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Hoggard High School student facing felony drug charges

WILMINGTON -- A Hoggard High School star running back is facing felony drug charges. The football career of Rashad Williams could be over after he was arrested for possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana and possession of a schedule one controlled substance. Schedule one drugs include heroin and LSD, among others. The 18-year-old Hoggard senior is one of the football team's standout players. He was arrested around noon Monday near the high school's campus. Williams will appear in court at the end of the month. A spokesperson for the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office says Williams's arrest stems from a September 13 undercover sting at a Carolina Beach Road convenience store. Williams was in the store when authorities raided it and was found with drugs when everyone in the store was searched. School officials say punishments vary on a case by case basis for students charged with felonies. They can't comment on individual students' situations. Williams's mother Pamela said he is "doing great." If Williams is convicted of these felonies he is ineligible to play football under North Carolina High School Athletic Association rules.

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Football needs him?

Who cares? Football is only a stupid game. It serves no higher purpose for humanity. It's there for us to be entertained by watching the players perform like other trained animals. Then we get to laugh at them trying to buy themselves some class with all of their money.

Football is great he has a

Football is great he has a great future in it and should be released. I don't think that we should be putting him in prison for this and ruin his future! I think he can go to NFL!


He ruined his own future.


Hey, I bet Michael Vick was good at football to BUT, look what a scumbag he turned out to be. At least in this case it was found out early before he was paid big bucks! I hope he does get another chance in life and learn how to work for money the right way. Sorry this now is on his record so good luck in the NFL.

Then what would he think he

Then what would he think he could get away with next time? To let him off any less would be rewarding him for being on the wrong side of the law. Guys like this turn into the Mike Vicks of the sports world.

Hoggard Kid

Seriously kid, do you even know what laws are? Some of you folks need to leave town at once.

what grade

In what grade did you drop out of school, Parth216 JTH ? What a mumbled, rambled statement you put there.

What about everything else?

Damn. A man gets killed, and another one get shot,and can't forget about the man that MOLESTED a child, and they didnt make the headline for the Star News. But a 18- year old Senior gets arrested for drug-possession it's the talk of the world.

Tell me about it!!!

I know thats how I feel JazzyJeff!

Another Misguided Teen lost

Another Misguided Teen lost to the streets. It is sad, but what saddens me more is all of the racial comments about another black kid. Its funny that those who make the remarks are the same ones who often forget the fact that he was selling the drugs to there white kids, whom they are still in denial about is on drugs. Its not the poor inner-city kids with the money to afford the herion, and as far as LSD it is more common to be used by white people and has never been a problem in the african american community, With thus being said it is clear whom is drug inventory was for. Why not take a look at who are these kids who he is selling such hard and very addictive drugs too and help them before there lives is ruined. For kids doing herion in high is going to create a problem like wilmington has never seen.

let him play

people judge him because of where he was raised...rashad williams is not a thug or a hoodlum, he is just like every other true MAN trying to get out of the struggle....the star of a great football team, on his way to school...he does not deserve to be sent to jail...everyone is blowing of his spot putting him online and on tv about something that was not that major...


I think I am going to pull my hair out if I hear one more person call growing up black "the struggle". You have every opportunity given to every single other resident of this nation, most simply choose not to work hard for the things they need. There is no "struggle". Just idiots.

How in the world can you say

How in the world can you say that drugs are not "major"? That is what is wrong with our society today. And you call him a "Man" trying to get out of the struggle, well it sounds like to me if he would have stayed away from drugs he would have been out of the struggle real soon, not headed to jail. This has nothing to do with black or white or where someone lives, it has to do with right and wrong. He made a very bad decision and is going to have to pay dearly for it. And if he is a "Man" as you say, he will take his punishment and learn from it.

Okay so why is there so much

Okay so why is there so much anger and rage on this board? First maybe we should all just stop being so judgemental of others and focus on what's important. This young gentleman has made a bad mistake, a very bad mistake that will make him pay. He is old enough to know that there will be consequences to his actions. But he will have to deal with them not any of us. Second none of us know why he was selling drugs. We DO NOT know his story about his home life so keep it off the threads. Honestly situations like this is why there is so much tension down in Louisiana. Why can't we say it's sad unfortunate and move on. Don't call cops pigs ( eventhough some are and you know know who you are), or this young man a thug( eventhough he may be). Let's stop take a moment and see what we can do to help prevent this situation to continue in the schools, neighborhoods and etc. Because we all live in this world so we all need to give a helping hand in someway.

