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John McCain in Wilmington Monday afternoon

John McCain brought his straight talk express to Cape Fear Community College Monday afternoon. Several thousand people turned out for the event, more than the Schwartz Center could hold. North Carolina has become pivotal to the McCain campaign. "Its great to be here in Wilmington, North Carolina. We will win North Carolina," said McCain. The way things are shaking out McCain must win North Carolina. Here in Wilmington he took on the role of the underdog. McCain stressed his military and political experience, saying this is not a time in our history when a new president can take time settling in to the office. He then gave his supporters their marching orders. "I am American and I choose to fight. Don't give up. Have courage and fight," said McCain. McCain compared Barak Obama's economic policies to those of Herbert Hoover. McCain mentioned how those policies led to the Great Depression. That would seem to set the tone for Wednesday night's final debate where the economy will be front and center.

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Beleive me, I intend to, as

Beleive me, I intend to, as i have done in every election since the age of 18. I wouldn't listen to the polls if i were you. Look up the election of 1948 and then we'll talk.

his people

lol His people meaning Obama's? lol thats because they were out selling substances, or causing ruckous elsewhere. Seriously, if "his people" were so intelligent, they would vote on the issues not because of his race. Ever think of that???


"His people" ??? ARE a LOT of intelligent middle income white people too, jerk.

James of Wilmington

you must understand that a great American was in town today. John McCain certainly didn't complain about the suffering he endured for Americans. Maybe you weren't alive then, but he still suffered all for future Americans. A little inconvenience on your part should have been expected. I certainly hope the people in charge of taking care of your ticket will do so. Be glad that Senator McCain came to Wilmington. You should be proud and not complain.

Great American

Yes indeed a Great American was in town. But some of the idiots complaining here would never realize that. It's all about the "ME" generation. Who cares if a parking ticket was handed out. Pay it and move on. Be proud that we have a Senator that wants to fight for us instead of against us afterall, that what he's done for his entire adult life. If the inexperienced Obama gets into office, we that WORK for a living are done. Well I guess it will be our turn to sit back and collect a check for nothing. It was once said by another Great American, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country." Hmmm, what a concept. I have worked for 30+ years and have yet asked for a check, other than the one I have earned.

You quote a great american, but he is not one

You certianly quote the great Kennedy in "Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country" and you have thousands upon millions, old and young who are tired and ready to fight for their demcracy and take it back from those who have sold their souls to the bushes and the corporations like John McCain, once a great man, who did great things, who became a coward and succumbed to his anger, rage and ambition and suckled at the teat of the rovian bush administration for his ounce of silver. Now, he pays the price for that deal as the real John McCain is not loner visible, long gone from those deals...sold even further for this Palin Catastrophe and people see it. They want Change to believe in and that is coming from a source that is consistent, true to the message and real. What a shame for those who don't see it for what it is and still don't see our democracy as the great democracy it can be, but what it is limited by under the bushite regime and the mcsame continuation.


Would that be like claiming you're a big supporter of gun rights after voting consistently AGAINST gun owners, for years? Or do you mean consistently claiming " taxes on anyone making less than $250k," after voting to allow a tax increase on anyone making as little as $42k? That kind of consistency?