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UPDATE: Deputy quits after DWI charge


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy has resigned after being charged with driving while impaired. The sheriff's office says Dep. Brandon Matthew Jordan was off duty when he was stopped for speeding on NC 42 in Johnston County Friday night by the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

The 26-year-old had been with the sheriff's office since 2006. He was on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, but quit this morning before the investigation could be finished.

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What BS

So you think that just because he was an LEO he should just get a "get out of jail free card?" That is BS! It's no wonder so many people don't think that Law Enforcement is corrupt. Anytime I hear or see an officer letting another one go just because he's "one of the boys" it makes my blood boil! I'm not saying they should necessarily be held to a hire standard...but certainly NOT a lower standard!

I don't think anyone was

I don't think anyone was suggesting a "get out of jail free card," but losing his entire career based on one incidence doesn't hardly seem fair to me, either. Suspension? Being demoted? Those all seem fair, enough, but the public scrutiny he is currently facing, along with the charges, themselves, are probably punishment enough.


Oh I totally agree with him not losing his career over one mistake. My issue is with someone saying that he should have even gotten charged just because he's a leo

This just goes to show you

This just goes to show you that even those who are supposed to know better are capible of making poor judgments. I just hope that this one mistake doesn't ruin his life and I am really glad that no one hurt. DWI's are becoming too big a problem. When will be learn?

This just goes to show you???

Shouldn't everyone know better???

Even good people are capable

Even good people are capable of making mistakes. Unfortunately, it looks like the punishment for this one outweighs the action.


He quit before any internal investigation could be done. If there was even a chance, which I would not give him, to stay HE QUIT. I think that he, if anyone, should know better about driving under the influence.

He didn't "QUIT," he

He didn't "QUIT," he resigned... if you knew anything about the case you might have room to discuss it on a public forum but you don't and since you don't know the personal details you should probably not be so quick to make judgements.

What I know is that he was

What I know is that he was arrested for DUI. He then resigned. What am I missing. If he had some sort of legitimate argument why did he just walk away? If there is more to this story then please inform us. Until then it looks pretty irresponsible to me.

Quit or resign. Semantics.

Quit–verb (used with object) stop, cease, or discontinue:

Resign–verb (used without object) give up an office or position, often formally

And the big difference is??? He made a bad choice and will now have to pay for it.