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FIRST ON 3: Former Sheriff Hewett speaks out for the first time




I am Ronald E. Hewett, Retired Sheriff of Brunswick County. I served
Brunswick County as Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant and Lieutenant from 1983 until
1994. In 1994 I was elected as the youngest Sheriff in North Carolina and
re-elected in 1998, 2002 and 2006. In 2007, my life took a dramatic turn
and I faced and lived through one of the toughest times of my life, as did
my family. It was in fact, my faith in God, my family, and “True
Friends” who brought us through these dark, dark days.

Today, I am back home with my family after a year in the Federal
Penitentiary for what District Attorney Rex Gore said was $1500.00 worth of
embezzlement and obstruction of justice with a woman named Margaret Hewett
who was supposed to be a “relative” that I was “protecting” from
prosecution. Just for the record I didn’t know Margaret Hewett, nor is
she a relative. The obvious question must be “Why did you plead
guilty”? The answer is because our soon to be Ex-District Attorney
threatened my family with imprisonment and I did the only honorable thing
to protect my family. I survived that year in “Hell” with one
steadfast goal, which was to come home alive. Thank God I did just that.
Life is now good again and needless to say Rex Gore would not survive one
week in the hell that I was thrust into at Butner Federal Penitentiary. To
those of you who thought it was a day camp and somewhere that you could
play golf and just be out of general population, think again. My roommates
were serving life sentences for double murder. Just ask my family who
visited me on every visitation and had to go through metal detectors,
checkpoints, and three rows of barbwire fencing just to be able to, hold my
hand and hug me? Once more, a misconception, the guards would not even
allow me to hold my family. I lived day to day and survived in a 8X10
block cell. However, today is a new day and Rex Gore did not get the
Superior Court Judgeship he sought, and his reign of “selective
prosecution” will soon come to an end.

Furthermore, I must also state that I read with amazement, that County
Commissioner Marty Cooke actually charged our counties citizens for a cup
of coffee on his way to Raleigh. You know, I find it very funny, that I
not only bought my own food on my way back and forth to Raleigh, but I also
bought food with money from my own pocket, to feed “then” Captain Kevin
Holden. Holden later had no problem telling by writing an affidavit that I
had asked him “What in the world I was under investigation for”? What
about a Brunswick County Deputy Sheriff that wrecked his boat and was
subsequently charged with boating while impaired in the Intracoastal
Waterway? This deputy caused negligent, physical, bodily harm to multiple
innocent people and is still a Deputy Sheriff serving Brunswick County
answering calls every day. I was accused of being impaired with no breath
or blood test and my job and livelihood were taken from me. My trusted
friend taped me and the rest is history. In retrospect, maybe I should
have stopped along the way and charged for the coffee breaks as
Commissioner Cooke did. To confirm this, maybe the press could stop by and
ask Kevin Holden how many times I bought his meals out of my own pocket. I
challenge the press to look through my credit card expenditures and compare
them to today’s expenditures. Maybe then I could be labeled a public
servant who did not charge our county for a cup of coffee and not a
“convicted felon” and a “convict”.

Today, my family and I are finally seeing the light at the end of the
tunnel. As my probation period and life in hell will soon be over, the
perpetrators of this are pulling a life sentence, because as long as they
live, the citizens of Brunswick County will see them as the ones that did
this to me and my family. Was I perfect? No! If I had to do it all again,
I would remember the words of my dear friend Mr. Raymond Bellamy who told
me at the age of 93, “Your enemy cannot hurt you, but beware of your
closest friends.” God Bless you Mr. Raymond and God Bless you Brunswick


Ronald E. Hewett
Retired Sheriff of Brunswick County

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Ex - con

Ms. Inman , maybe Ron Hewett will bag your groceries once again ! Remember , eggs on the bottom and bread on top....paper or plastic.

Thank you for speaking out.

I wish you had done this earlier! Thank you for your service. I never understood why you stayed quiet. In the end we all face God, and His judgement is much harsher than what man can impose. Stay strong, and remember that many of us prayed for you during trying time. From my family to yours, thank you, and I pray God blesses you.


