning. i was sitting in my living room, watching TV and my 2 dogs were asleep on the floor. It lasted about 5 seconds but scared the hell out of me...and my dogs jumped about 2 feet off the ground. It felt like someone picked up the whole house and tossed it back down on its foundation. I live very close to the airport and always see and hear the military aircraft flying me...that's NOT it...because they do it all of the time. I have even spent time in the Air Force on a flight line. I know what a sonic boom sounds like...and this was definitely not a sonic boom. What is it? I have no idea. I also have lived very close to a limestone quarry and have experienced the tremors from dynamite explosions...this was close but still, not it, especially when people all over this town have experienced it.

I have a feelings though we will never know. I have been here almost 10 years and NEVER felt this before.


I have seen alot of US Government Seals & plates on vehicles with no name of the agency on them driving around Wilmington. One turned around on MLK in the media and darted quickly back east towards Wrightsville Beach. Also I have taken notice of lots of military aircraft in the skyes around Wilmington, and military helicopters. It seems strange to me that there is more of a presence here now than a month, or even a year ago. Who are the agents that I can't seem to place with the agency name on them, Homeland Security, CIA, or the other 16 intelligent agencies? What is going on here in Wilmington we need to know about that there needs a heighten level of the US Government here. We all argue on how the government is run, but this is our home, we want to protect it also.

Sorry for the typos. Lack

Sorry for the typos. Lack of sleep does that.

Mystery Booms Rattle North Carolina Since 1850s

By Jerry Allegood
Raleigh News & Observer

FORT FISHER, N.C. -- The sound rolls in off the ocean like an invisible tidal wave, washing over houses with enough force to rattle windows and startling people who look uneasily to the ground and to the sky for an explanation.

Boom. Rattle. Rattle boom. And it is over as quickly as it began.

The mysterious noises have been reported as far back as the 1850s.

Now, a Duke University seismologist hopes to find clues about the mystery sound's origins as a side benefit from an earthquake research project.

Peter Malin, a seismology professor for 10 years, plans to monitor a sensor that has been placed deep in the ground at the Fort Fisher State Historic Site near Wilmington.

The sensor is intended to record minor seismic activity that might indicate when more significant quakes can be expected.

There is no explanation for the sounds, at least not one on which everyone agrees.

Some say the rumbling is a sonic boom created by unseen aircraft. Others suggest top-secret military training offshore or maybe the earth moving on the ocean floor or deep below ground.

Then there are the theories that gave the phenomenon its name, the Seneca Guns -- that the sound comes from the ghosts of American Indians firing guns to disturb descendants of those who drove them from their land.

This name first arose in New York, then applied to North Carolina, even though there were no Seneca Indians there.

Malin's hunch is that the booming noise originates in the atmosphere, although he has no particular theory on the cause.

He heard the sound and saw its impact in July while preparing his project. Doors and windows shook, but the house didn't, he said, indicating to him that the ground did not move.

Residents who have heard the noise for years have ruled out obvious suspects such as thunder because the booms have occurred on clear days when there were no clouds or lightning.

Accounts of the rumbling date back to the days before airplanes, much less supersonic jets that fly fast enough to break the sound barrier.

There is no particular pattern, although in the past they have been reported most often in the fall and spring.

Other scientists have suggested that the interplay between water and weather might be causing the sounds.

Some people say that the mystery should never to solved, but Malin says that there is good scientific basis for his wanting to figure it out.

It's actually

a light clap and then a big boom. McIntyre smacked his head and then fainted when he realized Pelosi would not fade away.


I heard this boom last week, and it shook my house and rattled the windows just a wee bit.

I live in Bladen County, and I am curious if any others heard it this far out.

I have read about the Seneca booms, and it is an interesting phenomenon.

Oh no - here we go again

This is just a lead in to another Bigfoot sighting ...

When there is no explanation -

When there is no explanation... Earthquakes? - It felt like something just barely picked up my house and dropped it. It would have been enough movement to register.

