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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: 15-year-old claims Carolina Beach Police forced him to drag shark out of water

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: 15-year-old claims Carolina Beach Police forced him to drag shark out of water

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Dragged to shore and left to die. That's what happened to an eight-foot sand tiger shark at Carolina Beach last night. WWAY found it decomposing in a maintenance yard today.

A 15-year-old and his friends say police told them to drag the live shark out of knee-deep water and on to the beach. The teens say they told police they wanted to push it back out to sea and let it live, but did what they were instructed.

The sand tiger is a protected species. The shark was found at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday on Carolina Beach in front of the boardwalk. Police called a tow truck to get the shark off the beach before tourists arrived in the morning. On-lookers watched the shark hanging from the truck take its last breaths. The shark was dumped in a maintenance yard, where someone later pulled out all its teeth. Evan Pye says police just sat back at their cars and watched last night.

"They were just like, 'Sons bring it up here.' We're like 'Why? Why bring it up here?' because we were trying to make it live. 'No, you got to bring it up here. You got to bring it up here.' We're like 'We're not going to bring it up there,' and they're like, 'Bring it up right now,' and started yelling at us and stuff like that and telling us that they're going to arrest us and stuff like that," Pye said.

Experts at the Fort Fisher Aquarium think the shark was caught by a fisherman and put up such a big fight, it was tired and may have swum close to shore to die.

Carolina Beach Police Chief William Younginer said the officers were trying to keep the shark from biting someone later. Younginer said he's going to talk to the officers working last night, but he said the situation probably could have been handled better. The chief said he's going to bury the shark, even if he has to do it himself.

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shark - Carolina Beach

Rogue shark? What do you mean? He was in his home!


Yeah it was rogue and its name was Sarah.

You must remember that a lot of humans feel that we own the entire planet and are the only species that counts, hence that's why we are destroying it.

What's even sadder is the

What's even sadder is the ignorance you display in assuming people regard the sharks more important than the humans. We are all part of a huge and delicate ecosystem. We are not shark's prey, the term "shark attack" should even be changed to "shark accident". If we were on their menu, these people that were "attacked" would have been eaten, not just bitten.

The point to my argument is there was no valid reason to pull this shark out of the water if it were stuck on a sand bar, nature would have taken its course. In addition to the fact that if it is a protected species, the appropriate action should be taken against those involved.

Bottom line is if locals and/or tourists are worried about coming into contact with a shark then they should stay out of the water. period. No use in the senseless killing of these fish.

came ashore?

Why? Was it hurt, stuck or what? Why didnt they help it back into the water?

Why where the police called anyway? Bunch of rednecks have no idea how to rescue a shark nor would they even try cause they are REDNECKS and its the MANLY thing to do to KILL anything that moves. I would have just left it and let nature take its course and not be responsible for KILLING it. a$$holes.

Hope it was a protected species and they all get busted !


1. Its only a species of concern. Not endangered at all.
2. You'd rather let it suffer for hours beached than go ahead and pull it out to die. Very humane of you.


i think that its awful to murder an innocent animal.i think that the police officers that did this should lose their jobs and be prosecuted.they need to learn they are not above their badge

I am very upset that they

I am very upset that they pulled this shark out of the water to let it die. I don't know who made the call to do that but they should face some kind of consequences. Especially if it is a Sand Tiger shark since that IS a protected species.

I'm just appalled that anyone living and working in this town would do such a thing. You're not worthy of calling yourself a coastal resident if this is what you do to the native wildlife.

That is just wrong!! Why do

That is just wrong!! Why do people have to kill innocent things? That is its only environment! Idiots!!

Sand Tiger washing ashore

As scary looking as sandtigers are, they are in fact quite docile and shy animals. As noted in some of the other comments, these sharks come in to shore to feed at night and may in fact get trapped by receding tide. It is indeed sad an pointless that the police decided to pull it into shore and let it suffocate to death instead of trying to direct it back out to sea. Even more annoying is NWAY Channel 3's idiotic but predictable commentary about the scary reminder that we are not alone in the ocean. It is exactly these kind of coined media comments that continue to perpetuate an unfounded fear and ignorance concerning the marine environment. Sadly, with near 90% of the pelagic species fished into oblivion, NWAY should know that very soon, we may in fact be alone in the ocean.

It seems to me that shark

It seems to me that shark was about to die anyway. If it was spotted at night, hung around for police, then hung around some more for a tow truck then something was wrong with it. If it was in good health it would have left just as quickly as it got there and surely would not have let them just pull it out of the water.

Umm.... the story is

Umm.... the story is unfolding that this shark was dragged out of the water. Not really sure why you think it "hung around" and waited for the police and tow truck.

Large Shark on Carolina Beach

I think that killing this shark is just awful! I have been watching the show on Nat. Geo where they are tagging sharks & setting them free to do research so we will learn more about them. I don't like sharks, but they are a living creature just like anything else. With this being I think the 4th attack, it seems as though they would have taken the shark & tagged it & released it somehwere offshore. Very Sad!!

Carolina Beach Shark

We need to find out all the details before pointing fingers. There, with that said...
What is the reason that the shark was not left alone. If the persons that pulled the shark out of the water(questionable practice) were able to do so without endangering themselves, then the proper and legal thing to do was bring the shark to deeper water and release it.
Let's save the turtles and kill the sharks!!! The sharks belong in the water, people are just visitors in their territory. We have no right to kill these animals!!!