He stayed quiet because he did not want any more to come out than did. He was always one of Rex's biggest supporters when the two were always covering for each other...."you watch for me and I'll watch for you". Now he has resorted to bashing Rex. Rex got scared and got pushed into doing against his buddy because he could not cover it up anymore.

So, sad Ron, you have to keep lying to the public.

What a loser!

Seriously? He's lucky that is not all they got him for! Ever heard of this? ...."Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time!" What a load of crap he is spewing! Go away "retired" convict; quit disgracing the title of Sheriff that others deserve. Brunswick County doesn't need you or your whining! Further, trying to make yourself look better by making others look bad is really childish and makes you sound like more of a loser! (If that is possible)


Man is a legend in his own mind. Let it drop, just try to blend in. Its o-v-e-r. Write a book or something.

you were the best sheriff

you were the best sheriff this county has ever had. john ingram could never be half the man you are


I did believe in you until you told your officers not to assist my son if he called for back up....I thought officers were like a brotherhood....I guess not.......No one is perfect, why not just take responsibility for what you did.

Thank you Sheriff....

Thank you Sheriff for speaking out. There are many of us who were saddened to see what happened to you. I, personally, appreciated your work and dedication to a career that seems sort of thankless. Thank you for risking your life everyday. And, to "Guest" who posted earlier...I suggest that you read John 8:7.

Thank you Sheriff

He is not the Sheriff and he never risked his life for anyone.You need to be thanking the men and women who worked hard and risked their lives so he could take the credit.

Thank you Sheriff ....

To comment to Guest6858 who said John 8:7 but didn't quote. I will add John 8:6 and 7

JOHN 8:6
JOHN 8:7


I am the Aunt of Carla Bussard who was murdered 9-5-2006 Brunswick County, North Carolina aged 36 years at Becky's Restaurant. I would like to plea sheriff Ronald Hewett to write to me for my closure with telling me all the truth. My prayers are with you all.

no excuse

I personally get tired of people who use this verse to try and excuse their own actions or the actions of others. If you were to read this verse in context you would know that the Pharisees approached Jesus with in an attempt to trip Him up, as they had tried to do previously. Jesus turned the tables against them by getting them to deal with their own consciences. No where does it say that Jesus excused the wrongful actions of the woman.

11She said, No man, Lord.

11She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.
I believe you my friend need to keep reading because Jesus not only forgave the woman but he charged her to go and sin no more. May God continue to Bless you as he also Blesses the others he has Forgiven...including our former Sheriff Ronald E Hewett. I'm sure if God can forgive him we should follow his example and Forgive also.

If you were Innocent

If you were innocent then why did you plead guilty in state and Federal Court? If your family did nothing wrong then why did you feel the need to protect them? Stick to selling cars Ronnie.

With all the publicity, it

With all the publicity, it is hard to sort out what really happened and what did not. I was not there, I can't say. I do know that I wouldn't trust Rex Gore any farther than I could throw him. I do remember the Devina Jones case that, in my opinion, was swept under the carpet. Hopefully, someday this will return to bite him where he sits. How can anyone trust someone like that? All my dealings with you personally were pleasant and professional. Therefore, I can only wish you the best. One thing I do remember about your case, was the accusation that you used inmates to clean up the roads close to your house.......who cares? I am a taxpayer, too, and as long as they are doing something constructive, who cares where it is? Good luck, Ron!

More Than One

There was more than one individual who needed to go to jail in Brunswick County. The one with the highest profile was the one to fall. It was unfortunate that the broom did not sweep entirely clean. There is still some dirt that needs to be swept up.

This is all well and good but.....