Rashad Omar Williams

I think williams should have another chance. I think that because some point in life people do make mistakes but that don't mean he was not wrong. What i am saying is he should get another chance at his football career. Hwas at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is unstandable but still, he should have one chance.

He who is without sin . . .

You are such a loser? What is your child doing? Has your child even been a star of anything, probably not. He is still a leader,maybe this has happened to prevent something that might have happened to him further in the future. He can still turn his life around, and start all over. His life is not over. None of us are perfect. Jesus is the only one who was perfect. So who are we to judge people? You never know what God has in store. He might have let some down, but that doesn't mean they have to stay down. You should never put your faith in man, look up to God. He is the only one who is perfect, not us. He is who is without sin, let him cast the first stone . . .

Another victim of war on drugs and poor folk

Pigs were searching for counterfeit items. Who pay them to do this? Who in our community gives a damn about counterfeit t shirts and sneakers? This was just another excuse for the pigs to mess with the poor and disinfranchised folks. As long as this keeps occuring there will be rappers from the hood calling for some revolution.

Counterfeit goods

Has it occurred to you that they are protecting YOU from getting ripped off, Einstein?

the idiot indawindigoes

to start with cops are not pigs. hogs are pigs. cops are here to police savages like the one who was caught with the dope. just another animal trying to make a dishonest dollar.obviously this thug , as we in a civilized society call them, has been taught real good by mom and dad. and if this continues to happen and thugs from the hood decide to start a revolution....well all i can say is get ready boys. we fixin to have us some serious target practice.


I did not know that being poor had anything to do with it. Some people are so ignorant!

reshard williams

have you been a jack all your life ? i gess you have never made a mistake that you can recall at this time.too tell you the truth you sound like one of the good old boy`s .you need too pray for this yong man insted of defacing him thats if you know how and thats all i have too say . good luck son and stay prayed up.

Goggard foootball player

Indawindigoes, if once more missed it. He's 18, he CHOSE to do the illegal thing, it's the culture he has been raised in, anything is OK, unless ya get caught. Only lifes loser's live this way!


"Another victim of war on drugs and poor folk". Give me a break. How is he a "victim" when he was caught with drugs on him? Also, you are showing complete disrespect for the hard-working, under-compensated police, by calling them "pigs". Sure, there are some bad apples involved with law enforcement, but the vast majority of them are righteous and trying to make a better community.

You dolt

hey Indawindigoes, you are such a tard! Yea, the police are picking on him. Put your aluminum foil hat back on and quit listening to the voices.

Trends in sports heros

Ricky Williams, Michael Vick, I. Thomas, now Rashad Williams. Is there a common thread linking these people besides an obvious lack of common sense, over-powering sense of entitlement, and hero worship? Charles Barkley was right--don't treat these people as role models. We, as the ever-hungry, never satiated entertainment driven consumers have a role to play in this stupid gluttony of a drama. Again and again. Why is anyone surprised? This kid had it all ahead of him and had no one to show him the way, to guide him past the temptations and learn to delay gratification. And momma--WAKE UP, you idiot! TYour son is not okay. He blew it and you were asleep at the wheel. Time for a reality check, chick.



Say Hello

Say hello to Michael Vick and O.J. when you get there. Hopefully, they will all be locked up soon. Yes, this boy could have been rich in a year or so, but that wouldn't have kept him out of trouble. Money does not make a person good, it takes good parents and making the right choices in life. Mr. Williams has most likely ruined several lives by selling drugs to classmates to make a few bucks.

Rashad Williams

I think we should get a whole lot more information before we throw this young man in the trash heap. Granted, drugs are never a good idea, but he is 18 years old. What kind of grades does this man have? Is he a decent person over all? He is 18, do we really need another felon? Let's ask this newspaper to write the entire story of this man and see if his live is salvagable, because I truly doubt he is a hardened drug dealer.

Nothing New Here

Nothing surprising about this one...of course a lot of folks will paint this criminal as a's ashame that a young man would throw away a promising career/life on drugs...and all the mother can say is that "he's doing great"...unbelievable...

waiting now for, if he was a

waiting now for, if he was a white star running back he probably would not have been arrested...and I am also sure he was singled out because he was a young black male...whatever...his parents I bet have no clue what this young man does on any given night.