I'm glad they killed it...

With no natural predators except for disease, I'm glad they killed it. That shark lived a full and happy life. Good riddance. Notice: the beaches are now safe for everyone to enjoy.


Yeah. We killed a scavenger that occasionally lucks into a skate or slow fish....and of course, he was the ONLY ONE OUT THERE, right?

I'd worry more about that nine-foot tiger I recently saw less than two-hundred yards off of Rich Inlet....


Yeah, because that was the only shark in the entire ocean.

reply to i'm glad they killed it

so you think that there are now no sharks at carolina beach because this one is dead? lol!

safe Will?

Yeah the beaches are now safe for everyone to enjoy..... Yes, that was the only shark left in the ocean.

Humans have become their only "natural" predator.

What Kind Of Shark?

Why in the heck did they pull it out of the water? Those sharks always come into shallow water to feed. From the photo it appears to be a Sand Tiger, one that is not permitted to be kept or killed. Tough to tell exactly from the photo though. Might not have heard the last of this, if in fact, it's a prohibited species.
also, where's their fishing license?


I wonder if this is the shark that has been wreaking havoc between Topsail and Myrtle Beach in the last 6 weeks??

"This is the fourth shark attack between Topsail Island and Myrtle Beach in the last six weeks."
Shark bites surfer off Figure Eight Island
Submitted by Hailey Winslow on Mon, 08/09/2010


you and the press are very wrong, there is/was NO SHARK ATTACK the only thing they have is there mouth, they do not have hands they feel things out with there mouth. would you like it if someone said you attacked your mother, father or kids for giving them a hug, same point. when a shark bites things to "attack" as you put it, its to eat, or find out what it is. but you can say a white shark attacks seals for food, but you can say you attack your dinner as well.

sheila, honey...

do you realize that the words that you used are not do not "attack" me.
I merely asked a question as to whether this was the shark that was "wreaking havoc". The word attack was from a quote that was published by this website.
So don't get all crazy with me...yes, I think that I realize that sharks don't have hands...duh!
Then to go on and ask me if I like someone attacking (there is that word, that I didn't use, again) my family for giving them a hug?!?!?!

I think you need to calm down a bit...breathe in...breathe out.
That usually helps. Another thing, think next time before you let you fingers do the talking.

Why didn't they push they

Why didn't they push they shark back into the water?? Sharks come in at night to feed. Why was the shark killed???????

What kind of shark was it?

What kind of shark was it?

Based on the photos, I would

Based on the photos, I would say this was a Sand Tiger Shark (carcharias taurus)and though it's difficult to see in the small photo, it appears to be a female. Based on her size she was likely a sexually mature sub-adult.

It's actually quite disgusting that they killed this fish because these animals are notoriously dosile and rarely ever bite humans. In those cases I would say all are either mistaken identity or provoked in some way. This was a protected and managed animal.


So we had a shark caught behind a sandbar on a falling tide, and rather than leave it alone where it might have actually survived if enough surf kept splashing over it, we dragged it from the water to absolutely guarantee its death?

That accomplished what? You think he's the only one? Lots of people swimming at 11:30 PM? Bored macho men needed to prove how tough they are dealing with a creature rendered helpless by the situation?

I hope his big brother swims in today and takes a few tourists. Carolina Beach deserves the impact on tourism. That will reiterate the point that WE visit THEIR home.



I agree with you

I agree with you wholeheartedly

Bored macho men?

Ive lived on the coast and around beaches my whole life and have NEVER seen a shark beach itself or "get stuck" behind a sandbar on a falling tide. It doesnt happen. This shark was obviously dead or on its way to dying and had been washed up because it couldnt swim anymore.You are a moron.

But you know what, YES, an 8 ft shark in the surf needs to be killed. Sharks ARENT more important than humans and tough sh** for them if come in the wrong place at the wrong time. Theyve been around long enough to learn that they dont like human flesh and if x million # of years isnt long enough to figure it out, too bad for them. The tourism dollars and the economy of SENC is WAY WAY WAY more important than the life of a shark or 2/3/20/500 whatever # you wish to put there.

90% of ALL species that have ever lived on Earth are extinct, 99.9999% of which happened before humans were even here, so let go of the tree your hugging and get your head out of the sand and quit placing the life of animals, ANY animal, over the value of a human life, unless its that of your own...stinky hippy.

Mike O? More like Mike I...for Idiot

All I can say is I am incredibly glad you did not go into the veterinary or any animal care field. I haven't heard a more self-centered, narrow minded view of the value of animal's lives in a long time. Thank god most people aren't as heartless as you.

Have fun deluding yourself in your views of human superiority and worthiness. You need to get your head out of your *** and quit viewing yourself as more important than the other life you share this planet with. People like you are the reason we lose so many species to extinction every day! Wake up call...your homocentric viewpoint is antiquated and infantile.

Think I am some stinky hippy? Think again! I work a solid day in a blue collar job, attend classes at CFCC and love to shoot guns...just not at animals. Think I am some "tree hugger"? Darn right, because I don't cling to some misguided view of my own self superiority pal!