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Healthcare rally takes part at Hugh MacRae Park Sunday

As the battle over health care reform rages on in Washington, community members continue to fight for health care here in Wilmington. Many local organizations, including Cape Fear Citizens for Health Care and RISE Community gathered at Hugh MacRae Park Sunday urging citizens to get involved and support reform. Supporters say that the time for change is now, and that health insurance reform is a big problem that is going to require a big change to fix. “I understand the concern. It's a huge problem. It's a huge issue,” said Allie Nardella of RISE Community. “And so it is going to require a great change, but it's a change that needs to happen. We really need to do this now, and again, what are we waiting for? If not now, when?” The event featured live music and food. It was part of the kick-off for the National Hands Across America for Healthcare campaign.

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health care

I am amazed that someone using the web name common sense lacks any.How Can you defend the insurance industry? Obviously, you need some care for your poor vision because you were not looking at the many healthy doctors, nurses,construction and beauty salon business owners and scientist to name but a few that were in attendance.Do you dare suggest that there are not any unhealthy, over weight people opposing health care reform? Do you think social security, medicaid/medicare and military health care all provided by the government are socialist programs? Your narrow-minded hate tactics do nothing to create a solution to the problems brought to bear by years of doing nothing.Your comments are common alright, but they demonstrate your lack of sense

Why is the insurance industry fault?

Why is the insurance industry fault? Have you seen what the doctors charge? How about the Hospital? I got an itemize bill from HMRMC and they charged me $7.00 for one aspirin and 120.00 for a doctor’s visit (that lasted all of ten minutes). So, if the insurance company has to cover this type of chargers (and yes they are in business to make money) they have to charge their customer. Why is not the President and Congress trying to reduce health care cost? Maybe, it is the money. If the Insurance Industry padded their pockets then they would not be the scrape goat.. If this plan is so good, why do not hear Congress or the President saying they are going to change their coverage to the one they want use to take. Think about it… We already give free housing, free food and free health care to the poor (so they can go out and buy the 150.00 tennis shore and have satellite TV).

Reform Insurance Practices

You'd better hope that you don't lose your job. If you do, you may end up like me. I was insured every second of my life. Once COBRA ran out I was denied coverage by all companies licensed in NC except one. That one has to insure everyone but can charge whatever they want. I was quoted a rate that is 6 times what is shown on their website. Using today's rates, that amounts to $2925.00/month. Add in another $490 for my wife and the total comes to $41,000/year. Can you afford that? ( condition is managed with a few pills a day and 2 doctor visits per year.) Surely you are smart enough to know that an aspirin doesn't cost $7.00. How much were you charged for electricity, water, air conditioning, etc? ZERO. It's all in the price of the aspirin. Yes, it is an odd practice, but the cost would be the same however they break it down.

Since you posted this again....

...her's a second chance to answer some questions. Why, by the time COBRA had expired, had you not found another job? Has your wife explored the possibilities of seeking employment from a company that will cover her and her dependents? Have you availed yourself of all the low cost clinics and big-box pharmacies that are springing up? Semi-annual visits to a walk-in clinic and $4.00 generics makes the proprietary drugs your only major expense, and there are even programs to help you pay for those. In answer to your question, yes, I COULD afford $41k a year, but I would never pay that. I'd simply go without insurance, as many people choose to do. That's not to sound bold or exhibit false bravado, but to emphasize a point I consistently make: If we accept that life isn't fair, how we manage the adversities we face becomes the hallmark of our life. I, for one, will not dedicate a substantial portion of my income to guard against "what if." "What if" may never come, but if it does I'll accept the consequences of my decision. Let's face it, we're all reaching that same sunset anyway. Far more important than when that arrives is how you live your life, what you accomplish before that. You cannot expect insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions that guarantee an endless stream of red ink somewhere in the future. They're insurance companies, not insurance charities. Like every other corporation, they are in business to provide goods or services for a price, and to make money while doing it. Outlaw dropping someone when they get sick? Sure - I'm 100% behind that. Forcing them to take people with pre-existing conditions at the same rate as everyone else? No way. Your condition is YOUR condition, not mine. Don't expect me to pay more so you can pay less. Like I said, life's not fair. Here's a key point: The government will never be able to make it fair. YOU have to deal with what life has thrown in your path, and I have no dount that you're capable of doing it. Don't get lazy and expect a bunch of devious, inept politicians to try and solve your problems for you.


