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Class trip money stolen from fifth graders

READ MORE: Class trip money stolen from fifth graders
SOUTHPORT -- Every year fifth graders at Southport Christian School raise money for a class trip to Williamsburg. This year their hard work may not pay off. Nearly $10,000 in cash and merchandise is gone, taken from these fifth graders who worked all year to save up for their class trip. Fifth-grader Georgianna Watson said, "Who would steal something from kids? I mean, really?" Fifth-grader Hannah Jones said, "It took them a really long time to raise the money and we got it so fast and to be taken away like that is just, you know…" The kids spent all year raising money and anticipating the fun they'll have at Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. Parent and teacher Cindy Aldridge said, "It wasn't even the school's money, it was the children's money. That they worked for, and it was unbelievable to me that someone could do something like that." School Principal Lisa Kjome says she thinks the theft happened Sunday night... She suspects someone snuck in through this window, into the office where the money was locked away... Before the robbery this safe held gold graduation necklaces, tickets to Busch Gardens and $4,000 cash. Now, that's all gone." Georgianna said, "We worked really hard for that money. We did dinners, we did Christmas cottages and most of it gone, that's devastating." Kjome says the school and the students are determined to take their trip. The students have been fundraising to make up for the setback. Kjome said, "You know, we're a small school, it's not like we have a big savings fund or anything." School administrators didn't realize they'd been robbed until Wednesday. Kjome filed a report with Brunswick County sheriff's detectives, who are now investigating the case. If you have any information that could help call the sheriff's office at 253- 2777.

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That's a FIRE SAFE

Those Sentry Fire Safes are not designed to be break-in proof. The may slow someone down, but anyone can get into them in a short period of time. They are designed for fire protection only. Go see A-1 Safe and Lock on Carolina Beach Road. They have a great assortment of REAL safes that won't be broken into. Meanwhile, the school should pay for the trip since they chose a container wholly unsuited for what was inside of it.


What do you expect from a government school. I think that someone that worked at the school had a hand in the theft. I would assume that the school system has insurance to cover theft and since they were responsible for keeping the money (LOL) safe.

Southport Christian School

Southport Christian School is a small private non-denominational school and is NOT government funded. The teachers and staff of that school are the best you could ask for and are totally devoted to their student's well being and educational needs. The thought of this theft being an "inside job" is inconceivable, especially with several recent church break-ins in our area.

SCS is a wonderful school

SCS is a wonderful school which offers our kids an excellent education in a nurturing environment. It is very upsetting to read all these comments about it being an inside job - from the outside it may appear to be that way, but as a parent of kids in the school....we know better.

thank you

you are right the teachers care to much about us so they will never no unless they have been to this wonderful school p.s. i am a 5 grader

did you read the article at all?

The school was Southport Christian School.. (ran in a church, by the way) a small PRIVATE school who isn't affliated with the school system in either North Carolina or Brunswick County

This is not a public school.

This is not a public school. They do not have the financial backing of the state or county. BTW, the teacher's "union", as it exists in NC, is just about worthless. We're in a right to work state, remember?

Not a Government School

Evidently "Guestimate" went to a "horrible" government school as the first line of the article says "Southport Christian School" which is not a "government" school and not connected with the Brunswick County School System. Try reading a little closer next time.

Christian / Government schools

Indoctrination happens at both places. Calling it a Christian school doesn't make it any better. "Southport Christian School" may not be part of the Brunswick County School system but is required to report to the State of North Carolina. Teachers and staff are required to meet certain State standards. "Christian" education is redundantly Christian and just as money driven.