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Hoggard High School student facing felony drug charges

WILMINGTON -- A Hoggard High School star running back is facing felony drug charges. The football career of Rashad Williams could be over after he was arrested for possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana and possession of a schedule one controlled substance. Schedule one drugs include heroin and LSD, among others. The 18-year-old Hoggard senior is one of the football team's standout players. He was arrested around noon Monday near the high school's campus. Williams will appear in court at the end of the month. A spokesperson for the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office says Williams's arrest stems from a September 13 undercover sting at a Carolina Beach Road convenience store. Williams was in the store when authorities raided it and was found with drugs when everyone in the store was searched. School officials say punishments vary on a case by case basis for students charged with felonies. They can't comment on individual students' situations. Williams's mother Pamela said he is "doing great." If Williams is convicted of these felonies he is ineligible to play football under North Carolina High School Athletic Association rules.

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oh my gosh!

Imagine that. A Hoggard football player, one of the chosen ones, busted for drug possession. Maybe that pedestal that the Star News and all those associated with our county athletic programs constantly put Hoggard on is not so large after all. You can lift all the weights in the world, run faster than everybody else, score lots of touchdowns, and, of course claim to be a member of the mighty Hoggard Vikings football team. But you can't keep your hands off a bag of dope. Maybe, just maybe, this kid felt he was above the law because he was a mighty Hoggard Viking. Turns out, that is anything but the truth.

yall are some predjudice ass

yall are some predjudice ass haters. He can get his record exponged and still go on and do big things.

dear john doe

as i said before,we fixin to have us some serious target practice, exponged or not.and yes he will probably go on to do big things, like sell drugs IN THE BIG HOUSE.

whoever this guy is has the

whoever this guy is has the common sense of a turnip. "haters".... i guess you're not "cool" unless you are a drug dealin', ho slappin', cop blastin', bling wearin', thug life SCUM BAG. quick easy money? NFL players make MILLIONS by signing their name the day out of college. THATS EASY MONEY!!!! i didn't own a car til i was 20 years old. i could have sold weed or worse in college and "KEPT IT REAL..ROLLIN FAT" BUT I DIDN'T. I worked my butt off and got a degree and now i make $120K a year. I drive a brand new car, bought a nice house and have all the "bling" i want. whats this kid got? A POTENTIAL PRISON RECORD. You kids need to get your freakin priorities in line. He could have been making MILLIONS in just 2 years. oh yeah, no he can't get his record expunged. its a felony you idiot.

All from a bunch of alcoholics

Most all of the drunks hate other people cause deep down inside they know that their live are hopelessly lost inside their alcoholic haze. After the arrest, the pigs will be drinking their rum and laughing about hoe they caught the boy for doing basically nothing wrong--either morally or physiclly.


NO one here hates this boy.(don't know him)...Just putting some reality back into the situation. "Good" kids do not do this kind of thing. PERIOD. Actually alcoholics in thier "haze" couldn't come up with a decent sensible comment. Their comments would be more along the lines of yours.


you are still as irrational and out of control, as you were/are on WSN. Be objective not racicst!

put the pipe down

You really need to lay off the pipe for a little bit, Indawindigoes.

WAt pipe

this man never did a pipe. he is an awesome person. i think.........dont care wat anybody say. they should let byrds fly free!


Ok, let's go ahead an try something... Everyone who uses phrases like "keep it real" and "why you be hating", please step away from the computer. You are not helping your "brotha" by talking.'s "birds". Those are the little guys that fly. Come on now Chuck!

byrds fly free?

It's hunting season. He was bagged. LOL