Malpractice insurance. Look into the cost of that then ask that question. The price of that is passed on to us. Then we have the shyster lawyers who sue for anything they can think of.

GREAT examples!

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - socialist (yes) programs that are underfunded to the tune of $5 TRILLION right now. Social Security destined for financial collapse by 2037 unless we radically restrict the programs or raise taxes to punitive rates... ...and you want to add ANOTHER entitlement? Who pays for it all? How many free lunches do we hand out before the nation collapses economically under the burden of supporting people too lazy or inept to support themselves?


So, I guess when you retire you will not take a penny of social security or any medicare/medicaid? I have worked since I was 15 and have no problem with my tax money actually doing some good. Why are so many people against people being healthy? I happen to have a few neighbors who have recently lost their jobs due to no fault of their own. They can't afford to pay the insane rates that private companies charge for insurance. They were (and will be again) good tax paying citizens their whole lives.I think they deserve a chance to be healthy. Remember not everyone who is in need is lazy or inept.

Guess again

I've been paying into Social Security for thirty-nine years and will GLADLY accept my check. Does that make it any less ridiculous a program? Of course not! Return all the money that my employers and I paid in at a 5% interest rate and THEN I'd gladly pass on a monthly check. As long as I'm forced to participate in this lunacy, you can bet that I'm going to collect the money that was taken from me. Oh, but wait...they don't HAVE any money to allow people to opt out early! They simply have a bunch of IOUs, because Congress has been using the money. According to the Social Security Administration itself, without a major overhaul or infusion of money (i.e., increased taxes) they'll be flat broke with no money to pay out to recipients in twenty-eight years. Sounds like flim-flamming, phony-baloney accounting to me....and you want your healthcare run by those same people?

I want

I want the 47 million americans who don't have healthcare to have a fighting chance. If that means a government option for them to fall back be it. Whether you realize it or not, you are already paying for the won'ts...this system at least gives the can'ts a chance. I guess you would rather sit on your high horse though while children go without healthcare because their parents "Can't" afford it. Of course I have learned to take most of what you say with a grain of salt. You were the one who said "Social Security destined for financial collapse by 2037 unless we radically restrict the programs or raise taxes to punitive rates..." While changes will be necessary to keep it going full steam, at the current rate social security will be reduced by close to 25% payouts by then, but not "collapsed" as you put it. Just out of curiosity, were you spewing back up what Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly or Sarah Palin told you on that one? Maybe you should check out sometime

Technically their broke now

Every penny social security brings in is sent right back out in benefits or congress steals it from them for general revenue. Every cent is already allocated and it is headed for collapse as everyone admits. Its a ponzi scheme to make Bernie Madoff green with envy because people can't ask for their money back they have to wait for it to be doled out. Too bad there won't be any when I retire so I'm not counting on it.

just as you do

Just as you spew out what obama, kennedy, biden and the other liberal crew sold you on. You were foolish enough to buy it lock stock and barrel.

It depends on your definition of "collapse."

I'd say that when the Social Security Administration has to cut benefits by a full quarter, that's a collapse. You're not getting what you were promised. Remember, too, that that figure was just moved up from last year's report. Will it move again next year? Get closer? When you also consider the unfunded entitlements and our already existing national debt, you may find that Congress starts reneging on all those IOUs they've handed the Social Security Administration out of necessity. How long before they start telling successful Americans, "You're not getting any of your money?" (That's when the REAL revolution starts.) So I'll just sit here on my "high horse" and tell you that I didn't have kids until I knew I could provide for them. They had medical insurance until they left home. *I* took care of my kids, and I'm not Superman. By the way, if you start a movement to take taxpayer funded care from the "won'ts," I'll support you 100%. People need to manage their own lives. If they can't or won't, don't try to stick the rest of us with the bill! If you can afford a cell phone and cable, you can afford health insurance. You can't have everything in life until you can afford it!


