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Brunswick County principal is facing criminal charges

READ MORE: Brunswick County principal is facing criminal charges
A Brunswick County principal is facing criminal charges tonight. Parents have come forward with what they believe could be an underlying theme in the county's schools. Tracey Danka and other concerned parents gathered outside Brunswick County School administrative offices today. For Danka it was a return to the scene where she said Monroe Elementary Principal Patricia Rourk threatened her life. Danka said she left the school board meeting Tuesday night, was threatened by Rourke and proceeded to file a complaint at the sheriff's office. She went back today to urge parents with similar experiences to come forward. “If it was your child and you didn't speak up, is this not the time to speak up? I don't care in what school, what teacher,” said Danka. Other parents feel it is far from an isolated event. Sandra D’Ambrosio said, “I've had teachers at both schools calling my children foul names, swearing in front of them, and yet my concern is that these children are being held to a higher standard than their own staff members. And this is absolutely ridiculous.” “I just believe there's teachers there that have no business teaching our children. I've been there, I mean I used to volunteer at school. I've heard the teachers talking to children in ways that I would never want somebody talking to my kids, said Robie Fisher, a concerned parent. School Superintendent, Katie McGee, could not comment on personnel issues, but issued this statement. "I understand the citizen has brought charges against the employee related to that exchange, and this is a matter that will be handled by the courts. To the extent these allegations affect our school system we are, as always, conducting our own investigation." Parents said they had many positive experiences with teachers, but felt the administration did little to help with the bad ones.

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"And to be sure, if you

"And to be sure, if you smelled it, the teacher did. Why weren't you called to pick him up early, or did they just want him to suffer the embarrassment? It's sad." That's a very good point. I have a special needs child who goes to middle school and I can assure you, if he soils his pants the teacher will call and ask to have him picked up. Anything less should be considered abuse of any child. I just wanted to say one thing in general about Brunswick county schools. My daughter graduated this past year, my older son is currently a junior and my youngest is in a special enclosed class at one of the middle schools. For the most part, Brunswick County has good schools and good teachers and good staff. There are individual exceptions to that statement however as we have obviously seen in the last couple of years. I just don't want a handful of incidents to label the entire school system. I can tell you, speaking as a mom requiring teachers, staff and administration to go way above and beyond for her special needs child, Brunswick county still has a very good school system in spite of the occasional bad apple or unfortunate incident. I hope this problem soon gets resolved to everyone's satisfaction.


This Danka person sounds a little unstable. What concerns me is just how unstable she might be. We hear about people going off on school grounds and in public situations every day. Kinda scary don't you think? I know I would be very uncomfortable having her in the presence of my elderly parents much less my young child. Makes you kinda wonder what all this negative publicity is doing for her poor children. Some one that carries this much anger could be a danger to those in her immediate surroundings. Somebody please get her some help. After reading 'ALL ABOUT IT" at I know I don't want to meet her in a dark alley.

Brunswick County Princpal brought on crimal charges

What were the charges?


Is it true Mrs. Danka has made many trips to Jessie Mae Monroe to pick her children up wearing only a bikini and high heels? That's the word from the hood in Brunswick County. It seems she has been right in the middle of things around here lately. I wonder what kind of spur she REALLY has under her saddle and WHY?

What difference does it make

What difference does it make if she's picked up her kids in a bikini or a nun's habit?

A BIG difference!

The way in which a mother carries herself while on campus says a lot about her judgement and the validity of her statements.

What difference does it make

The difference is in the eyes of the viewer.We all want our children to know it is appropiate to expose your "boobs" and "butt" at a public school.Forget the basics that enable us to go on to a higher learning institution.Mom will complain and get us in. What difference does it make? That is a low-level question.

Ummm.......a lot of

Ummm.......a lot of difference. A bikini & heels would not exactly be the most appropriate thing for a true lady to wear to her child's school! Must less repeatedly! WOW! What has society come to for people to think it's okay?

Hey Ummmmm...... Read the

Hey Ummmmm...... Read the post. I think they were being sarcastic. Did you miss your chance to look look "edukated?"

First of all's a rumor. No one has come forth with anything but a suggestion that she even did that. Secondly, I'm guessing these kids have been at the beach at some point. I suppose those kids have cable TV. Bikini's aren't that big of a deal...unless of course you aren't fit enough to wear one..but that's a whole nuther

Teachers beware,

All teachers need to be aware of who they are talking to and how they are addressing children. I recently had my son come home and tell me a story I thought was bullying by his teacher to him. The schools are supposed to have a "No Tolerance" policy for kids behaviors and yet the teachers do bullying in their own way and they aren't punished for it. It becomes the childs word against the teachers word. My son is 16 years old and attends High school. The teacher questioned my note for his abesence and then preceeded to tell him he was off the football team. That he talked to the coach and coach said he was off for missing too many days of practice. My son knew that wasn't true but his teacher kept on egging him on. My son got mad and blew his top at the teacher with words and yet my son was the one who ended up in ISSP for the remainder of the class time. Now , whos the bully in this situation? Some teachers need to be excused from their jobs, I would like to see this teacher gone. Especially when he finds out that my son just lost his grandfather to a car acceident and heart attack not two months ago. My son has only missed one day of school.

teachers beware

Did you as a parent call the teacher to get the other half of the story?

teachers teacher,

Why would I call and talk to the teacher, so he could lie to my face and say he didn't start it? All I had to do was talk to some of the kids in his class and they gave me the run down on him. It is not just him though it is a lot teachers out there who overstep their bounds with kids. They either think they can act like the kids to stay on the kids good side or they bully them with words and the kids know they can't say anything back. Whos gonna believe the kids for a change? These are supposed to be responsible adults i am entrusting to teach my child not only the subjects they need in life, but also how not to act and how to become well rounded adults. I have been through this situation before where the school administration will take up for their teachers over the student. It is i will watch your butt if you watch mine.