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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: 15-year-old claims Carolina Beach Police forced him to drag shark out of water

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: 15-year-old claims Carolina Beach Police forced him to drag shark out of water

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Dragged to shore and left to die. That's what happened to an eight-foot sand tiger shark at Carolina Beach last night. WWAY found it decomposing in a maintenance yard today.

A 15-year-old and his friends say police told them to drag the live shark out of knee-deep water and on to the beach. The teens say they told police they wanted to push it back out to sea and let it live, but did what they were instructed.

The sand tiger is a protected species. The shark was found at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday on Carolina Beach in front of the boardwalk. Police called a tow truck to get the shark off the beach before tourists arrived in the morning. On-lookers watched the shark hanging from the truck take its last breaths. The shark was dumped in a maintenance yard, where someone later pulled out all its teeth. Evan Pye says police just sat back at their cars and watched last night.

"They were just like, 'Sons bring it up here.' We're like 'Why? Why bring it up here?' because we were trying to make it live. 'No, you got to bring it up here. You got to bring it up here.' We're like 'We're not going to bring it up there,' and they're like, 'Bring it up right now,' and started yelling at us and stuff like that and telling us that they're going to arrest us and stuff like that," Pye said.

Experts at the Fort Fisher Aquarium think the shark was caught by a fisherman and put up such a big fight, it was tired and may have swum close to shore to die.

Carolina Beach Police Chief William Younginer said the officers were trying to keep the shark from biting someone later. Younginer said he's going to talk to the officers working last night, but he said the situation probably could have been handled better. The chief said he's going to bury the shark, even if he has to do it himself.

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your an idiot people and no

your an idiot people and no more important than sharks and the reason this one was stuck was because it had a hook caught in its mouth from a dumb human that you are saying is more important. I was on the beach and tried to save it and the idiotic human police said they would arrest me if I did anything. people will be the next to go extinct because if idiots like you while the sharks will continue to thrive like they have for millions of years.

You're :)



Dear Mikey

If you think that sharks don't get trapped behind sandbars on a falling tide, then you know NOTHING about sharks. Might I suggest "Shark Attack," by Captain H. David Baldridge, USN. It's a statistical analysis of the US Navy shark attack file, and yes, many attacks take place at low tide from sharks cut off from the open ocean by a sandbar.

The rest of your juvenile hissy fit is simply based upon the premise that killing this shark somehow made the beach safer. Trust me, there are many, many more out there. All that was accomplished was killing a creature that God put here for a purpose.

ok captain ball ridge

Im sorry that you have to get your information from a book published in 1978 about predominantly Pacific sharks and dont have personal experience, growing up on the coast. Ive never seen it happen and Ive been around the coast for almost 40 yrs, in and out of sounds, estuaries etc, surfing & fishing the mid atlantic states my whole life. Ive NEVER seen a shark on shore or "stuck" behind a sand bar that wasnt in its last leg of life.

Im really happy that you were able to live live vicariously through Capt Ball ridge though, and spread your 2nd hand information to the rest of the previous inlanders that dont know the difference between 1978/ 2010 and Coldwater/Warm water shark behaviors, characteristics & tendencies.

Great reaction, Mikey

I offer you a verifiable reference still used to this day and the best you can come back with is that YOU have never seen it?

Well, I guess the Navy shark attack files just can't compete with YOUR expertise...

youre correct kapgun

Yes, my personal (almost 40 years) 1st hand experience in the Mid-Atlantic waters trumps the knowledge in a book written in 1978 by a Navy diver about predominanltly Pacific species. Absolutely. 100%.

Feel free to ask me any other questions that youd like me to give you a modern, local answer to. That way, you dont have to go by a 4 decade old book about species that dont even live around here.

Ill bet you know alot about cobras, kangaroos & sea snakes too, huh?

I hope his big brother takes

I hope his big brother takes one of your family members out. I think you would have a change of heart then. I'm sure it was more of a liability issue than anything. There have been numerous accounts of sea animals washing up on the beach this summer. The police are there to protect the people....because rest assured, if they left it alone, someone from up north would be dying to get a closer look and have his head ripped off. Yes it is their playground...and I am glad it makes everyone aware of the dangers surrounding our beaches. There is plenty of ocean to hunt for food. Remind you of the attacks we have had this summer....Get over it..It was one shark of millions.

I am terrified of sharks but

I am terrified of sharks but i dont think it was right to let it die! Seems like if your turtle ( no offense ) Nc is your place to be but god knows if your a dog/ cat and in this case a shark theyll put you down like nothing! Bible Belt ( all of gods creatures ) huh??

Nicely said Holly!

Nicely said Holly!

Not sure where you live in

Not sure where you live in NC, but it does not represent the whole state. Maybe the shark was already dying? We dont know the whole story so hold your judgements. And don't throw the Bible into this, you have no idea if the people making those judgement calls claim to believe in it or not. Maybe people should get as upset about humans as they do about animals.