Sonis Boom? - Possibly, After Saturday's rattle, I heard a jet.

Alien craft? - come on people - really?

War games? - now that is a definite possibility especially since the government is denying it.

The government agencies are denying involvement then you can usually bet that the government is lying.

Loud booms

Earth boomers

I was working at my office on Market Street near Ogden on Friday when I thought that a car exploded right outside our building. Next I went outside and not a sign of anything. I find it strange that no one has a clue what caused this extreme boom. Though I will say somebody knows, their just not saying for what ever reason.

I heard the one at 2:20 on

I heard the one at 2:20 on Friday in Pender County. It shook the windows and sounded different than thunder or an explosion. It was loud,but kind of muffled.

Could have been hot air escaping from Pickey

but most likely from the marine jets that were landing and taking off at ILM yesterday. Saw them from the fair,


I had just got off work around that time Saturday morning,and was standing in the parking lot talking to a few of my co workers. We heard loud booms and looked up; we saw several jets flying around. I don't if these jets were responsible for all the trembling, but it wouldn't surprise me.

sonic booms

heard the booms this morning then around 630 today driving through brewsters place and i heard it again so i stopped and looked and looked out my window and saw what looked like a ufo zoom across at extreme speeds it freaked me out. I dont know what the spacecraft was but it was to fast to be a plane and looked like your typical ufo


The booms are refered to as the SENCA Guns. Pronounced Senica. (It stands for South Eastern North Carolina ) These booms are recorded as far back as Colonial times. No one has ever been able to fully explain them. The best explination is a sharp change in air temp as we have experienced the past few days brings that sonic event.

It is SENECA, not SENCA.

Heard it again this morning

This morning (Saturday) my daughter and I heard a loud boom in Winnabow around the same time again - 10:15 am. My husband was in Leland and heard it as well.

Maybe there IS something to that Seneca Indian legend.....

boom shake

This AM in Mallory Creek in Brunswick county there was a loud boom like someone hit my house and then 20 min later the house shook.

Another rumble??

It happened again this morning (Sat. 11/6) at my house in Wilmington (about 2 miles from downtown) -- right around 10:30 AM. Have there been other reports of feeling another rumble/quake?


They are "Mistpouffers".

House shaking

I live in Landfall and felt it at 2:18 pm Friday Nov 5, and again this (Saturday) morning at 10:27 am.

Loud boom!

I live near Ashley High School and at about 10:12 this morning there was a very loud boom that shook everything! It sounded like a bomb went off! My windows rattled as well as the doors on the kitchen cabinets. I used to live across the river from Camp Lejeune and when they ran exercises we would hear and feel the artillery. This event this morning though seemed much louder and more violent than I ever recall the base being. Then about 10 minutes later it happened again, only not as loud or violent the second time. It sounded as if it were coming from the south or from the direction of the ocean near Carolina Beach. After the first event I walked outside to find my neighbor out there wondering the same thing I was! What was that? On another note both the dog and cat have been acting a little strange (nervous) since yesterday! It's a mystery!

We Felt Another Boom on Saturday @ approx 10:15am

We live in Leland - it was LOUD, we thought something had falled against the house!!!

very loud

Felt and heard it yesterday around the time the police were at first bank i live just off of pine grove. It shook the house and my windows. Then this morning about an hour ago it happened again twice. Thought maybe all three times it was an accident but no sirens. Would really like to know what the heck it was. "Seneca Booms" maybe.....

Happened again this morning,

Happened again this morning, between 10 and 10:30; and it was LOUD. Shook the windows. (Leland area)

Just felt another one today,

Just felt another one today, Saturday, Nov 6, a little after 10AM in Leland


It just happened again at 10:11 a.m. Saturday. Live a couple miles north of Snow's Cut Bridge. A very loud boom and a sudden shaking of windows. Could feel the shake through the floor.