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Hagan suing Dole over TV advertisement

READ MORE: Hagan suing Dole over TV advertisement
A political war of words is headed for a courtroom. It involves the US Senate race between Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole. A fighting mad Hagan has filed a motion to sue Dole over her campaign's refusal to pull an advertisement. You can view the Dole campaign's TV advertisement here. Kay Hagan had this to say to a Raleigh radio station Thursday evening: "I think Elizabeth Dole has gone to the lowest of the lows. This is an attack on my Christian faith. I teach Sunday school. I'm an elder in my church. I am so incredibly outraged that she has done this. I never heard anything about this PAC until she sent out a press release." Hagan later said she did attend the fundraiser in Boston. Dole's lawyers said Hagan accepted $2,300 from Godless Americans board member Woody Kaplan. As for the lawsuit, the Dole campaign issued this statement: "This lawsuit is frivolous and we will file a motion to dismiss. Kay Hagan knows that the Dole campaign ad is accurate and she is trying to confuse voters until Election Day." The Dole campaign refuses to pull the advertisement.

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Actually, when I spoke of

Actually, when I spoke of splitting hairs, I was speaking on our differing perception of her intent with the advertisement, not with my incorrect use of the term "infer". If correcting my grammar is all you get out of the discussion, then you are short more screws than I thought. Thank you for the correction, Common, but try not to be so easily distracted in the future, ok? Furthermore, I didn't change my tact. I added another thought on the topic in response to Surf's comment. You're really going off on a hysterical tangent for nothing more than satisfying your silly ego, man. I'm a registered Republican, for what it's worth, so you're off the mark there as well. Like I said, you vote your conscience, and I will vote mine. That's the bottom line.

Tack. TACK. It's a sailing term

You changed your tack (from port tack to starboard, for example). I may never get you engage your brain before voting, but stick with me and we'll definitely increase your vocabulary. If you're a "registered Republican" who's voting for Hagan, then tell me - when did you decide that strict gun control and higher taxes were the best way to go? BTW, if you're voting Democrat, I wouldn't bother mentioning that imaginary conscience.

Hagan Suit Against Dole

To: Deal With It Amen!!! I think Hagan is protesting a little too loudly. She is just worried that people may actually believe the truth in this case.

Well Deal With It

A christian also knows that you should not bear false witness against your neighbor which is exactly what Liddy Dole did. That add was disgusting and for that I will not vote for her (and yes I am republican). Go ahead and throw your vote away and vote for a senator that has one of the least effective records in the Senate.