High speed chase ends in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- Two women led police on a high speed chase through three counties Sunday afternoon. Police say 23-year-old Kenyetta Dowe was driving 115 miles an hour toward Wilmington on Highway 17. The driver and passenger were two women wanted for larceny in Jacksonville. The 23- and 21-year-old women allegedly stole a TV and other electronics from a Jacksonville Circuit City. The 30-minute chase down Route 17 ended when the driver ran a red light at the intersection of Martin Luther King Parkway and got hit by another car. Three other cars then collided with each other. One woman was taken to the hospital to get checked for minor injuries, but nobody was seriously injured. Sergeant Randy Moreau of the North Carolina Highway Patrol says Highway Patrol arrested the driver for the chase and the Jacksonville Police Department will charge both women with larceny. He said, "The people that were running, I would just have to say that they got lucky. Our trooper, he stayed in control of what he was doing, made sure the public was at safety at all cost and I think he did a good job." Sergeant Moreau says the Highway Patrol's training helped prevent any other accidents. The two women were taken to the Onslow County jail. Dowe is facing multiple charges, including speeding, reckless driving and failure to stop for a siren. She's in jail under $15,500 bond.

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Truth you seem to have nothing but time on your hands. Since you know every flipping thing about law enforcement get your butt up from your computer and get out on the streets and save us all from ourselves since you keep telling us we are idiots. From one of your many other comments you were waiting for suggestions...well the chase covered THREE counties. There was plenty of time for them to get the SABLE chopper in the air and it would have been much safer. Do you really think they could easily throw a Zenith out the window to dump the evidence without being noticed as say a dimebag. Get real and get a life!! You don't know everything! And to what you are going to comment back because we know you are.....WHATEVER!! Done with you!
Law enforcement officers do their jobs, this chase to catch 2 criminals was part of that job, if LEO's didn't chase thieves, the crooks would take full advantage of this and crime would rise...I commend the LEO's for doing their job and catching the criminals....Kudos to LEO's everywhere and God Bless....as for these 2 crooks...I hope they spend a long time in jail
You can't outrun radio waves. Let's hope the courts don't make all of law enforcement efforts meaningless by failing to treat these two as the criminals they are.
I question a high speed chase through three counties, over a larceny charge.. A life could have been lost over a stolen tv. A state trooper ran me off the road getting to the chase, When is it better to pull out of a chase, and maybe save a life..over a tv?
I so agree with you. High speed chases need to be out lawed!!!! SO many innocent people have been killed because of this. Like the 18 year old and her 9 year sister recently.It is not worth killing innocent people.
That's easy to say until you are a victim. Then you will be whining about the police letting the criminals get away. And as far as the whining about getting ran out of the road by a trooper trying to get to the call, I believe you need to think about that for a minute. You, as a motorist, are required to pull off the road upon the approach of an emergency vehicle operating Blue lights and siren. That means if he approaches you from behind, or if you are MEETING him in the other lane. You were in the wrong if you didn't comply. Stop whining and get over it.
I must say I agree with you, it is not worth it! We now have that helicopter, so since they made it to New Hanover County why not have the chopper monitor their whereabouts and let them think they got away, then once they stop somewhere have deputies come arrest them. That would be much safer for the community. You never know what someone being chased is going to do. Go to youtube.com and search PHOENIX BANK ROBBERY CRASH and tell me it isn't safer to end a pursuit. The guy was being chased and took someone out with him...it is just not safe for the rest of us.
You people are truly amazing! You deserve the world you're building for yourselves.
So, you want all criminals to know that all they have to do is hit the gas, and they've made a clean getaway. Just what should we chase for? Burglary? Armed Robbery? Which is worse - a felony theft or aggravated assault? Which warrants a chase? Can you give us a flowchart? What if I just beat a store owner with a broom stick during an armed robbery - is that worth risking a life over? Or am I not sufficiently dangerous to warrant a chase? I sincerely doubt that the officer "ran you off the road," or he would have stopped to assist you. (Hint: Having to pull over for an emergency vehicle is NOT being run off the road. Pay attention to what's coming up behind you.) The entire chase route is multiple lane, and while it may have started in a city and ended in a city, 90% of it was over rural, open highway. You're obviously one of those hysterical hand-wringers who has no concept of why law enforcement even exists, but will be howling like a banshee when you become a victim. Until then, you'll second guess law enforcement's approach and not make one single comment about the two pieces of trash that caused the entire incident. Let the professionals do the job that you pay them to do, or else YOU get out there and do it, since you're such an expert!
Yep, you can tell who doesn't move out of the way of emergency vehicles. We should have a zero tolerance of criminals and enable a 3 strikes and you are sentenced to death and it is actually carried out. Better believe these mutts would change after their second strike if they knew the third would be their last.
You are exactly right, the only time people want Law Enforcement is when they are the victim. If those idiots would have bumped them at a stop light and took off, they would have wanted them stopped at any cost. Bottom line they were caught, Good Job Guys. Keep up the work you do, there are some of us out here that appreciate it!
We might respect and have more compassion for law enforcement if we didn't see them in the news so much for being corrupt. I can't imagine being in a "GOOD COP'S" shoes during any kind of altercation so I am definitely not going to tell you how to do your job, but at the same time, don't talk down to us because of your co-workers who put the bad taste in our mouth. I do use my mirrors constantly because i have my children with me most of the time. As far as the "two peices of trash" go, I am glad they caught them, but now what? they will only get out and do it again. We are not claiming to be experts, sometimes we just question your judgement.
1 stupid tv is worth numerous cars getting smashed, and people's lives? really? ok. my husband was nearly smashed at that intersection and he was not blasting the radio. those people flew threw out of nowhere...over a tv. give me a break. they have no chase policies in many places for a reason. i'm sure your tune would change if it was you who got hit at 70 miles per hour while just out running errands on sunday afternoon.
...if criminals know that all they have to do is hit the gas and they're away, scott free. Nothing that's important is without risk. Soldiers die defending this nation. Police officers die protecting you. Do you think that police officers WANT to engage in a high speed chase? I've been involved in two, and both scared the living daylights out of me! So get working on that flowchart, lady! Tell us when we can chase, and when we can't... ...and when the criminals take over without any hesitation, let us know when you want us to start doing our jobs again.
Who are we kidding???? These guys live for the excitment of a good car chase. That is why you see 10 or 12 law enforcement vehicles behind one suspect vehicle. Everybody wants in on it. Been there done that. There are SAFER ways!!
People keep mentioning "safer ways." So far, no one has listed any. So far, everyone is simply implying, "Just let them get away, because we don't care about criminals stealing at will. Let them take anything they want. We just don't want to get hurt." So let's hear 'em! Tell us about those safer, EFFECTIVE ways to apprehend the criminal while still in possession of the evidence. BTW, I was in two high-speed pursuits, and on Life's Enjoyment Scale, would list them right up there with the time my M2 lost its timing and jammed just as we were hitting a hot LZ. A slight fishtail at forty is fun - a slight fishtail at ninety will send you back to change your skivvies.
Pull off the raod next time. Maybe you should turn down your radio so you could hear the sirens. Check your rearview mirror more often and you might see the lights. It's too bad the two girls didn't get seriously hurt. I have no sympathy for people that have to steal like that. They get exactly what they deserve. The two girls should also be responsible for paying damages to the other vehicles invovled in the crash