"People need to manage their own lives. If they can't or won't, don't try to stick the rest of us with the bill! If you can afford a cell phone and cable, you can afford health insurance"- commonsensenotcommontoday Cable: $70 Cellphone: $60 Health Insurance for two: $450-$500 Commonsense's bad math skills: Priceless

Thanks for a poor attempt

at a MasterCard commercial. I think you need to try again and offer information, not guesses. And while you are at it, please go mow my lawn. That way you can pay your bills.

forgot some

john, you forgot: 2 carton of cigarettes a week: $30x2x4=$240 2 cases of beer a week: $13x2x4= $104 2 NASCAR tickets= $100 john wanting us to pay for others= A joke If they can find the money for smokes, beer, movies and other entertainment, they can pay for their own insurance.

Oh, please

Don't try to be intentionally obtuse. The point is, if you have a limited income, you have to prioritize your expenditures. Plenty of cable bills exceed $70, and lots of people blow well over $100 a month on cellular phones. Should I include the rent on that nice apartment and new car payment? Eating out twice a week? Having kids when you don't even have health insurance? Where, Barney, did you ever get the idea that government was put here to make poor people have everything rich people do? Where is redistribution of wealth discussed in the Constitution? How does Obamacare fit in place with the Ninth and Tenth Amendments? I think you'd behappier in Cuba or North Korea. They still believe it can work, too.

Assume much

Assume much? How do you seem to know so much about these peoples lives? How do you know these people have all these things? How do you know they didn't have health insurance when they had kids? Maybe they got laid off? Aren't the right considered to be strong christians? How come none of you seem to be christ like?

You're resorting to religion?

First, let's YET AGAIN bring up that point you hate: Fully one-half of the uninsured Americans are uninsured BY CHOICE. They CHOOSE to spend their money elsewhere. That is a fact that even the left agrees is true, hence the mandating of coverage in the current house bills. You've obviously run out of ammo. You've become just the latest liberal to reach for the Bible, but only when it comes to wealth redistribution or capital punishment. So let's go over this again: There is not a single religion in the world that commands us to give our money to the government first, to take care of our fellow man. That is **MY** obligation, not CAESER's. I give away thousands every year. Let the government try to step in as a middle man and my checkbook will slam shut like it's spring loaded! That's purely out of self defense, because I will have a lot less money to give if this administration gets their way. Helping people who are TRULY in need is charitable and admirable. Feeding a massive, tyrannical, bloated government bureaucracy to skim off their share and then help the lazy, inept, and those whose financial priorities are screwed up is NOT charity. It's idiocy.


First off, I wouldn't put my hands on the bible anyways. I prefer Alistair Reynolds or George R.R. Martin for my fiction. How about the other half of uninsured americans? Shall we just forget about them? I notice you are very adamant about pointing out how you give thousands every year. Does repeatedly pounding that point home make you feel better? I have noticed how you assume that most spend their money on things they do not need. Just a question for you on your statement "The whole half of uninsured americans are uninsured by choice." Where did you get those figures from? Did they interview all 47 million americans and audit their monthly budgets? I'd bet they asked 500 people and based it off of that. I digress, I forgot that we "liberals" are all about taking freedom away from hard working americans and giving all the power to the government. Wait, I forgot, the republican'ts were the one to institute the greatest bastardization of our freedoms......The Patriot Act......

The Patriot Act????

Hahahaha! You really have lost it! First mewing about WWJD, now an attempt to bring George Bush and the Patriot Act into it! Obviously you're done talking about healcare reform. BTW, I'm no fan of George Bush (either), but challenge you to list one right you lost under the Patriot Act. Just one....please....


Specifically, the act allows federal agents to gather highly personal information -- including library, medical and gun purchase records-- without criminal suspicion, permits secret searches of homes and businesses with indefinite notification, and expands the definition of domestic terrorism to potentially include political protest. How is that for one? And I am far from done on healthcare.... Just done here, tired of debating with the close-minded right wingers who seem to know it all. As far as bringing religion into the debate, conservatives started that many years ago with anti-abortion laws, and prayer in school, etc.. The reason I bring religion into my debating on here is this. People who believe in religion of any sort obviously ignore facts and base their inherit truths of life and so on solely on faith. If you can believe something as big as religion with no facts, why would you base anything else on fact?

