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FIRST ON 3: Wilmington Police use pepper spray to break up Downtown Halloween crowd Saturday

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Wilmington Police use pepper spray to break up Downtown Halloween crowd Saturday

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Halloween is a time to dress up with your friends and snap some pictures of creative costumes, but after this year's Halloween in downtown Wilmington, some people are reliving their weekend from a YouTube video.

A number of videos are floating around YouTube of what Wilmington Police officers say was a rowdy crowd late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. In the videos you can see a large crowd of people hanging outside the bars right after closing time. The crowd is chanting, "U-S-A!"

Lt. Ed Pigford says police officers tried to tell people to start moving out of the area, but were unsuccessful. Pigford says the crowd of people jumping up and down had the potential to be violent.

After numerous attempts, officers released pepper spray into the air, not at any people, but to get people moving.

"We're trying to avoid a mob mentality, and we're trying to avoid injury by trying to split these crowds up as quickly as we can," Pigford said. "If you allow these crowds to form, we've all seen video of college-type crowds. We've all seen YouTube videos of them turning vehicles over, breaking windows and tearing down signs."

Pigford says about 8,000 people were on Front Street Saturday night. He also says only one woman sought treatment from the pepper spray.

Pigford says that use of pepper spray or any physical means of getting people under control is a last resort, but when there are a lot of people who are heavily intoxicated, it's hard to get people to obey what they say.

To watch the videos, click here:

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So yes, if and when the

So yes, if and when the crowd turns against the police, they would be justified in using chemical weapons. not before!


I was down town and saw it all go down and NO one was doing anything wrong. I have lived with a cop my hole life have friends that are cops and was one for five years and what happen was wrong. 1 the crowd was never ask to move they just got peppered. I say it is a case of pore training and a bad LT.


Your post is full of so many errors that it's entirely impossible to take ANY of it seriously. If you can't even form proper sentences, how are we supposed to consider your point of view when it's clear that you are unable to articulate it properly?

1 - Downtown is ONE word, not two.

2 - Hole - something that can be filled with something, or something you dig, as with a shovel. WHOLE - all, entire, complete.

3 - Commas are your friends, not your enemies, so stop avoiding them. They make what you write clearer. ", have friends..."

4 - You used the word "was" which means something in the past. "Happen" is present tense. "...what HAPPENED was wrong."

5 - Ditto. It's "...was never ASKED..." and NOT "...ASK..."

6 - Number 3, ditto. "...move, they just got..."

7 - Pore - a small opening, like the tiny HOLES in skin that allow perspiration to leave the body. POOR - In this instance, not good, not up to par, not acceptable.

Finally, the fact that you direct your stupidity at a lieutenant tells me your five years as a cop ended for reasons other than you resigned. Just because a lieutenant fired you does NOT mean that this lieutenant was wrong.

Seriously, go back and get your diploma. Clown Academy does not count. When you are able to communicate beyond the level of a 4-year-old, try again.