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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Investigators consider murder charge in Friday night crash

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Investigators consider murder charge in Friday night crash

UPDATE (5/11): We've learned 22-year-old Daniel Brennick is in fair condition today...


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A man accused of driving drunk and killing a 38-year-old mother Friday night, could face second degree murder charges. Highway patrol says 22-year-old Daniel Brennick was drunk and speeding when he crossed the center line and hit Satu Harris's car head-on.

The Brunswick County District Attorney's office is working with Highway Patrol to try and charge Brennick with second-degree murder. this is not brennick's first run-in with the law.

It was almost midnight when Harris was driving south on River Road near the intersection of NC 133. Highway Patrol says Brennick was driving a white Chevrolet pickup truck when he crossed the center line and hit Harris.

Troopers say Harris was trapped in her car after the collision and died at the scene. Brennick was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for injuries.

The Highway Patrol charged Brennick with driving while impaired. This is not the first time Brennick has been in trouble. His record includes reckless driving and driving while consuming a controlled substance under the age of 21 in 2007, along with assault of an officer in 2006.

Harris was a UNCW graduate, who loved animals and photography. She leaves behind three teenagers.

Friends set up a Facebook page in honor of her life. Many have posted comments and pictures remembering her as a fun-loving, free-spirited woman.

A NHRMC spokesperson says Brennick is still in the hospital and is in serious condition.

A gathering celebrating the life of Harris is scheduled for tomorrow at 5 p.m. on the beach at Ocean Drive and Womble Street in Oak Island.

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Case closed

Charge him CASE CLOSED. I like many others like to have a good time and have some beer. It is simple if you drink don't drive! Here a person has lost her life. We can't change that and no matter the jail time it will not be enough. Please don't drink and drive.

sick of hearing about drunk drivers!

Charge this loser and throw away the key! Total disregard for the lives of others. Another low life dirtbag. Take him off the streets PLEASE so that my family will be safer! God bless that woman's family...

What is there to consider.

What is there to consider. If they can get a murder conviction against a guy for killing a cop who was not part of the chase. Then why can they not get a murder conviction for someone selfish enough to get drunk and drive?

It is a crazy world we live in when is such a "sin" to smoke but is widely accepted to go to a restuarant or club and drink and then drive home.

Drunk Drivers

We should really start looking at the Taverns and clubs that serve people who are to drunk to drive ,the responsibility does not just stop with the driver of the vehicle.


I have looked on Facebook about this amazing woman. This person took someone away that has been such a positive influence on others in her life. She leaves behind children who adore her. She has been robbed of seeing them grow and experience their lives with them. I didn't know this amazing woman, but I have family who does. They are feeling such sorrow and are having to grieve the lose of someone who was taken way to early from them. My prayers go out to the family and friends. She will be missed. As for the person who did this, I feel he needs to be taken off the streets and put some where , where he can get help. He does need to feel a lot of pain for what he has done. God Bless and Keep this family they will need you now in their hour of need. The family has a facebook set up for her. You may also make donations to the family through there also. There are links to click onto. God Bless.

Satu was a strong women who

Satu was a strong women who didn't deserve what happened. its unfair and so disappointing that this happened. she was loved very much and will remain in the thoughts and prayers of so many.


Why would there be any doubt at all? He was drunk, he killed her, charge him!

Charge him!

And look... he has a record....


Surprise, surprise...underage drinking & reckless driving...too bad he wasn't punished then, maybe she would still be alive.

My prayers are with both

My prayers are with both families.....There is a problem today with young adults, with underage drinking and popping prescription pills. If you have a young adult in your family and they want to pop pills or drink and drive remind them of this terrible accident that has affected many lives.


There should be no question in this case if at all possible he should be charged with murder. It is very sad that 3 teenagers are now without there mom and were questioning the charges come on brunswick county get with it!! Please let justice be served for the family of satu!!

I think justice should be

I think justice should be served for all families, not just Satu's. This is a very tragic thing. Justice should start at their hearing in court. There should be no 2nd offense, 3rd offense, etc. If you are caught drinking and driving, you should be locked up. Not get a slap on your hand and released to go do it again until you finally kill someone. I agree it is the individuals fault for getting behind that wheel, but they know that nothing will happen to them if they get caught. Our system stinks when it comes to DWI's. My niece was hit by a drunk driver. I thank the Lord that she is still here with us. I mentioned at a MADD meeting that the driver better be glad he didn't kill my niece that night because he would have been killed. I was told that I could get charged with threats. WHAT??!!! I could get charged with threats but this jerk is going to get a slap on his hand and released so he can go do it again? Come on!!!!!!!And taking their license won't do a thing, they will still be driving around.

It is against the law to

It is against the law to make threats, but promises are still legal...........