You're argument is getting weaker and weaker

You brought up religion because Conservatives did that years ago on other issues? They failed , too - didn't they? Did you see the post where I told someone that we're not a Christian nation - we're a secular nation? So why would you try to use religion with me? My religion is MY religion. I don't expect everyone to accept my religion, nor do I expect the government to run the country based upon my religion. (I also know enough about my religion to know that the government can't assume my responsibilities toward my fellow man.) Now as far as the Patriot Act, let's get a few things straight. First of all, Customs and the IRS have NEVER needed warrants to search or seize. Did that ever upset you before mean ol' George? ATF (now ATFE) could always inspect gun dealers and yellow sheets without warrants long before the Patriot Act. Did that bother you? You can also take it to the bank that the FBI doesn't have enough agents to be worrying if you're checking "The Tropic of Cancer" out of the library. If, however, your name is Muhammed Bin Kalil, THEY'VE ALREADY BEEN WATCHING YOU, and you're researching anthrax spores at the library, they might show an interest. You can call Bush militarily incompetent. You can even call him incredibly annoying, if you want too, but you can't call him a tyrant. He never showed an interest. The current President is very interested, and he's in the process establishing the People's Republik of the United States. I'd be far more worried about a government that will take over the health, banking, and energy industries than one expessing an interest in what Lil' Achmed is reading. We conservatives don't know everything, we just resent a government that ignores the Constitution, treats us as if we don't know anything, and tells us that we don't have a right to weigh the facts and make a decision that affects only us and our families. I already had a mommy. I don't need another.

Side note

Side note before I go...Read this article from the The American Conservative.... You complain about the constitution being ignored? The Patriot act ripped ALL 4th ammendment rights away from the people. I'm sure in your little world you will have a justification for this, but spare your fingers the task of typing it......I could care less what you or that annoying little buddy of yours, guesty, has to say. If you want to talk politics, lets get from behind our computers and talk politics.

Are you gone yet?



Apparently you missed my point..... I don't debate facts with those who believe in anything based solely on faith while ignoring facts. End of point. Say what you will about me, I could care less... And as for having a mommy, maybe she shouldn't have filled your little brain with all of those fairy tales..... Good Day

Because you are....

So those of us that want people to take responsibility for their own actions (or lack of) are close minded? And you are open minded?!? The only thing you want to open is my bank account to help support the slugs of society. Again, what right did you lose?

Finally we agree!

I agree that it is time to stop the redistribution of wealth in this country! However, I suspect we may disagree on the direction that the redistribution has gone up to now. "Two news items out today highlight how far the nation needs to go in re-balancing the economy toward working people. First, Think Progress points to a Wall Street Journal analysis that shows more than one-third of all pay in the U.S. now goes to executives and other highly-paid employees. Highly paid employees received nearly $2.1 trillion of the $6.4 trillion in total U.S. pay in 2007, the latest figures available. The compensation numbers don’t include incentive stock options, unexercised stock options, unvested restricted stock units and certain benefits." Let's put an end to GREED!

Highly paid employees...

...are highly paid for a REASON. Wages and salaries follow the law of supply and demand, the same as all goods and services. Low skill, anyone can do it = low salary. Higher skill, specific training required = higher salaries. High skill, high education requirement, big demand, low supply = very high salary. Think about it and you may be able to understand why the CEO makes a lot more than the bolt tightener, who makes more than the busboy in the cafeteria. Of course, we have a great example of what happens when you try to pay everyone equally. It was called the Soviet Union. Really big success story, eh? BTW, the upper 50% of income earners pay 97.3% of all personal income taxes collected in this country. The country depends upon their financial SUCCESS, success that you like to call greed. The Obama Administration has loosened restrictions on travel to Cuba and North Korea. Think about it; you might be really happy. No highly paid executives there!

He can't help it

I'll pitch in on a plane ticket and will drive john to an airport if he will promise not to come back.


The numbers folks, right, center, left, agree that our present system is unsustainable. I was at the rally. Not that it matters, but I'm pretty sure I can bench more, run faster, jump higher, shoot straighter, and think more clearly than someone making 'fat jokes' about the health care situation. Have a nice day.