Ron, why don't you acknoledge the collective sigh of relief from the masses you worked with and "served" during you stint in you office? There is a alot you're neglecting to talk about in your little outpouring here. It's very one sided. There hasn't been enough time passed to make the people of Brunswick Co. forget the scar you have left on us. As if Brunswick Co. isn't the butt of enough jokes, you just left us wide open with this little heart felt warm-fuzzy. Please just crawl back under whatever rock you've been hiding, quit looking to grab attention, QUIT embarresing yourself and the citizens of Brunswick Co. any further. GO AWAY!

all wrong doing should be accounted for

Although all wrong doing should be accounted for it is sad that you were the only one charged with anything. But it is very typical the way the system in brunswick county works. If only all the staff were replaced in the police department and in the district attorneys office then maybe the word justice in this county would mean something. That is why we need Jon David to be elected the new DA in brunswick county. Then we will see the change we all need and have waited so long for.

Jon David is the last thing

Jon David is the last thing we need in Brunswick County. I personally don't want anyone in office in Brunswick who will just mirror the way they do it in Wilmington.

Ronald Hewett

You will always be a HERO to me and the same wonderfull well mannered young man that bagged groceries with such respect to the general public while I lived in Brunswick County. I was amazed and troubled by what I saw when you were forced out of office never believing the charges against you. Thank you for speaking out and telling the public the truth. May God richly bless you and restore to you all that has been taken from you!! Sincerely Darlene Furr Inman

Oh, one other thing

You are not a retired sheriff, you are a convicted felon.


Lets get it right!! He didn't retire, what a joke!

oh, one other thing (get it right)

Check it out before you post...... He is a Retired Sheriff. He may also be a convicted felon (this is also true, because of the scum that did it to him), but he is also a Retired Sheriff in the state of North Carolina.

The last time I checked Ron

The last time I checked Ron is a grown man and was a powerful man. I am tired of reading what other people did to him. He is grown and nobody forced him to do anything. He F@%#$ up, now time to own up. And no I have never lived in Brunswick County or have had any run inns with law enforcement, in fact I have been in Law enforcement for 12 years and he is a disgrace.

Sounds like someone in your

Sounds like someone in your family has been in trouble with the law in the past. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


Are you kidding, just because someone has enough education to know a criminal when they see him they must have problems with the law. Try this one, 35 years in law enforcement you clown. This man is a convicted felon.


Ron I would vote for you

Ron I would vote for you again. I trusted you then and I trust you now.


Someone in his family should have advised him against sending this email - too weird!

We believe in YOU in OKI Ronald!

Yes, and sadly enough, folks KNOW the truth, but hesitate to speak it unless their (*& is on the line. Thank you Ronald, for finally speaking out. We believe in YOU and support you and your family. Stand Tall Ronald, you will rise again!


does this guy get any sort of pension funded by the taxpayers? I noted that he signed his letter as "reitred"

Ron Hewett

I am so glad Ron Hewett made this public statement. I never once thought he was guilty. I am so sorry for what he and his family is enduring. There has to be a special place in hell for people like District Attorney Rex Gore and others who threatened and lied on Ron Hewett. Ron Hewett was doing a very good job of arresting the drug offenders in Brunswick County. So, what was the alternative. My thought is the "big" guys wanted him silenced. I will always believe Mr. Hewett was set up. There is no way he could have gone that far from one spectrum of doing good to being negligent as he was portrayed. Ron Hewett has my respect. I can identify with his explaining what he went through while imprisoned. I had a relative who experienced prison life and he went through the "hell" Mr. Hewett described. The citizens of Brunswick County who doubted Ron Hewett's innocence should be ashamed. His co-workers who worked with Rex Gore and others to frame him will surely get their day. Rex Gore is already seeing his. Rex Gore is responsible for destroying a lot of law enforcement officers lives and he will not go unpunished for this. God will see to that. What goes around, comes around and the crooks left in office will be exposed one day. If I could talk personally to Ron Hewett, I would say "I'm sorry for what you went through and hold your head high because you have passed through the fire with God's help and let God punish those who falsely accused you. When God renders His chastisement, He puts it there for everyone to see without a doubt that He is the final corrector of all the evil done by Satan's imps against His children."

Wishing you the best Ron Hewett in whatever you pursue in the future,

Doris A. Strickland
Tabor City